How to use Magento Abandoned Cart Extension to recover lost sales?


Magento has been the best tool for eCommerce startups for a very long time. It is not just a better eCommerce platform but also a better platform for the B2B business model. From handling heavy transactions from a large number of customers to Managing the complex pricing system as a B2B website, Magento has proven it’s efficiency on multiple grounds.

Despite all these advanced functionalities and great a abilities, even Magento is not safe from the evil of shopping cart abandonment. Hail the Magento’s affinity to acquire even more advanced functionalities by incorporating third party Magento extensions. Magento Abandoned cart extension is one such extension to the core functionalities of Magento.

How Magento Abandoned cart extension works?

The core logic behind a Magento Abandoned cart extension is to track and capture the information of customers checking out on a Magento site. The information basically includes Name of the customers, E-mail id, and the Cart content. Now, that the Magento Abandoned cart extension captures all these information from a Magento checkout, it uses this information to establish a communication between the Website Owner/Admin and the customer in case the when a customer decides to abandoned the cart.

How Magento Abandoned cart extension uses the customer information?

The active role of a Magento Abandoned cart extension comes into the lime-light when a customer leaves the site after adding some products and without making a payment. It means that the customer has finally abandoned a cart from your site. In the meantime, during certain instances of the checkout process, the Magento Abandoned cart extension captures the information about that customer. The information is then utilized in multiple areas to present an abandoned cart recovery medium to the website owner.

  • To mark a cart as abandoned


Magento Abandoned cart extension basically captures the information about every customer and his cart on the site. However, not all the carts can be considered as abandoned. Therefore a Magento Abandoned cart extension provides the option to configure a time limit after which if the customers do not return to the cart, then the cart will be considered an abandoned.

  • After a cart is marked Abandoned


After a cart is marked as an abandoned cart, the Magento Abandoned cart extension process it’s working for the recovery of the lost sale. The marked abandoned carts are first listed on a separate interface from where the website owner can easily see the details of the cart. There are two types of carts that are captured in this list. One is the carts without email id and other is the carts with email ids.

The carts without email ids cannot be used for the recovery here, as the only communication medium (email reminder) that the Magento Abandoned cart extension uses is not available in this case.

  • Carts with email ids


The carts where customers have provided their email id during the incomplete checkout process are used by the Magento Abandoned cart extension to send serial reminders directly from the extension’s interface. For doing so, the extension stores a large number of email templates that can be used here. There are basically two types of email templates that are used by the Magento Abandoned cart extension. Email templates that offer a promotion, discount, or any other offer in the lieu of completing the checkout process. Other types of email templates are general reminders that are not accompanied by an offer or discount. They are just the reminders for the customer to inform that he has left a cart abandoned on your site and he can still complete his checkout process.

  • If customer decides to complete the checkout- Now, it depends on the efficacy of your serial reminders and quality of your reminder emails to encourage the customer to complete his checkout. So, let’s say you have written some nice emails that encouraged the customer to come back and complete his purchase. In this case, the emails that you have sent, all of them consist of a direct checkout link. Clicking on this link will directly take the customer to your checkout page with all the products and customer information already restored. The customer has to just make a payment and complete the checkout to earn you a recovered sale that was lost because of shopping cart abandonment.


This is how a well developed Magento Abandoned cart extension works to recover the lost sales for you. There are some advanced Magento Abandoned cart extensions that go ahead and deliver some more useful functionalities. For example, with Knowband’s Magento Abandoned cart extension:

  • A Cron can be set to automatically capture and list the abandoned carts according to the time limit set.
  • A Cron can be set to automatically send the reminder emails to the customers after they are captured.
  • Admin can decide the time period after which the emails will be sent to the customer.
  • Admin can set the time frame for a particular cart during which a particular email template will be used to send the reminder. The template could be with an offer or without offer; depends on the template set.

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