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Magento is the best and feature-rich open-source eCommerce solution that offers store-owners complete flexibility and has a built-in functionality. Magento extensions developed by our team provides state-of-the-art solutions for creating professional and customized eCommerce stores which can understand the needs and deeds of your customer. The most important and highly attractive feature is that these Magento extensions are compatible with the latest Magento versions. They are quite easy to install and integrate within your file system.

Here are some of our most popular Magento Extensions-

Magento Android and iOS Mobile App Builder

Stand you Magento store out with a visually appealing mobile app. The Magento mobile app builder for Android and iOS allows the eCommerce store owners to target the mobile based customers in an effective way. You can now target a greater audience base with the intuitive and feature-rich mobile store. The multi-lingual support along with the alluring interface allows you to grab the larger audience base. The applications supports all types of products, shipping and payment options. Thus, the e-merchants can effortlessly take their business to new heights with this Magento extension.

Magento Abandoned Cart

This Magento extension helps to recover lost sales caused by cart abandonment. There are times when customers add products to the cart and leave their cart without completing the purchase. Magento Abandoned Cart module functions by sending email reminders/alerts at periodic intervals to the customers and remind them that they have an abandoned cart.

Magento Scratch Coupon

Magento Scratch Coupon is another interesting extension which you can buy from us. This interactive Magento extension gives your customers a reason to shop from you. With “Scratch and Save” feature of this Magento Module, customers get an opportunity to avail a small percentage of discount once they share their email IDs. This in turn increases customer engagement and brand awareness of your website.

This Magento extension integrates a fully functional coupon management system on the Magento stores. The coupons can be made on fixed amounts or can also be a percentage based coupon based on your configuration. Attract your customers to shop more and more on your site by encouraging them with offers and discounts through Scratch coupons. It provides an easy interface for the customers to get a coupon code from the front end by simply scratching and providing the email address. 

Magento One Page Checkout

Give your customers a clear and quick checkout experience by installing this module on Magento server. It is one of the smartest and faster Magento extension that reduces the time needed to checkout, thereby attracting more number of customers. The benefits of buying this extension results in improved conversions, increased customer engagement and brand loyalty for your business.

Magento Social Login

Allowing visitors to login with social networks reduces the nuisance of registering for the user and allows a company to personalize their website. Magento Social Login module helps your customers go through a super fast sign-up process which in turn helps you to pull registrant’s email address for further communication.

Magento Marketplace Extension

Convert an existing Magento store into a Multi-Vendor Marketplace site by simply installing this extension and start accepting seller registrations. The easiest way for Magento store owners to get a Marketplace site and expand their reach to a wider base of customers. The benefit of this Magento extension is it provides simple but competent interfaces to manage all the Marketplace activities- Admin, Sellers, and Customers included.

Magento Product Update Notification Extensions

The customers will get an option to subscribe for price price-change alert and stock-update alert notifications. Once a product is back in stock or the price of the product is changed, customers get automatic update notifications on their email addresses.

Magento Return Manager Extensions

The easiest way to manage return requests from registered as well as guest customers. With the functionality to process the whole order as well as single product-return-requests, Magento admin can create his/her own return policies too. Excellent reporting system and user-friendly interface make it very easy to place a return request on Magento stores.

Magento Product Video Extensions

The best way to include videos on the product pages from various video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. Use this Magento extension to provide your customers a more trusted and credible product description aided by informative product videos. Make your product pages more engaging with a complete product description through product videos.

Magento better thank you page Extensions

Replace your old and boring order success page with something that is more informational and engaging. Get a well customizable order success page where you can show HTML contents, order details, related products, coupons and banners with a thank you message to your customers. It’s an ultimate way to make some repeated customers who would definitely want to purchase again from you if guided properly.

Google Analytic Enhanced E-commerce Extensions

The best way to integrate a more user-friendly Google Analytic Enhanced E-commerce dashboard on your Magento back-office. It will help the store owners to quickly analyze the Google Analytics data from the Magento panel itself. The Google dashboard from this Magento extension is very user-friendly and one can understand the data in a quicker time.

Magento Advanced Wishlist Extensions

Provide your customers with the feature to add products to a wishlist, and save the wishlist for later. The added wishlist-products can be easily recovered anytime by the customers by simply login into their user accounts. Encourage a more engaging user experience on your store by simply installing this responsive “Save For Later” extension.  

Magento Auto Subscribe Extensions

Get everything you need to receive high ROI from your email marketing. This Magento extension gives the admin an access to send newsletters to the subscribed customers. USP of this Magento Auto Subscribe is it can aromatically capture the email ids of the customers from various email fields on the checkout, registration or newsletter subscription form. The email data captured from the site can also be synced with your MailChimp account. 

Magento Exit Popup Extensions

Greet your customers with a pop-up every time they try to exit your site. The pop-up would consist of discount coupon and message from you which will encourage the customers to stay on the site by availing the offered discount. The pop-up is fully customizable and can be configured easily to either show or not show coupon codes.It has more customizable features that you might like to have.

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Auto Subscribe - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This plugin allows admin to subscribe customer emails to Mailchimp and...
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Advance Wish List / Save For Later - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This plugin allows customers to shortlist favortire products into a li...
$84.99 $66.29
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Walmart Magento Integration Extension -25%
The module integrates your Magento store with the popular marketplace ...
$199.99 $149.99
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Spin and Win - Magento ® Extensions -22%
Increase the customer engagement and revenue of your store using an in...
$39.99 $31.19
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Scratch Coupon - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This plugin adds scratch card on store, by scratching which customers ...
$74.99 $58.49
Based on 23 reviews.
(23 Reviews)
Return Manager -  Magento ® Extensions -22%
It is a complete return manager solution with all possible customizabl...
$79.99 $62.39
Based on 6 reviews.
(6 Reviews)
Product Video - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This module allows admins to show Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion video...
$85.99 $67.07
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(6 Reviews)
Product Update Notification - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This extension allows customers to receive mail when their desired pro...
$65.99 $51.47
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Product Size chart - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This module allow admin to create size chart and add them to product p...
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Product Availability Check by Zipcode - Magento ® Extensions New
Extension allows the customer to check the availability of the product...
Previous Next buttons on product page - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This module allows customers to navigate to different products of same...
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Popup Promotion - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This plugin allows admin to create advertisement popup on store with v...
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One click checkout (Buy Now) - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This module allows your customer to do quick checkout for single produ...
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This module allows Magento site owner to perform Heatmap and A/B testi...
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Mobile Order Lookup - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This plugin allows customers to check their order status and details e...
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Master Deal - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This plugin allows admin to create any number of promotion deals with ...
$49.99 $38.99
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Marketplace Sellers Shipping Charge and Invoice Addon - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This module allows sellers to generate invoice and to charge shipping ...
$59.99 $46.79
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(3 Reviews)
Marketplace Seller Vacation Mode Addon - Magento ® Extensions -22%
This plugin helps seller to disable their products on site during thei...
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