Are you planning to create an eCommerce website for your new startup? Or, do you have an eCommerce store? Is it a Prestashop store, Magento store or an Opencart store? In any of the case (already have or creating a new website), you would need extensions to make your website work. In case you are running short of finances or are in a dilemma of which Prestashop or Magento or Opencart module to invest in, you can easily pick any of the Prestashop free addons for the Prestashop store, Magento free extensions for the Magento store and Opencart free plugins for the Opencart store.

Knowband has the expertise in curating extensions for all the Open Source eCommerce solutions. Keeping these extensions free in-builds trust in the store owners and also boosts their confidence to improve their website for more sales and revenues.

Let us take a look at the different stores and their bestseller plugins that can improvise your online store for good.

Prestashop Free Addons

Prestashop Free Walmart Integration

Every eCommerce store owner desires to put the products on a bigger platform to bring in more sales for the store. You can do that with this Prestashop free addon as it helps you integrate your Prestashop store with the Walmart marketplace for free. With the steps mentioned on the product page, you can easily register on the marketplace. Once done, you can list all your products effortlessly and keep a track of the orders, inventory, shipping methods, payments and more from the back-end itself.

Prestashop Free Spin and Win

You might already have a popup being displayed every time you find that the customer/visitor is about to leave the website, but this Prestashop free addon makes it all together a different experience for the customers. They wouldn’t even know and they’ll render their email address in order to get a chance to spin the wheel and grab the discount. You can display attractive discounts that compel the customers to spin the wheel and provide their email address to get the discount code in the inbox. The admin can change the look & feel of the wheel slices as well as the discount percentage. This Prestashop Free Spin and Win module increase the number of subscribers on your website.

Magento Free Extensions

Magento Free Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension

The idea of converting your Magento online store into a marketplace has its own benefits. You can welcome sellers to come and sell on your marketplace and have the benefit of accepting or declining their requests. The Magento Free Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension by Knowband lets you convert your website into a marketplace without any hassle. Some of the benefits of having this Magento free extension on the website include the commission from the sellers view transactions from the sellers and more.

Magento Free Blog

You know how essential it is for an eCommerce store owner to have a blog section to enhance the customer engagement. Now you can create your own blog with the help of the Magento free blog extension. The Magento free extension lets you have a blog like CMS to the Magento store owners with advanced features. The admin can install WordPress with the help of this extension and have quick access to the WordPress dashboard, posts, as well as links by single clicks.

Opencart Plugins

Opencart Birds Eye View Report

Have you been busy with the other work of your online store and haven’t been able to take a close look at the sales and revenues? You can do that now with the help of the Opencart Birds Eye View Report. The Opencart free plugin allows the admin to take a quick view of the sales and revenues at the store from the back-end. The module allows the admin to view categorized reports in the form of weekly, monthly and yearly format. Overall, the admin can easily view the progress of the Opencart store with the help of the Birds Eye View Report plugin.

Opencart Rewards Points Bug Fix

For store owners still working on the Opencart version,,,, and, this Opencart free plugin fixes the issue where the customers couldn’t see the difference in the total amount even after putting it in the correct place. Due to some issue, the customers had to refresh the page in order to see the difference (which they weren’t aware of). The Opencart Rewards Points Bug Fix plugin fixes this issue without trying too hard and the module doesn’t even cause friction with the other extensions already installed.

You can grab these and many other free extensions from Knowband for your online store and feel confident with boosted customer engagement, sales, and revenues. Go ahead find the other modules at Knowband.

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