Customers are the foundation of any business whether eCommerce or offline retail business. One of the primary goals of any eCommerce store is to identify the needs of the customers and actually meeting them. Customer satisfaction is the key to achieving higher conversion rate, better sales, enhanced customer engagement and more. Enhancing the UI and UX of the site, is the only way to boost the overall user experience. 

If you own a WooCommerce site, then, Knowband is all set to make the entire process a cake-walk for you. Knowband is the place for getting the well-tailored WooCommerce Extensions that not just enhance the appearance and functionality of the site, but even help you serve your customer in the best-possible way.

There are numerous benefits of having customer-related extensions for your WooCommerce store apart from customer satisfaction. They include:

Brand loyalty
Brand trust

Mentioned below are the traffic booster WooCommerce plugins that you should take a look at and invest in, in order to increase the conversion rate and sales.

WooCommerce Spin and Win module

Popups can be really irritating for the customers. On the other hand, popups are one of the most important strategies for every eCommerce marketer. Hence, the more interactive the popups are, the easier for the customers to stick around and continue browsing the website. The Spin and Win module for the WooCommerce store is a Gamified technique to convert your store visitors into subscribers. The WooCommerce exit popup is a smart way to engage your customers on the website longer. The eCommerce marketer can display a playful spin wheel on the front-end of the website where the visitors can spin the wheel by clicking on it and grab the discount by just entering your email address in the box below. What’s good about this plugin for discount is its features. From easy customization, setting the discounts, changing the look & feel of the slices displayed, to the built-in MailChimp and Klaviyo integrator, and statistical reports, every feature helps the store owner to increase their number of subscribers and increase customer engagement on the store.

Now, you can easily go ahead and enhance the customer satisfaction at your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Customers extensions

Spin and Win - Woocommerce Spin and Win - Woocommerce
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Spin and Win - Woocommerce

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