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Opencart Mobile App Modules

Mobile apps are the new revolution that has changed the eCommerce business world for the better. With people spending about 23 days a year using their phone, they are constantly on the internet, browsing shopping websites or interacting with others on social media platforms and doing a lot more. With this stat, the eCommerce marketers have understood the mantra to stay connected with their customers and convert more visitors as customers by building a mobile app for their website. Many marketers trust (the positive trust) that mobile applications are the easier to connect with their customers and best marketing tools to develop business. It is also the best way for a customer to stay updated with the discounts, tips, new blogs and much more. That’s why a mobile app is so much important in today’s market.

Knowband understands the need of having a mobile app that suits your Opencart website and needs. Hence, the range of Opencart Mobil App plugins by Knowband is worth your time and effort because they aim to bring positive change for your business with the essential features packed together.

Find the bestselling mobile app extensions for your Opencart store below to choose the one that matches your need.

Opencart Mobile App Builder

Widen your customer base and boost your business reach with the Opencart Mobile App Builder by Knowband. The Opencart plugin lets you design your own mobile app even if you are a layman with no coding knowledge. Whether you want to create an Android app or iOS mobile app, you can smoothly complete your task with the stunning features the Opencart module provides. To name a few, multiple themes to match your website, tablet, and mobile optimized, social login feature that encourages the visitors to convert, simplified checkout, multi-language, multi-shipping, multi-payment options and a lot more. Overall, it is your one-stop solution that enhances the chances of staying connected with your customers and motivating others to become a part of your online store.

Opencart iOS Mobile App Builder Free

With the help of the Opencart iOS Mobile App Builder Free extension, you can actually get the actual feel of creating a mobile app specifically for the iOS users for free. The Opencart module is feature-packed and is designed to convert your website into a mobile app with all the essential features that should be there to build a relationship with the customer. With the aim of smoothening the shopping experience of the customers, the module lets you incorporate options like live chat, push notifications, coupons & vouchers and so much more. This Opencart plugin brings in more conversions for your store.

Opencart Android Mobile App Builder Free

At any time, Android users are greater in number when you compare both Android, iOS and other users. Being a winner all over the world, you should definitely try your hand at the Opencart Android Mobile App Builder Free by Knowband. The Opencart plugin has features like numerous themes to match your store, compatibility with tablets and different platforms, social media login options and more.

If you really want to take your business to new heights by reinforcing the brand value, increasing the brand visibility, and expanding the customer base, Knowband is the place for you to pick your Opencart modules and start working towards success.

Opencart Mobile App plugins

OpenCart Mobile App Builder OpenCart Mobile App Builder
10% off

OpenCart Mobile App Builder

$154.80 $172.00 Ex Tax: $154.80

OpenCart PWA Mobile App OpenCart PWA Mobile App
10% off

OpenCart PWA Mobile App

$80.10 $89.00 Ex Tax: $80.10

Advanced OpenCart Marketplace with Mobile App - OpenCart Extensions Advanced OpenCart Marketplace with Mobile App - OpenCart Extensions
10% off

Advanced OpenCart Marketplace with Mobile App - OpenCart Extensions

$224.10 $249.00 Ex Tax: $224.10

OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App
10% off

OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App

$242.10 $269.00 Ex Tax: $242.10

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