Businesses are today flourishing rapidly with the goodwill and support of their targeted customers. For cementing your position effectively among your business rivals, you need to have a size-able fan base on numerous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+ and such others. But, this can only be possible if your eCommerce site is providing a seamless social login facility to its site visitors. If you are witnessing low social engagement on your OpenCart store, it is time to install this OpenCart Social Loginizer plugin that can improve your social engagement with your site visitors to a great extent.

OpenCart Social Loginizer- Social media has become an integral part of today's changing business environment as no business entity can thrive without getting engaged to its customers in a social environment. However, the optimum utilization of social media is often limited by the ineffective connectivity of eCommerce store with its social media customers. This scenario is going to change completely due to the presence of numerous social media options and other amazing functionalities in this OpenCart social extension. Let us take a look at them below.

- Quick and easy single click installation.

- Presence of easy to use and user friendly web interface.

- Provides functionality to make changes in the position and placement of social media login options, link and headings.

- Allows store admin to drag and drop social icons and sort them accordingly.

- Provides button availability in two options- the large size and the small size depending upon the layout, design and navigation facility on your eCommerce site.

So, take no chances and bring your social engagement skills to the forefront by making use of this OpenCart Social Loginizer module from our Knowband store. If you can create a loyal army of social media customers for your eCommerce business, there are increased chances of getting more product sales and conversion rates. Always remember this notion that “Going social is the way to boost your conversions and sales for your business”. Get your hands on this OpenCart social extension now and get ready for some business miracles

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