Opencart Discounts and Promotions Plugins

Every eCommerce store faces the highs and the lows. Discounts and promotions started off when the eCommerce websites had to face the daily dips but now they have become an integral part of the websites today. Discounts and promotions have become an effective technique for increasing sales. You know that the customers are saving money when you offer then lavish discounts, but in due course, you are getting the attention for a long-term relationship. Discounts don’t only help your shoppers; they also help your business. Some of the benefits include increased sales, brand loyalty, enhanced reputation and more.

Knowband brings forth discount and promotion plugins for the Opencart store that are curated to boost your sales and build the reputation. Find the bestselling Opencart plugins below.

Opencart Spin and Win

The Opencart Spin and Win is an exit pop up that is a gamified technique of acquiring the email address. The spin wheel is displayed on the front-end with discounts and vouchers displayed on the same. All the customer has to do is spin the wheel and when it stops, they have to render their email address in order to get the voucher. The total control of the Opencart module is in the hands of the admin. The admin can customize the pieces of the wheel and a lot more than that. Some of the other features include - the look and feel can be customized, the discount can be customized, the email ids will be synced automatically with the MailChimp and the Constant Contact and a lot more.

Opencart Scratch Coupon

Another Opencart plugin that works towards engaging the customers on the website is the Opencart Scratch Coupon. The Opencart module is like a scratch coupon that compels the customers to scratch the coupon code with the cursor of the mouse and provide their email id when the discount is revealed. It is another Opencart plugin that gets the subscribers’ list goes long. With a responsive layout that provides a unique experience to the customers, the percentage of the coupon can be fixed, the modules are all-themes compatible and more.

Opencart Review Incentive

You want your customers to build your brand loyalty? You can ask them to write reviews for the products that they recently purchased in return for incentives. The Opencart review incentive module lets the admin track the number of the ratings received by the customers. The admin can send in the incentives to the customers via customizable email template. This Opencart module encourages the customer to review more and earn more incentives.

Opencart Price Alert

In order to increase the customer engagement on the store, the Opencart Price Alert module works perfectly. The Opencart plugin allows the customer to set a price alert for the product that they like on the store. Later, when the product’s price falls during a sale, an email is sent to the person as a notification. This notification email can be customized and a coupon code can also be added to make sure that the customer buys the product from the store. 

Opencart Exit Popup

The Opencart Exit Pop Up is an interactive Opencart module that pops up when the customer or visitor is about to leave the website. The admin can customize the popup according to the website and also add a coupon code that would make the user stay back and possible convert. The layout can be made attractive in order to compel the customers and the aims of the module are to decrease the bounce rate as well as reduce the cart abandonment while increasing the sales.

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Opencart Discount and promotions plugins

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Spin and Win - OpenCart Extensions -20%
The interactive subscription and exit pop-up boosts the customer's eng...
$29.99 $23.99
Based on 5 reviews.
(5 Reviews)
Smart Sort Order - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin allows admin to sort products on all pages....
$27.99 $22.39
Based on 25 reviews.
(25 Reviews)
Scratch Coupon - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin adds scratch card on store, by scratching which customers ...
$34.99 $27.99
Based on 28 reviews.
(28 Reviews)
Sales Coupon Enhancer - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin provides more advanced option which are missing Opencart d...
$25.99 $20.79
Based on 20 reviews.
(20 Reviews)
Review Incentive - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin calls back customers by providing them an optional incenti...
$19.99 $15.99
Based on 28 reviews.
(28 Reviews)
Push Cart Promotion - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin allows admin to create promotional deals with various cond...
$25.99 $20.79
Based on 18 reviews.
(18 Reviews)
Price Alert - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin allows customers to get notified by an email if product pr...
$19.99 $15.99
Based on 23 reviews.
(23 Reviews)
Order Social Sharing - Opencart Extension -20%
This extension allows customer to share their order summary to Faceboo...
$29.99 $23.99
Newsletter Integrator - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin allows admin to integrate newsletter subscribtion of store...
$19.99 $15.99
Based on 18 reviews.
(18 Reviews)
Make an Offer - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin allows customers to negotiate products price with admin, h...
$25.99 $20.79
Based on 17 reviews.
(17 Reviews)
Loyalty Points - Opencart Extensions -20%
This module gives loyalty points to customers when they purchase produ...
$39.99 $31.99
Landing Page Creator - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin allows admin to create any number of landing pages with SE...
$25.99 $20.79
Based on 29 reviews.
(29 Reviews)
Google Shopping - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin allows admin to generate high quality and error free Googl...
$35.99 $28.79
Based on 30 reviews.
(30 Reviews)
Gift Card Manager - Opencart Extensions -20%
Gift card module allows your customers to purchase gift cards and send...
$35.99 $28.79
Based on 1 reviews.
(1 Reviews)
Facebook share and win discount - Opencart Extensions -20%
This module encourages customers to share products on Facebook by givi...
$24.99 $19.99
Exit popup - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This module a fully customizable module to show popup every time a vis...
$29.99 $23.99
Based on 9 reviews.
(9 Reviews)
Deal Timer - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin provides admin to run discount deal for a specific period ...
$25.99 $20.79
Based on 17 reviews.
(17 Reviews)
Countdown Sales Timer - Opencart Extensions -20%
The Admin can add catchy sale countdown timers on their store for grab...
$25.99 $20.79
Better Thank you page - Opencart Extensions -20%
This module convert you order success page into a powerful marketing t...
$19.99 $15.99
Based on 4 reviews.
(4 Reviews)
Auto Subscribe - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin allows store admin to integrate newsletter option with the...
$20.00 $16.00
Based on 34 reviews.
(34 Reviews)
Abandoned Cart - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin sends automatic mails with incentive coupon to customers w...
$20.99 $16.79
Based on 47 reviews.
(47 Reviews)
 Ajax Cart+ - OpenCart Extensions -20%
This plugin shows a popup on Add to cart, popup can also contain banne...
$25.99 $20.79
Based on 48 reviews.
(48 Reviews)