Magento checkout and orders extensions

Checkout is an important part of every online business entity and tends to influence the brand identity, product sales and customer engagement on an eCommerce store to a great extent. A seamless and easy checkout process is the ultimate road map for achieving product sales on your online store. Apart from the checkout process, order details are another concern area where business entities need to pay their attention for better conversions and site traffic. If you are lagging in any of these areas, your business is sure to suffer a lot in terms of customer engagement, product sales and conversion rates. Let us take a look into these three Magento extensions that can make your checkout and accessing of order details a much simplified task than before.

Magento One Page Supercheckout- If you have been fed up with the multiple processes and stages in the checkout process of your online store, here is our chance to revolutionize the entire checkout experience with this amazing Magento checkout extension. With its easy customization facility, store owners can easily eliminate the irrelevant checkout fields and steps from their checkout process for improving their customer engagement and product sales. Some of its features that can help in improving the online shopping experience for your targeted customers.

- Availability of multiple social media login options.

- Easy control and store maintenance by feature rich admin panel.

- Presence of multiple design layout.

- Fully mobile responsive theme design.

- Seamless addition of HTML content.

- Detailed cart information with image preview option.

Magento Mobile Order Lookup- Are you having a hard time finding out the order status for your ordered products? Here is the ultimate respite for you in the form of this Magento Mobile Order Lookup module. Customers just need to use their email address and order ID for getting detailed information regarding their order details. Here is the list of all those features that can improve the online shopping experience for your targeted customers.

- Seamless order details accessing without any login requirement.

- Provides tracking facility for store admin in order to keep a tab on the customers who have viewed their order status.

- Presence of feature rich admin panel for easy customization.

- Mobile responsive layout design.

- Quick and simple installation facility.

- Supports multiple languages for targeting your wide range of customers.

Magento One Page Supercheckout Lite version- Drive more sales and site traffic on your Magento store with the help of this free checkout extension. It provides easy customization facility for store admin for designing an easy and interactive checkout process for their online store. Let us provide you an insight about the various features and functionalities of this Magento checkout extension.

- Presence of feature packed admin panel for a seamless customization facility.

- Mobile responsive theme design for accessibility on multiple devices.

- Provides faster checkout experience than the default Magento one page checkout.

- Quick installation and configuration facility.

- Comes with Ajax based checkout for Magento store.

Don't let the checkout and order related concerns of your customers spoil the business environment for your online store. But, take the right step now by installing these Magento checkout and orders extensions from Knowband for implementing the corrective course at the earnest level to save you from huge business losses.


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Magento ® Checkout and orders extensions

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