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PrestaShop 1.7 is a new version that was introduced in the eCommerce industry in the year 2016. With the motto “Sell Faster. Code Better. Create Easier”, the new version of Prestashop 1.7 plugins is a great step for both developers and the store owners. The developers would able to the revamping of the theme system, whereas; the merchants will be able to focus on easing the first sale. It is important to include feature packed Prestashop Addons on your store to improve the functionality and performance of your eCommerce store. Due to the stiff competition in the online business environment, it becomes difficult to grab the required sales and conversions among so many competitors.

Knowband has the expertise in Prestashop app development and if you are eager to make your mark with your PrestaShop store into a particular business segment, you need to check out these popular PrestaShop 1.7 compatiable plugins that can simplify the various critical tasks. These Prestashop addons are dedicated to improving customer login, conversion rates, sales, customer reach and other such activities. Let us explore these PrestaShop plugins one by one.

PrestaShop Social Loginizer 14 in 1 Addon

If you are facing difficulty in getting customer logged on your site through the existing registration process, you certainly need the support of this PrestaShop Social Loginizer. The Prestashop module eliminates the registration related hurdles by offering easy login facility to customers through multiple social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and other such platforms. There is no need to fill out lengthy registration details and the customer can log in quickly within a single click only.

PrestaShop One Page Checkout Addon

The complicated and lengthy checkout process is one of the major conversion killers and results in higher instances of shopping cart abandonment. With this PrestaShop One Page Checkout Addon, you can transform the multiple pages checkout formalities into a single page process for quick online purchase. This PrestaShop addon can help in removing unnecessary checkout fields and steps with its easy customization facility for simplifying the checkout process on a PrestaShop site.

PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Addon

In case, you are experiencing higher shopping cart abandonment on your PrestaShop site, this is definitely the addon which can help you out. It can send repeated email reminders to abandoned customers for persuading them to complete their pending shopping orders. This Prestashop module also provides easy cart recovery option with a single click, complete cart summary and can also include exciting coupon discounts or vouchers in the reminder emails for grabbing maximum sales.

PrestaShop Marketplace Module

Are you looking to expand your business with a significant increase in conversion rates and sales? If yes, it is time to transform your PrestaShop store into an online marketplace store with the help of this PrestaShop Multi-vendor MarketPlace Addon. This Prestashop extension can help in bringing multiple buyers and sellers together at one place for increasing site conversions, sales and customer engagement.

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

This PrestaShop Addon can help in creating an interactive Android and iOS mobile apps for your PrestaShop store. The mobilized store offers an effective way to target the mobile-based customers. With the help of this PrestaShop Mobile App Builder for Android and iOS, you can upgrade your eCommerce site to the mobile platform. The appealing mobile apps can increase your chances of getting higher conversion rates, sales, and customer engagement. All your requirement and expectation can be bolted in the mobile apps for your PrestaShop store with the expertise of our mobile app developers.

Prestashop Spin and Win

Customers generally get tired of the boring exit pop-ups that the websites provide. They might once or probably twice pay heed to the pop-up but will definitely exit the website knowing that the pop-ups will come every time. You can provide your Prestashop customers with something more interactive and real that they get compelled to click on. Enter Prestashop Spin and Win - Entry, Exit and Email Subscription pop up addon. The gamified interface lets the customers spin the wheel and convert. From the colors of the wheel slices to the amount of discount you want to provide, everything is in the hands of the admin. In order to spin the wheel, the customers/visitors have to feed in their email address to be able to spin the wheel.

Prestashop Return Manager Addon

One of the major reasons that build or breaks the loyalty of a brand or a website is its Return Policies. The process of return is equally painful for the merchant as well as the customers. In order to simplify the process from the admin’s end, the Prestashop Return Manager Addon from Knowband is the most beneficial option. With the freedom to create the return policies from the back-end, the admin can customize a lot more features like return reasons, return slips, email template and a lot more. The Prestashop module has multiple features including multi-store and multi-language compatibility, smooth working and more.

PrestaShop Product Video

Adding product videos on your product pages puts you in the win-win situation. It adds a feature on your Prestashop store as well as provides additional information to the customers that help them in their purchasing decision. Product videos can be added to the product page from YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion without any technical knowledge. It is a great way to provide detailed information about the product and provides a better understanding of the customers. For example, the images of any electronic appliance will not be able to give better information to the customer like the video would. Hence, the product video module by Knowband is a sure shot benefit for you.

PrestaShop Maintenance Page Customizer Addon

Every website needs maintenance. During this maintenance period, customers often get bored of the notification that displays on the website while the changes in the site are being made. The Prestashop maintenance page customizer addon by Knowband allows the admin to customize the maintenance page of the website from the back-end. With the help of Cron, the admin can set the time of the maintenance mode automatically.

Prestashop Jet Integration

If you are an aspiring website that wants to reach out farther, the Jet marketplace is one of the finest options for you. Installing the Prestashop Jet integration module on your store, you open your products to a wider audience, boosting the revenues and sales. From the product listing to managing the orders and tracking the whole process, this Prestashop addon lets you do a lot.

Prestashop FB Store

If you are looking forward to taking your Prestashop store to whole new level, marketing with the right tricks and in the right places is an absolute necessity. What would be a better place to place your products/brand than displaying it on the largest social media platform Facebook? With the help of the Prestashop FB Store addon, you can have your own FB shop on Facebook. The PrestaShop 1.7 plugin helps you integrate your store on the FB shop and increase the traffic on your website. This is a must-have module if you really want your brand’s visibility to double up and so do the chances of sales and revenues. The admin can display the products as well as product categories on the FB shop with this Prestashop addon.

As a part of taking your online business to greater heights, the store owner has to take the brand and the products and integrate the same with the marketplace. Why would marketplace integration be a smart idea is because every store owner seeks to generate more revenues than the last year and increase the sales every month. What would better than integrating your Prestashop store with marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, Walmart and is that the benefits are many. Some of them include:

Prestashop addon development has always been Knowband expertise and with a team of skilled developers, we have a big number of satisfied customers. We have curated PrestaShop addons that specifically help the store owners to seamlessly integrate their store with the marketplace and take a step towards good fortune. Go ahead and find out the different marketplace integration module available at Knowband for your Prestashop store.

Prestashop Walmart Marketplace Integration

Growing to be one of the most popular online marketplaces, Walmart comes in the top 5 spots where every eCommerce store owner wants to sell their goods. Walmart has made its place as the most popular options for both sellers and customers because of the gigantic inventory (which is continuously growing), customer satisfaction level, competitive prices and off-course good quality products. The Prestashop Walmart Marketplace Integration module helps the admin to integrate the store with the marketplace without putting a lot of effort. From the product mapping to managing the shipping costs and orders, everything is smoothened out with this Prestashop 1.7 plugin by Knowband. Key features include bulk product listing, inventory management, shipping cost management, product pricing, sales report; and more.

Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration

The next in the list is the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration module. Knowband provides a seamless way to the store owners to let them sell on the Etsy. The Prestashop Etsy Integration addon lets the admin sync all the products with the marketplace. The addon features the Etsy API to integrate your online store with the Etsy marketplace in a hassle-free way. With the help of the Etsy API key, Etsy API Secret and Etsy API Host, the admin can successfully complete the integration process. Once done, the products can be synced, the inventory can be managed, and everything else can be configured from the back-end. Key features include easy installation and configuration, shipping options can be managed, product pricing can be done with ease and more.

Prestashop Google Shopping

Do you want your products to show up in Google Shopping when customers come looking for a specific category? You can actually make that happen with the help of the Prestashop Google Shopping by Knowband. The store admin can map the store products on the Google Merchant Center with this Prestashop 1.7 plugin. This module aims to bring in not only increased sales but also potential traffic that leads to conversions. It offers real-time product feed synchronization option to the store admin. Some key features include automatic product syncing, real-time syncing can be turned off for manual uploads, updation of the inventory from the back-end and much more.

Prestashop eBay Marketplace Integration

The Prestashop eBay Marketplace Integration module is an apt choice for the store owners who desire to take their brand and its products to eBay, one of the biggest online marketplaces across the globe. eBay is quite popular for commodities like mobile phones, digital cameras, t-shirts, shoes, candles, furniture, jewelry, computers, microwave ovens, baby products, toys, and much more. The admin can effortlessly integrate the online store with the eBay using the Prestashop 1.7 plugin. Some of the key features include product management, inventory management, profile management, settings that can be handled from the back-end, product listing, shipping management and a lot more.

So, visit our Knowband store and choose from a wide range of PrestaShop Addons to make a strong business mark with your PrestaShop store. Our feature packed addons can help you get bumper conversion rates and sales without any hassle.

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