Magento checkout and orders extensions

If an eCommerce marketer is asked the most important aspect of the website that counts for conversions, he would definitely say - the Checkout page. Checkout is an integral aspect of every business because if the customers don’t complete their checkout process well, there would be no conversions. As a result, no sales and no generated revenues. Moreover, is the checkout process that influences the brand identity, product sales and customer engagement on an eCommerce store to a great extent. On the other hand, the order details are also a necessary aspect of the website. With the aim to keep your checkout process simple and clutter-free, the Magento Checkout and Order extensions are available. A seamless and easy checkout process is the ultimate roadmap for achieving product sales on your online store. In case you lag behind in any of the two phases, you would suffer in both visibility and sales. Let us take a look at these three Magento extensions that can make your checkout and accessing of order details a much-simplified task than before.

Magento One Page Supercheckout Extension

Customers tend to get fed up with the lengthy checkout processes and call it quit. As a result, the bounce rate of your website increases. You, being a Magento store owner should strive towards providing a checkout process that is easy, quick and doesn’t have multiple stages. Here is your chance to revolutionize the entire checkout experience with this amazing Magento checkout extension. With the cake-walk installation and setup, you can effortlessly customize the module according to the need of the store and eliminate the irrelevant checkout fields and steps for improving their customer engagement and product sales. Some of its features that can help in improving the online shopping experience for your targeted customers.

- Availability of multiple social media login options.
- Easy control and store maintenance by feature-rich admin panel.
- Presence of multiple design layout.
- Fully mobile responsive theme design.
- Seamless addition of HTML content.
- Detailed cart information with image preview option.

Magento Mobile Order Lookup Extension

The Magento Mobile Order Lookup module is the perfect extension that provides a real-time access to the customers to check their order status without logging into their account. With their email address and the order id, the customers can get the access to their order. Here is the list of all those features that can improve the online shopping experience for your targeted customers.

- Seamless order details accessing without any login requirement.
- Provides tracking facility for store admin in order to keep a tab on the customers who have viewed their order status.
- Presence of feature-rich admin panel for easy customization.
- Mobile responsive layout design.
- Quick and simple installation facility.
- Supports multiple languages for targeting your wide range of customers.

Magento One Page Supercheckout Lite version Extension

Skeptical about the Magento One Page Checkout extension? Why not try the basic version called the Magento One Page Supercheckout Lite version by Knowband. You can drive more sales and traffic to your store with this free version. It provides easy customization facility for store admin for designing an interactive checkout process for their online store. Find out the key features of this Magento checkout extension below.

- Presence of feature-packed admin panel for a seamless customization facility.
- Mobile responsive theme design for accessibility on multiple devices.
- Provides faster checkout experience than the default Magento one page checkout.
- Quick installation and configuration facility.
- Comes with Ajax-based checkout for Magento store.

Don't let the checkout and order related concerns of your customers pull you behind in the eCommerce industry. Be prepared with your modules that consistently provide a better shopping experience to them and increase your brand loyalty with the store sales.

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Magento ® Checkout and orders extensions

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