Magento Discount and Promotions Extensions

This comes as no surprise that the entire eCommerce industry has grown because of a few factors out of which sales and discounts are one of the major reasons. The customers get attracted to the websites which provide genuine products and offer them discounts as well. This is when the Magento Discount extensions come into the picture. On the other hand, going hand in hand with the discounts, if you lack promoting your brand, store or the products well, you would not be able to reach the potential that your business actually has. In order to do that, Magento Promotion extensions are right there to help you out. The Magento discount and promotion extensions work towards boosting your sales and taking your brand to a level where customers consider you.

Find out the discount and promotions extensions for Magento store owners offered Knowband below.

Magento Spin and Win (Email Subscription Popup)

Now you can provide your customers with a Gamified technique that encourages them to click the spinning wheel on the homepage and win attractive discounts. The Spin and Win module allow the customers to spin the wheel and win discounts after providing their email address. This way, the admin can use the email id to send the coupon notification and use it later for promoting the products and sending offers.

Some of the interesting features of the Magento module include:

Magento Scratch Coupon Extension

When you stay up-to-date with the trends in the eCommerce industry, you know how your customers would react to your techniques. One of the most popular interactive interfaces that you should be laying your hands on for your Magento store is the Scratch Coupon technique. The Magento Scratch Coupon extension by Knowband lets the customers scratch the coupon displayed on the screen with their mouse header and win amazing discounts. In return to apply that coupon code, they just have to feed in their email id and use it as soon as the email is received. Another way to customer engagement through something that customers would love to do, this Magento module is designed with the following features:

Magento Exit Popup Extension

Do you think that the customer leaves the website without converting or spending enough time? You can install the Magento Exit Popup module to give them a choice to think again and utilize their time with the help of a discount coupon. The smart solution reduces the bounce rate of your website and motivates the customers to come back for another purchase with the discount coupon. The moment the cursor heads to the close the button, the subscription pop-up displays giving a second thought to the customers.

The features of the module include:

So, invest in the discount and promotion modules by Knowband is you really want to take your Magento store towards increased revenues and sales. Find out more Magento extensions at

eCommerce Magento Discount Extensions | Coupon & Promo Code Extensions | KnowBand

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Magento ® Discount and promotions extensions

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