Every eCommerce marketer understands the need for both traffic on the website and the visibility of the products. Talking about the two aspects individually, the website traffic is a must for every website owner because, for every visit, there are potential chances of converting him/her to a customer. For every new visitor on the website, it is another opportunity for the store owner to showcase its products, build the loyalty, build a relationship, generate leads, and at the end of the increased sales. On a bigger note, when you convert a customer, you have the whole opportunity to grow your business for the better.

With SEO experts finding new ways to make your business more visible to the customers, you should know why exactly why your eCommerce business needs it. The first of them is being able to reach to the greater masses with your products and services, there’s engaging the customers, contacting the potential customers directly and more. It is exactly why businesses put up hoardings and advertise their products through different mediums. Knowband brings forth a collection of Magento extensions that will help your Magento store get the traffic and visibility that’ll take your website to a new height.

The following are the traffic and visibility extensions available at Knowband that’ll guide your website in the right way.

Magento MockingFish Heatmap and A/B testing Tool

In order to increase the traffic to your website, it is mandatory for you to optimize your website and all its content accordingly. That can be easily done with the help of the Magento MockingFish Heatmap and A/B testing Tool by Knowband. The Magento extension works towards analyzing your web pages and its content and let you know the behavior of your users/customers. The heatmap tool is used to point the key areas where the customers interact a lot as well as the least interactive spots. With the click, mouse movement, insight, envelope, and list heatmap you can place the content in a way that they reach out to those spots where you want them to be. The A/B testing tool lets you put forward two versions of the same page - one is the original whereas; the other is where you’ve made changes. The page that has more conversions is chosen to be the winner version and hence, you can alter your web pages accordingly.

This tool is a smart move for every Magento store owner in improving the visibility and increasing traffic to the website.

Magento Facebook Share and Win Discount

The Magento Facebook Share and Win Discount is a clean module that offers discounts to the customers who share your products on Facebook. This is no secret that Facebook is the biggest social media platform that provides you the opportunity to get your products to the hundreds and thousands of users. By installing this module, you motivate your customers to win discounts just by sharing the products on Facebook. It is a win-win situation for you because your products are being promoted by the customers with their entire friend’s list and they’ll be buying something themselves too.

Magento Blog

You know how important it is for a website to have a Blog section. It is an essential feature of the website that brings a lot of quality traffic to the website. Moreover, it also helps your business to rank SERP pages. With this Magento Blog extension, you can create engaging content with visually appealing images that is beneficial for the customers as well as for your ranking in the search engines.

Magento ® Traffic and visibility extensions

Review Reminder and Incentives - Magento ® Extensions Review Reminder and Incentives - Magento ® Extensions
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Review Reminder and Incentives - Magento ® Extensions

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Facebook Share and Win Discount - Magento ® Extensions Facebook Share and Win Discount - Magento ® Extensions
20% off

Facebook Share and Win Discount - Magento ® Extensions

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