Things to look while adding a Magento 2 social login on your site


I can recall the days when all the websites would ask to fill a very lengthy registration form for accessing a site or buy products from the sites. Moreover, by that time there was no any other option for the owners of the site too. When social login become popular, most of the users found it very interesting and it is still the most popular way to log into a website. Especially, the eCommerce shopping has become very user-friendly with social login options.

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms which shares a major proportion of eCommerce websites across the world. The recently launched Magento 2 is a more advanced form of this ultimate platform and has come up with a better eCommerce management engine than the former. So like every other eCommerce website, a Magento 2 site too requires a Magento 2 social login option. I am sure that you do not want to ignore the importance of social login for your Magento 2 site.

Magento 2 social login extension

Like every other eCommerce platforms, Magento 2 can extend its basic functionalities by installing a Magento 2 extension. Since social login option is not there in Magento 2 by default, you will need to find a good Magento 2 social login extension for your website.

These tips can be useful in your search for Magento 2 social login extension

  • Choose a standard social login extension Magento 2 is already a huge platform with a broad range of inbuilt functionalities. Any Magento 2 social login module you choose should not seek heavy resources from the system. If the Social login extension is not properly optimized, it will just counter the conversions by making your front end slow. So make sure that the extension is coded strictly according to the standards laid for Magento 2 platform. Choosing an experienced Magento 2 developer is a wise choice as he/she would have a proper knowledge of the standards.
  • Design and configuration complexity– In order to configure a social login option on any website, typically, the configuration steps are very simple. You just need some details from your social account to be filled in. These details can be retrieved from the social account itself. For example, you can find the steps to get the details for Facebook login in this article. So, you should make sure your Magento 2 social login extension is not complex and provide the easy option to put these details in a user-friendly way.


  • You should be able to enable or disable the social login anytime- Any feature added in your Magento 2 store using an extension should allow the admin to enable and disable the same at anytime. There might be certain occasions when you might not want to allow social login for some time or you might just want to disable a particular social login option. Uninstalling the extension is not a user-friendly approach and takes some time. A good social login extension will always allow the admin to enable or disable the feature anytime. Moreover, it should also allow the admin to enable/disable a certain social login option only. Say, disable the Facebook login and keep Google Login active.
  • Easily discoverable link for social login- There is no use of your Magento 2 social login if your users cannot find them easily. To make sure the users are able to find the social login easily, you can add the options at two places – at regular sign in or sign up page and at the top menu bar (Header link). Something like these:


  • Most important – is it economical? – The price of any Magento extension is a bit higher as compared to the similar module for other eCommerce platforms like OpenCart and PrestaShop. So, you might not want to waste such a huge amount of money on something that can come also in a lesser amount. Most of the social login extension either provide a single option or at most three social login options- Facebook login, Google login, and Twitter login.

Website owners are often forced to purchase the social login extensions for all of these popular options separately. As a result, there is a huge amount of investment that might not be afforded by every business owner.

To counter this, plugin developers have come up with various all in one social login extensions. Knowband’s Magento 2 social loginizer is one such extension that has the option to enable Facebook login, Google Login, and Twitter login using a single Magento 2 extension. Not just that, you can configure a total of 13 social login options using the same extension. Paypal login, WordPress login, Dropbox login are one of them. Thus, saving the money that can buy you 12 other useful modules for your store.


While choosing a Magento 2 social login extension, it is very important that you tally the above-discussed factors. Missing these might end you up with either a useless module or a set of extensions costing fortunes. Knowband Magento 2 social login extension could be a wise choice in this regard.

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