Why do you need a One page Magento Checkout Extension?

With every eCommerce business comes certain perks and challenges. For a Magento based eCommerce store luckily perks are the rulers. However, there are few challenges with the Magento stores where a third party intervention is necessarily required. I am talking about the challenges your customers face in the checkout process.

The default Magento checkout presents an effective interface for checking out on the Magento stores. However, the latest advancement of competition in the eCommerce market does not support the idea of sticking to the default checkout for driving desired macro conversions. There are multiple grounds to which it feels like default Magento checkout needs an upgrade.

In this article, I am going to discuss how sticking to the default Magento checkout extension might not be a competitive option for you, and why do you need to replace it with a customized One page Magento checkout extension.

Why do you need a One page Magento checkout extension? - Magento one page checkout extension | Knowband
Uncountable reasons can be found for replacing the default checkout with One page Magento checkout extension like the above.

The checkout length

Whenever I go to supermarket for shopping, I pray that checkout line should not be crowded. If I find a checkout line very lengthy, I automatically run my eyes to see if any other checkout line would be smaller than this line. That’s human tendency to always look for a better alternative.

Now, let’s consider an eCommerce site, instead of a physical supermarket. Here, the case might not be exactly the same. If a customer finds your checkout process lengthy, he/she will not run his/her eyes immediately to see a smaller checkout process, but it will surely affect the decision making for the next time when he/she decides to shop online. Your store might not be the first choice, just because of the lengthy checkout forms customer filled the last time when he/she was on-board.

While replacing your generic Magento checkout with a one-page checkout structure, it will immediately reduce the number of pages from your checkout process. Moreover, it will also make sure that some not-so-useful fields are disabled from the checkout form to make the process, even further short.

Cart update

The default Magento checkout uses a page refresh to update the information changes in a shopping cart. It uses a separate page where you can update some minor cart details. However, each time you update the cart you will have to go though a necessary page refresh otherwise the information will not be updated.

If you have a one-page checkout Magento extension you may overcome this hurdle very easily. For example the Knowband-One page Magento checkout extension uses an Ajax based update for modifying a shopping cart at the checkout page. It means, if you want to remove a product from the cart, or update the product quantity, you do not need to refresh the whole page. The cart will be automatically refreshed using Ajax requests and without refreshing the whole page.

Sign-up, Login and Social login

Social login has become an integral part of eCommerce websites nowadays. Customers really hate when you ask them to perform a necessary sign-up at the checkout page. The default One page Magento checkout extension does not provide any social login option though. However, guest checkout option is already there  that customers can use as an alliterative to account creation.

Problem is, you might not want to allow a guest checkout every time. I mean, a guest checkout is useful to convert a random customer for one, but it will not provide you enough opportunities to make some repeated customers by giving them a personalized user experience. For that reason, a sign-up is very important for your conversion rate optimization (CRO) front. So, you need something that will make the sign-up process so easy that no customer will hate the sign-ups.

It is when social login comes into the picture. A one-page checkout extension with social login option at checkout process is a bonus to your CRO campaigns. It works in multiple ways to deliver a hassle free checkout without a need to fill the lengthy account registration-forms.


A one-page checkout is the need of hour. The most important reason for adopting the One page Magento checkout extension for you is because your rival sites have already adopted it. You cannot afford to loose against your competitors for something that you can acquire very easily by just installing the a proper One-page Magento checkout extension.

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