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Do you like free stuff? What if you as an admin get to enjoy free Opencart plugins that can help you boost your Opencart store? Wouldn’t it be a great thing?

Knowband has designed a series of Opencart extensions that focus on the various sections of your website and work towards getting you everything - from the traffic, visibility to the enhanced sales and boosted up revenues. Why does Knowband do that? The online store caters to your store needs in times when you are skeptical about whether or not to invest in an expensive Opencart module. Also, if you are facing any financial crisis and still want to come up as a star online store, we are here to help you with the Free Stuff or Free Opencart extensions that work like the paid ones and are also designed with features loaded in the same.

Go ahead and find out the various bestseller Opencart Free Stuff plugins available at Knowband.

Opencart MockingFish Heatmap and A/B Testing Tool

Just in case you want to make your customers engaged more while on the website, improve the interface, change the placement of the CTA buttons, increase the customer satisfaction level, and more, you can do that without any hassle now. With the Opencart MockingFish Heatmap and A/B Testing Tool installed on your website, you can put anything and everything to test to know how your customers are reacting to your website. If they are not reaching out to the areas where you want them to go and if they are not clicking on the buttons that you want them to, this Opencart plugin is your one-stop solution. What makes it better is that it absolutely FREE.

Opencart Reward Points Bug Fix

For all the Opencart store owners using the Opencart versions,,,, and might have faced an issue/bug that after applying the rewards points, there is no change. The majority of the times, this results in abandoned carts. However, they would be able to see the revised amount when they refresh the page once, but they are not aware of the same. Well, you can now fix that bug with the Opencart Reward Points Bug Fix extension which makes the changes in the website and fixes the error. You wouldn’t have worry about the increased bounce rate now because this free Opencart module fixes the issue without any modification in the core files.

Opencart Birds Eye View Report

Do you wish to just check the sales and revenue in a quick go? Do you want to chuck out the entire procedure where you have to make the changes to view the different reports? Well, the Opencart Birds Eye View Report lets the admin take a glance at the weekly, monthly and yearly reports from the back-end without having to struggle. This free Opencart extension lets the admin analyze the sales and create strategies to bring in more sales and generate more revenues for the website.

At Knowband, you can find the other Opencart modules to improve your website.

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