How to delete Products from the Fyndiq marketplace

Objective of the blog: This blog will enable you to understand the way of deleting the products from the Fyndiq marketplace using seller central account. Steps to delete Products using Seller-Central 1. Open the Fyndiq seller central login page (Login Page URL- 2. Click on the Products tab of the home page as shown below: […]

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Magento Affiliate and Referral Program

Magento Affiliate and Referral Program- Grow Brand Awareness and Acquire New Customers

“Magento Affiliate and Referral program extension incorporates an Affiliate Account section on your Magento store and allows users to register as an affiliate and earn incentives for every successful referral. The incentives or commission are provided for new user registration, order placement or both.” Affiliate and Referral Programs are excellent marketing strategies for any brand. […]

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HubBox Error: _messageErrorTemplate is not a function

Problem Statement On searching the wrong address in the HubBox popup, there is no error message. When checked on the console, you are getting an error like “_messageErrorTemplate is not a function“. Solution The error: “_messageErrorTemplate is not a function” is coming because this function is not declared as function in the HubBox library. To […]

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Holiday season modules

Knowband’s list of modules to look out for this Holiday season

For e-retailers, the holiday season signifies only thing- more sales. It is that time of the year when there is maximum participation of the online shoppers in the eCommerce websites, and eCommerce merchants use this opportunity to maximize their sales. Though the holiday season is all about increasing the sales graph, for the e-retailers, it […]

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