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How to add a custom Magento checkout extension in place of default checkout?

Checking out has been a pain to the customers for a very long time. I can recall the days when multi-page checkouts were the only option available to both the website owners and the customers on the website. Magento, one of the most popular eCommerce platform; it has a default Magento checkout extension that comes pre-configured with the first installation. However, still, this generic Magento checkout is not enough to reduce that pain for the website owners.

I would not go in detail because, as a website owner you must have the knowledge of how the generic checkout is not a perfect tool to fight the evils like shopping cart abandonment and frequent checkout-bounce-backs. So, here I am going to explain how can you upgrade your existing Magento checkout extension into a fully efficient Magento one page checkout.

Why upgrade your Magento checkout extension?

In simple words, your generic Magento checkout extension looks something like this:


It’s a multi-step Magento checkout that continues with the next step only when you complete the process serially. So, it consists of a six-step checkout without an option of social login. This reason is enough to counter the usability of the first steps itself. Moreover, when all your rival sites already provide a better checkout experience, the bounce backs from your checkout page would be a frequently observed phenomenon.

Now look at the example of a custom Magento one page checkout extension in the screenshot below from the Knowband’s Magento one page checkout extension:


A custom Magento one page checkout looks something like the above. A one-page checkout process with the option to login via social account, update the cart and products, select the shipping option and make the payment on the same page. Now, the big question, which one would your customers like better? Which one do you find more user-friendly? I think the answer is simple. So, if you are still using the generic Magento checkout extension and wish to touch the skies with your online business, sticking to the same would not be an advice that I will give here.

So, let’s upgrade your current Magento checkout extension into a usable Magento one page checkout.

How to upgrade your Magento checkout extension?

Like every other eCommerce platform, Magento is a master of great affinity to integrate custom Magento extensions. So, it provides the third party Magento developers from the community a great option to develop custom Magento extensions and install them. Magento one page checkout extension is one such Magento extension which was first introduced to fight with the shopping cart abandonments on a Magento based eCommerce site. Later, the one-page checkout model became so popular that a large number of Magento developers came up with their own versions of the same. Each of them presents the Magento checkout in their own way, but the goal is same; providing a single page checkout experience.

So, Solution is simple, just look out for a proper Magento one page checkout extension and install it on your Magento platform. It seems to be a simple task, but it is not really so. As I have mentioned earlier, a large number of Magento developers have come up with their versions of the same; trust me, all of them are really not useful. So, you have to be very picky when it comes to spending some money in buying a correct Magento one page checkout extension. You have to understand the best practices of a true one-page checkout model and choose accordingly.

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