Are you using a Magento Exit Popup?

Are you using a Magento exit pop-up? | Knowband

Customers visit eCommerce websites looking for products. They might just buy something or choose look around, and finally exit from the site. This is the typical work-flow of a whole eCommerce website from customers point of view. Whatever happens in the meantime when a customer is still on the website, drives the modern eCommerce and generation of revenue from the eCommerce business.

The same phenomenon is followed on a website based on Magento platform too. So, if you have a Magento site, you are no different and you have to do whatever you can in that meantime itself. Exit from a website is something that is inevitable and will surely happen at some point in time. The twist comes through what you do to make even the exits from your website engaging. A Magento Exit popup is one tool for you that can even make the exits conversion friendly and fruitful for the business.

A Magento exit popup extension is a exit overlay that triggers a popup on the browser screen by using the exit-intent technology. An exit-intent technology is used to track the visitor activities on the site in the exit popup. Whenever, an exit or an abandonment is detected, it triggers a exit popup designed to show something that might interest the visitors for not abandoning and grab something. The interests are generally created by offering an enticing deal to achieve a conversion goal by the website owner.

Why should you use a Magento Exit popup?

Customer recovery through Email list Generation

One of the most common uses of a Magento exit popup is to generate an email list data from the website. These email lists are then stored in the database and shown to the website owner which is used to get to the customers with something that can lure them back on the site.

Are you using a Magento exit pop-up?- Customer recovery through Email list Generation | Knowband
Email list Generation using an Exit-intent technology

A simple exitpop up with something useful for the customers can convert a good amount of customers that would have anyways left the site without doing anything fruitful for your business. To achieve this kind of implementation of exit popup on your Magento site, you do not need any mass preparation; just install an effective Magento exit popup extension and it’ll do the rest for you. For example, Knowband- Magento exit popup extension has the option to design an effective exit popup for email list generation like the above image. Additionally, this exit popup can even generate coupons for the customers to make it even more engaging for the users.

Are you using a Magento exit pop-up?- knowband magento exit pop-up with discount coupon generation | Knowband
A view from Knowband-Magento exit popup with discount coupon generation

Abandoned cart recovery

Now, that you have a list of email addresses of your customers, you can easily find out who has abandoned your carts and can contact them using their email addresses. The incentives in your exit popup can be of real use to lure them back. However, you can use this Magento exit popup in the aid to your campaign for abandoned cart serial reminders to the customers. Offers and discounts, free downloads and much more can be used to lure them back when you have their email ids. The above case of exit popup with an offer is a good example of abandoned cart recovery by sending serial reminders.

Direction of the users back to some other content

Not, all the exits from your website consist of an abandoned cart. It might be possible that customers exit the website as they did not find what they were looking for. There are several more reasons for an exit. So, when a customer does not find an item of interest, he/she might not be interested in any coupon at all. You can divert such traffic back on your website to something that might interest the customer other than your coupon or offer. For example, You can use a Magento exit popup to divert the customers to a page of best-selling and trending items on your website. An eCommerce site can use this technique to show alternate offers or products to the visitors not interested in buying the current items.

Finally, an exit popup on your Magento site can prove to be of great use if utilized wisely. You should look for a Magento exit popup extension that provides you enough access to customize a exit popup according to your needs and is flexible to different configurations as discussed above. It should be well enough to capture email ids, re-direct traffic, or generate coupon codes to encourage conversions for your eCommerce business.

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