Kevajo WooCommerce Mobile App Success Story to Get Inspired From in 2021

Kevajo WooCommerce Mobile App is a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that saves you time and money. With the Kevajo WooCommerce iOS and android app, you can find anything you want at the lowest possible price. The App is created using KnowBand’s WooCommerce Mobile App Builder plugin designed for Android and iOS platforms. There are several features that […]

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Powerful Ways of Using Customer Reviews to Boost Conversion

Although we live in a digital marketing age, the importance of word of mouth cannot be underestimated. However, how digital marketing related to word-of-mouth? Do word-of-mouth has any connection with “Customer Reviews”? You may have come across this term several times. Demonstrating how word of mouth and online reviews have already become inextricably linked. Marketing experts are […]

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PrestaShop Back-in-Stock Module- Unique Approach to Capture Lost Sales

Notify customers when products are back in stock, and your PrestaShop revenue will increase quickly. Use the PrestaShop Back-in-Stock module to start recapturing missing revenue. Send notifications to consumers as soon as the products return to stock. It takes just 5 minutes to set up. PrestaShop Back-in-Stock Addon- Unique Approach to Capture Lost Sales Back-in-stock alerts […]

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OpenCart Extension to Send Back-In-Stock and Low Stock Alerts

Ecommerce companies always look for options that can bring more and more sales. Store optimization for speed, engagement, customer acquisition, and retention rates are on the top of the list. To add to this, KnowBand launched a super easy-to-handle OpenCart plugin for Back-in-stock alerts and low stock notifications. The Back in Stock alerts notify customers […]

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OpenCart Automatic Related Product – User Manual

1.0 Introduction With the help of the OpenCart Automatic Related Product extension, the eCommerce merchants can easily get the customers to increase their cart value. Further, this is done by displaying the Related Products block on the front-end. Hence, when the merchant displays related products on the website pages including Product Page, Home Page, Checkout Page, […]

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Top 10 Opencart Extensions to Boost Customer Experience

Better customer experience can increase customer retention. The sole requirement that every business owner has is that the buyer returns to the site after making a single transaction. Thanks to Knowband! It provides some excellent extensions for your eCommerce store which can enhance customer satisfaction and customer experience. 10 Customer experience solutions for your OpenCart […]

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