Prestashop Google shopping integration module by knowband

What does the Profile Management tab of Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator look like?

The Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator by Knowband is a must-have. Further, for merchants wanting to sell on the platform. In fact, the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon helps them sell their wares efficiently. Using the plugin, the marketers can connect their stores with the Google Merchant Center in no time. Moreover, list their products and […]

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Prestahshop One page express checkout addon by knowband

Want to know about the Prestashop One Page Checkout? Click here

One Page Checkout’s value is well known among eCommerce retailers. Furthermore, every eCommerce merchant recognizes the necessity for the same for their business. It’s also one of the few options they have for lowering their shop’s bounce rate and cart abandonment rate. Customers who wish to complete their transactions fast will appreciate Knowband’s Prestashop One […]

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Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon by knowband

The best reasons to choose Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon

Etsy is a marketplace that sells its items through various sites joins well defined for different countries. For instance, shop for handmade, classic, custom, and noteworthy presents for everyone, or shop for fragile antiques collected, one-of-a-kind, custom, and remarkable options, and so forth. In 2021, Etsy witnessed 7.5 million sellers sell their goods. In fact, […]

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Prestashop One Page checkout by Knowband

Why is the Prestashop One Page Checkout an integral choice?

Knowband’s Prestashop One Page Checkout is an astonishing option for your eCommerce business. Truly, a superb apparatus can help your eCommerce organization in an assortment of circumstances. In this article, we will investigate why the Single Page checkout is an absolute requirement. Above all, how about we examine how Responsive one page checkout Prestashop functions. […]

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Opencart ebay integration

Reasons to invest in the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration?

Knowband offers an OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration. Furthermore, following successful integration, merchants can immediately map their product listings on eBay. As a result, a great number of purchasers from all over the world have been attracted. Furthermore, sell your things on the eBay marketplace to expand your customer base and sales. Further, OpenCart eBay Marketplace […]

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Why you should buy one page checkout

The One Page Checkout Module by Knowband is a must – Know more!

One page checkout infers a client can purchase a product using one page checkout module specifically. It is interesting and fundamentally better than the old checkout structure. Further, that had endless pages to go to first before the admin receives the total installment. In fact, it demonstrates that the eCommerce destinations utilizing this component have […]

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