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Marketplace Integrations:

Spin and Win - Magento ® Extensions

Spin and Win - Magento ® Extensions
  • Magento spin and win (exit pop-up) plugin display a gamified interface in the front-end of the website. The customers can spin the wheel in order to get enticing offers.
  • The store admin can manage the gifts being offered to the customers from the back-end of Magento interactive exit-intent pop-up.
  • The Magento email subscription pop-up can effortlessly boost the subscribers of your site. The email IDs are automatically synced with the MailChimp with the help of built-in MailChimp integrator.
  • The admin can change the look and feel of the spin wheel by just clicking a few buttons. The merchant can control the display position, frequency and gravity of the spin from the back-end of the Magento module.
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Compatibility:Magento 1.9.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0(10-5-2017)
Sales: 25+


Magento Spin and Win Module

With the increasing competition and the number of eCommerce companies, the site that is able to provide the best shopping experience to the customers shall survive. Enhancing the customer engagement without annoying them is the key to success.

Knowband offers a hassle-free way to all the Magento store owner to achieve the much-needed user interaction. Magento Spin and Win is one such plugin that serves ample purpose for you. It can be set on any page of the website as per the requirement of the seller. In addition, the interactive pop-up can curtail the exit-intend of the store visitors. The gamified pop-up will make them reconsider their exit by offering alluring discounts which can be further used for shopping from the site. Thus, the Magento exit pop-up extension offers a win-win condition for both the sellers as well as the customers.

Merchant benefits:

  • The core purpose of this Magento extension is to enhance customer base and subscriber of the online store.
  • The playful extension engages more customer and facilitates the buying process by offering them enticing offers.
  • Provides compelling reasons to the customers to complete the transaction and reduces cart abandonment. This directly correlates in increasing the conversion rate.
  • While most of the subscriber pop-ups add to the trouble by annoying the visitors, this is one of the interfaces that will increase the duration they spend on your website.
  • Admin is also provided with a range of customization option for a truly personalized business.


The features and benefits offered by Magento Wheelio are ample. Listed below are some of the features offered by spin and win extension.

Display and Hide option: The feature-rich extension comes with a fully customizable admin interface. The store admin can enable or disable the extension from the back end as per the need. In addition, there is an option to bring the wheel back to the screen once it is removed. Even this functionality can be enabled or disabled from the admin panel.

Easy front-end customization: The store admin can change the look and feel of the spin wheel in just a few button clicks. The customization involves no back-end coding. The entire changes and modification can be done with some button clicks from the web admin panel. 

Email Repetition Check: The store admin can make sure that one customer can avail the offers of the spin wheel only once. The email recheck options, if enabled allows the visitors to spin the wheel only once with a single email id. Thus, you can make sure that more and more customers are able to enjoy your giveaways. The subscriber popups, in addition, increases customer base effortlessly. The merchants can now target their email marketing campaign to a greater audience.  

Display Frequency: The exit pop-ups are usually accused of annoying the store visitors. Hence, setting the display interval of these pop-ups are wisely is the key. The admin gets an access to change the frequency and the interval of the spin wheel display. The store owner can not just decide the pages where he wants to display the spin and win, but he can even set the interval in which he wants to flash it on the website screen.  

Look and Feel Setting: The admin gets to change the look and feel of the spin wheel. Right from the logo and background to the font style, everything can be changed in a few simple steps. The admin can even regulate what, when and how he wants to display the wheelio.  

Slice Setting: The fully customizable addon allows the admin to change the settings of the slices of the wheel as well. The offers of the gamified pop-up can be changes and fixed as per the need of the store owner. The admin can offer discounts or free shipping options to the customers. All this can be done from the back end of the admin panel without changing the code.  

Email Integrator: Having the email id of the customer is important for the proper promotion of the business. The seemingly simple task of entering the email address can bore customer. Magentospin and win extension that not only makes the experience of buying an entertaining one for the customer, it also compels them to enter their email ids. Thus, enhancing the database of your store, it ensures better conversion. Not just this, the email integrator incorporates the email ids of the customers in the MailChimp, Klaviyo and other automated marketing platforms. Thus, it takes the burden off your shoulders completely.

Email Templates: The modules offer ample email themes to choose from. The themes can even be personalized as per the requirement. All you need to do is to choose one and modify it as per your requirement.  

Statistical report: The extensions come with the functionality of viewing the statistical report. The admin can view the number coupons generated and the number of coupons used by the customers while placing the order. The admin can even filter the report of the particular time period and generate the report in both graphical as well as tabular form.  

Additional Benefits:

  • Ability to use custom CSS and Javascript. The admin can make any custom changes from the admin panel of the module.
  • The pop-up invitations can be configured.The entire suite of display setting including screen compatibility.
  • The coupon generated by spinning the wheel can be conveyed to the customers via email as well.
  • The ability to subscribe the customer to your Mailchimp, Klaviyo and other such accounts makes email marketing a cinch for the online traders.
  • The module presents the full statistical data in various formats including a line graph of coupon utilization, device graph and country graph and a complete list of coupon codes.
  • Along with the salient features, the plugin is easy to understand, install and use.
  • The user engagement that the exit popup provides can reduce the bounce rate of your site, especially by reducing the cart abandonment.
  • With an alluring UI, you get to offer the giveaways in an innovative way.
  • It is SSL compatible and doesn’t conflict with the other modules of the store.

Customers benefit:

  • The very thing that online shoppers look for is offers and discounts. The spin and win module allow the customer to get alluring offers just by spinning the wheel.
  • With a better shopping experience, the roulette wheel gets them excited. Getting the offers via the try-your-luck interface, makes them feel as if they have hit some sort of a bargain.
  • It may even get addictive to some and the visitors may return more often. Attractive offers presented in an exciting manner ensures complete customer satisfaction.​


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