Checkout process is the doorway to a happy and satisfied customers on an eCommerce store as it tends to affect the customer engagement, site traffic, conversion rates and product sales. Online shoppers are always in a hurry and don't have much time to spend on the checkout process and thus it becomes important to remove the irrelevant restrictions and checkout fields for a seamless online shopping experience. You need to include only relevant fields and steps in your checkout process for getting maximum conversions and product sales. In addition to the checkout process, easy accessibility of order details and status are one of the factors that affects the customer engagement and purchasing behavior on numerous eCommerce sites. To sort out these crucial issues, here are the various OpenCart checkout and orders plugins from Knowband that can be the ultimate savior of your eCommerce store.

OpenCart One Page Supercheckout Pro- This OpenCart checkout extension has brought cheers on the face of numerous online shoppers as it has promised a seamless and easy checkout experience for them. They don't have to spend considerable time on your eCommerce store while making an online product purchase as everything has been simplified drastically with this superb plugin. If you want to take a look at the amazing features of this checkout extension, here are few of them that are mentioned below.

- Presence of language translation feature.

- Consists of a feature rich admin panel for seamless customization in the design, layout and content of your site.

- Provides multiple design layout for facilitating faster checkout experience.

- Availability of social media login facility for seamless and quick checkout by registered as well as guest customers.

- Showcases detailed product information with associated image and much more.

OpenCart One Page Supercheckout- Checkout process seems to be the bridge between driving site visitors into your potential customers. It is important to keep them simple, engaging and relevant to your business requirements for getting maximum conversions and product sales. With this OpenCart One Page Supercheckout plugin, store owners can make desired changes in their checkout process and can eliminate unnecessary checkout fields and steps that are affecting customer engagement on your online store. Let us take a look at the other features of this wonderful plugin which are:

- Consists of a feature rich admin panel for quick and seamless customization of your checkout page.

- Comprises of multiple design layout for the effective designing of the faster website checkout page for higher customer engagement and sales.

- Features various social media login facility for faster checkout experience.

- Supports mobile responsive design for numerous screen sizes and devices.

- Provides multiple payment and shipping options to customers.

OpenCart Admin Order- Store owners often feel helpless with their inability to make any changes in the customer orders from their end. But, this will not be the case any more due to the emergence of this wonderful OpenCart Admin Order module from Knowband that makes customizations in customer orders possible without any trouble. Here is what it has brought for you.

- Simple and quick installation and configuration.

- Compatible with multiple stores, themes and third party modules.

- Consists of on page layout for creating or editing customer order.

- Supports various types of shipping and payment methods.

- Arrives with custom shipping option, currency and discount selection, export of email and print packaging slip.

OpenCart PDF Invoice Plugin- Online shopping has become much more revolutionized and organized with the help of this OpenCart PDF Invoice plugin that provides freedom to store admin for downloading invoice in the PDF format. Apart from this, store admin can also send attached PDF invoice to its customers whenever they place an online order. Let us explore some of the features of this OpenCart checkout module.

- Presence of feature rich and user friendly admin panel.

- Provides facility to send PDF invoice to customers along with the confirmation mail.

- Supports various customizations like displaying/hiding of store and order details, sorting of payment and shipping address fields, setting up of store logo, invoice title, store title and others.

- Compatible with any theme of your store.

- Quick and hassle free installation.

By installing all these OpenCart modules by Knowband store, store owners can make their checkout process much more simplified and easier for attracting more site visitors and product sales. They are packed with numerous power packed features and functionalities that can surely grab the instant attention and interest of your targeted customers. Make your purchase now and secure your business fortunes for the rest of your life.

OpenCart Checkout & Order Extension | OpenCart Shopping Cart | KnowBand

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