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Marketplace has become the need of the hour for various small and medium eCommerce stores as they have the limited market reach and customer attention when compared to their bigger rival giants. Due to this difficult business scenario, exploring multiple sales channels for your eCommerce store becomes the last available option. In order to take your business growth and expansion to new level, store owners need to install this PrestaShop Marketplace extension for their PrestaShop store for bringing buyers and sellers community together at one place. Let us now provide you information about how it can change your business fortunes in terms of sales and customer attention.

A blessing in disguise for store admin

This amazing PrestaShop Multi Vendor Marketplace extension from Knowband has provided an all together level of freedom and functionality to store admin for improving the customer reach and productivity of your store. Here are some of the various ways in which this PrestaShop plugin can help various store owners around the world.

- It provides wide range of control for store admin to carry out the monitoring and management task for various sellers or vendors.

- Provides functionality to manage commissions for various vendors in terms of percentage, individual commission rates or flat rate cuts.

- Allow store admin freedom to check the transaction details of its various sellers for the purpose of record keeping.

- Seamless PrestaShop interface for store owners to carry out the seamless management of seller accounts, seller products, seller orders and commissions.

- Provides facility to limit the number of categories that can be accessed by the sellers for adding their products on your marketplace.

Benefits of using PrestaShop Multi Vendor Marketplace extension

If there are still certain people who are not convinced about what change this PrestaShop marketplace extension can bring to their overall business scenario. Here are the numerous advantages of using this PrestaShop extension.

- It eliminates the problem of maintaining the inventory for your online store and helps in creating your own marketplace without the need for one.

- Allow buyers to register seamlessly as a seller without any complex registration process.

- Consists of flexible email notification system for providing regular updates about the various important events to all the involved individuals like sellers, buyers and store admin.

- Supports all types of themes and can be easily modified as per your business requirements due to its open source nature.

- Comprises of a seller feedback and review system along with the associated seller ratings for all the approved reviews.

- Supports all currencies for promoting a seamless online shopping experience in your native currency.

If you have been fed up with the dropping sales and customer engagement on your PrestaShop store, this marketplace extension from Knowband is definitely your “big ticket” to a successful eCommerce store.

Prestashop Marketplace Modules | Multi Vendor Addons | KnowBand

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Marketplace Integrations:
Marketplace Integrations:

Prestashop Marketplace modules

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Multi vendor Marketplace - PrestaShop Addons
GDPR Compliant
This plugin converts a prestashop store to feature rich multi vendor m...
$139.00 $118.15
Based on 102 reviews.
(102 Reviews)
Ebay Marketplace Integration - Prestashop Addons -15%
eBay PrestaShop Integration Module Integrates your store with the eBay...
$119.99 $101.99
Based on 18 reviews.
(18 Reviews)
Etsy Marketplace Integration - Prestashop Addons -15%
This module is the easiest way to connect your Prestashop store to the...
$99.99 $84.99
Based on 24 reviews.
(24 Reviews)
Walmart - Prestashop Integration -15%
The module integrates your Prestashop store with the popular marketpla...
$199.99 $169.99
Based on 7 reviews.
(7 Reviews)
Sears - Prestashop Integration -15%
Integrates your Prestashop store with Sears marketplace....
$199.99 $169.99
Product Video - Prestashop Addons -15%
This module allows admins to show Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion video...
$29.99 $25.49
Based on 14 reviews.
(14 Reviews)
Newegg - Prestashop Integration -15%
Newegg - Prestashop Integration entirely automates the process of eCom...
$199.99 $169.99
Marketplace Sellers-Admin Ticket System Addon - Prestashop Addons -15%
This module enables admin and sellers to contact each other via a tick...
$79.99 $67.99
Based on 10 reviews.
(10 Reviews)
Marketplace Sellers Vacation Mode Addon - Prestashop Addons -15%
This module allows sellers to disable their products when they are on ...
$69.99 $59.49
Based on 5 reviews.
(5 Reviews)
Marketplace Sellers Invoice Addon - Prestashop Addons -15%
This module enables customer to download invoice from Sellers rather t...
$79.99 $67.99
Based on 9 reviews.
(9 Reviews)
Marketplace Seller Badge Addon - Prestashop Addons -15%
This plugin grants badges to sellers and show it on product pages....
$59.99 $50.99
Based on 4 reviews.
(4 Reviews)
Marketplace Low Stock Alert Addon - Prestashop Addons -15%
This addon sends low stock notification emails to sellers for their ad...
$59.99 $50.99
Based on 7 reviews.
(7 Reviews)
Marketplace Deal Manager Addon - Prestashop Addons -15%
This addon allows sellers to run deals on their added products without...
$79.99 $67.99
Based on 7 reviews.
(7 Reviews)
Marketplace Customers-Sellers Ticket System Addon - Prestashop Addons -15%
This module allows customers to contact sellers for their queries or c...
$79.99 $67.99
Based on 9 reviews.
(9 Reviews)
Marketplace CSV Import/Export Addon - Prestashop Addons -15%
This plugin enables sellers of prestashop marketplace to import/export...
$89.99 $76.49
Based on 11 reviews.
(11 Reviews)
Integrates your eCommerce Prestashop store with