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The customer is the “ultimate king” in the eCommerce business and thus it is important to keep them engaged in an online store. You need to work towards improving the user experience, customer engagement, and navigation of your customers for grabbing maximum sales. If you are not giving adequate attention to your targeted customers, you can certainly suffer huge business losses.

It can actually be a big blow to the business aspirations of numerous eCommerce customers if they are incapable of grabbing the instant attention of their targeted customers. PrestaShop store owners do have to keep their customers engaged if they are thinking to make quick fortunes among their rivals. These store owners can now take the help of PrestaShop customers modules for optimizing the user experience on an online store.

Merits of using PrestaShop customers modules on an eCommerce business

There are numerous advantages of using PrestaShop customers modules in an eCommerce business. Some of these benefits are as follows:

- They help in simplifying the online shopping experience of PrestaShop customers with a simplified checkout experience.

- It is now easier for customers to register and login on an online store with these PrestaShop Addons.

- It can help in improving the customer engagement and traffic on a PrestaShop site.

- These PrestaShop Addons can provide constant update about a product quantity, include product videos, offer reward points to customers, ensure easy product returns and much more.

- PrestaShop Addons like Abandoned Cart can help in grabbing the abandoned customers by sending customized reminder emails to customers.

- They can help in providing better sales to any PrestaShop store by offering exciting scratch coupons, reward points, free product, incentives and much more.

- The Addons help in making a quick payment, improved site visibility, easy accessing of mobile orders, elimination of product related taxes and other such features that can help in improved online shopping experience.

It is time to make a quick overhaul in the online shopping experience of your customers with the help of these PrestaShop Customers modules from Knowband store. Do visit our Knowband store for once and improve the business chances of your PrestaShop store without any delay. It is definitely a sure shot way to enhance the online shopping experience of your PrestaShop customers.

Prestashop Customers Modules | Developer Tools | KnowBand

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Marketplace Integrations:

Prestashop Customers modules

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One Page Supercheckout - Prestashop Addons
GDPR Compliant
This plugin implements a feature rich, responsive and fully customizab...
$85.99 $64.49
Based on 142 reviews.
(142 Reviews)
Abandoned Cart - Prestashop Addons
GDPR Compliant
This module sends automatic E-mails to the customers who Abandon their...
$65.99 $49.49
Based on 57 reviews.
(57 Reviews)
Web Push Notification - Prestashop Addons -15%
Sends Automated Web Push Notifications to the customers to keep them u...
$49.99 $42.49
Based on 1 reviews.
(1 Reviews)
Social Messenger - Prestashop Addons -50%
eCommerce store admin can integrate facebook messenger on the website ...
$39.99 $20.00
Shipping Timer - Prestashop Addons -15%
Prestashop Shipping Timer module displays a countdown timer, providing...
$49.99 $42.49
Based on 8 reviews.
(8 Reviews)
SEO Wizard - Prestashop Addons -15%
SEO Wizard module automates keyword interlinking and sitemapping...
$49.99 $42.49
Based on 9 reviews.
(9 Reviews)
Reward Points - Prestashop Addons -25%
This module gives rewards points to customers when they purchase produ...
$39.99 $29.99
Based on 15 reviews.
(15 Reviews)
Prestashop Auto Switch Language and Currency - Prestashop Addons -20%
This Plugin automatically sets language and currency according to cust...
$29.99 $23.99
Based on 10 reviews.
(10 Reviews)
Deskoid Helpdesk - Prestashop Addons -25%
This helpdesk module allows customers to contact admin regarding their...
$59.99 $44.99
Based on 7 reviews.
(7 Reviews)
Cash on Delivery with fee - Prestashop Addons -15%
Offer the Cash on Delivery payment option to your customers with addit...
$29.99 $25.49
Based on 9 reviews.
(9 Reviews)
Blog - Prestashop Addons -15%
This module integrates blog to the store, compatible with all themes a...
$29.99 $25.49
Based on 14 reviews.
(14 Reviews)
Ajax Cart+ - Prestashop Addons -25%
This plugin shows a popup on Add to cart action, which can also contai...
$39.99 $29.99
Based on 45 reviews.
(45 Reviews)
Advance WishList / Save For Later - Prestashop Addons
GDPR Compliant
This plugin allows customers to shortlist their favorite products into...
$65.99 $56.09
Based on 36 reviews.
(36 Reviews)
Advance Promotion Manager - Prestashop Addons -15%
Allows Prestashop store admin to manage the rules and conditions for t...
$49.99 $42.49
Based on 3 reviews.
(3 Reviews)
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) - Prestashop Addons -25%
Prestashop store admin can create accelerated mobile pages for the mob...
$79.99 $60.00
Store Locator and Pickup - Prestashop Addons -20%
Prestashop store locator and pickup addon allow the e-merchant to show...
$49.99 $39.99
Infinite Scroll - Prestashop Addons -15%
Replace the old and slow pagination on your store with a powerful and ...
$35.99 $30.59
Based on 13 reviews.
(13 Reviews)
Ebay Marketplace Integration - Prestashop Addons -30%
This Module Integrates your store with the Ebay Marketplace...
$119.99 $83.99
Based on 17 reviews.
(17 Reviews)
Age Verification - Prestashop Addons -25%
Prestashop Age Verification module allows admin to verify the age of h...
$29.99 $22.49
Based on 13 reviews.
(13 Reviews)
Spin and Win - Entry, Exit and Email subscription pop up - Prestashop Addons
GDPR Compliant
Prestashop Spin & Win Module is a playful way to attract the customers...
$49.99 $39.99
Based on 12 reviews.
(12 Reviews)
Quick Login popup - Prestashop Addons -15%
This module shows a responsive popup when customer clicks on login lin...
$29.99 $25.49
Based on 21 reviews.
(21 Reviews)
GDPR Rights of the Individual - Prestashop Addons -15%
The GDPR module by Knowband will help you to compliance with the new d...
$49.99 $42.49
Based on 12 reviews.
(12 Reviews)
Search Auto suggest - Prestashop Addons -15%
This module implements auto complete search field functionality on the...
$35.99 $30.59
Based on 25 reviews.
(25 Reviews)
Prestashop Mobile App builder -50%
Transform your PrestaShop site into a mobile app seamlessly with our s...
$299.00 $149.00
Based on 32 reviews.
(32 Reviews)