Marketplace Integrations:
Marketplace Integrations:

Prestashop Marketplace - Prestashop Addons

Prestashop Marketplace - Prestashop Addons
KnowBand offers Prestashop Marketplace addon to help the PrestaShop store owners to create their own marketplace allowing the multiple sellers to sell their products. Key features of Prestashop marketplace module are following:
  • Manage sellers
  • Approval configuration
  • Manage the commission from the sellers
  • Customized e-mail templates for notification
  • Product management
  • Hassle free management of the orders
  • Multi-language functionality
  • Payment management
  • Review management
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Compatibility:Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Latest Version:v2.0.3 (21-May-2017)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 1000+
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Prestashop Market Place Integrator (Multi-Store Compatible)

KnowBand Multi Vendor Marketplace module is an easy way to convert your inventory based PrestaShop store into a fully efficient Multi Vendor Marketplace. Just install and enable the module to see the magic.

Knowband Marketplace module contains the largest number of usable features for Admin, Sellers, and Customers. Moreover, the fully loaded Seller Dashboard and unlimited features for Marketplace sellers make them feel like their own website. Admin has several controls using which he/she can allow or restrict the sellers from using some features.

Flow of action:

After installing and enabling the Knowband Marketplace Module, after few initial configurations, the admin will be able to accept seller registration on his existing PrestaShop site. Admin has the access to either approve or disapprove a seller account registration. One approved by admin the sellers get access to their seller dashboard where they can upload their products, add shipping methods, update their seller profile, Manage and fulfill orders, see seller earning and record of transactions with the admin, etc. 



  • Separate menu-tab for Knowband Marketplace is added at back office after installation
  • The separate menu tab consist of 15 Sub-Menu tabs to manage Marketplace module
  • Separate tab to manage settings
  • Set global or Seller-level commission rates for different sellers
  • Set seller account approval request limit
  • Enable/Disable seller registrations without disabling the module
  • Enable manual or automatic product request approval by altering a single setting

Module configuration:

  • Custom CSS: Easiest interface to add custom CSS from back office
  • Custom JS: Easiest interface to add custom JavaScript from back-office
  • Enable/disable the whole module anytime without resetting the database

Seller registration:

  • Register a seller account from front end
  • Use same registration form used for customer registration
  • Just tick a check box to create a seller account
  • Upgrade a customer account into a seller account anytime

Seller account approval:

  • Approve/Disapprove a seller account from admin panel
  • See the seller details from admin panel
  • Notification to the seller on account approval/disapproval

Product management:

  • Seller uploads products from front-end
  • We have divided the product upload form into tabs and these tabs can be collapsed or expanded.
  • Seller can map a shipping method to the products
  • Seller can map the products to allowed categories
  • Seller can select a default category if product is uploaded in multiple categories
  • Seller can update condition of products; new; refurbished; old
  • Seller can enable or disable a product anytime
  • Seller can update stock of the product
  • Seller can set friendly URL for his products.
  • Seller can upload multiple product images at a time
  • Seller can specify the sequence of product images to be show on product page
  • Seller can add special price of products for specific time period
  • Seller can specify if a product is available online-only
  • Seller can choose the action when a product is out of stock - deny or allow back ordering
  • Seller can specify the minimum quantity of a product to allow its purchase
  • Products are sent to admin for approval
  • Admin Approves/disapproves a product approval request
  • Products not approved by admin do not go live; they have to be approved first
  • Admin has access to see all the products on his site; including seller products
  • Admin can activate or deactivate a product
  • Admin can delete a product


  • Sellers can update product details in multiple languages
  • Seller can update seller profile in multiple languages
  • Sellers can update shop policies in multiple language
  • Emails can be sent in multiple languages 

Marketplace commission:

  • Marketplace admin earns through the commission paid by sellers to him/her
  • Commission can be set in two ways; global commission or Seller wise commission
  • Global commission is applied on all the sellers
  • In Seller-wise commission, different commission rates for different sellers can be applied
  • If both global and seller-wise commission has been mentioned for a seller, the seller wise commission will be applicable
  • Admin can see the report of commission earned from his admin panel
  • Sellers can see the report of commission taken by admin on the seller panel (front)

Shipping management:

  • Sellers can add a shipping method from their account
  • Sellers can choose to either use the default free shipping or their added shipping
  • Shipping options added by a seller are accessible only to that seller
  • Every seller can add and use their own shipping
  • Shipping option added by a seller can be mapped to all the products at once
  • Seller can also choose to map different shipping options on different products
  • Sellers can add both free and paid shipping options
  • Sellers can specify the range on which a shipping method will be applicable
  • Sellers can specify the zones where a shipping method will be applicable
  • Shipping options at checkout page are shown according to the mapped shipping to the products
  • If no shipping method is mapped to a product, default free shipping will be applicable there

Payment options:

  • Marketplace module does not require any special payment option
  • All the payment options already working on the site can be used by your customers
  • Only Marketplace Admin is responsible for adding and managing payment options
  • Sellers can effectively use the payment options added by the Marketplace Admin

Order management:

  • Admin can allow/restrict sellers from managing order
  • If allowed, sellers can manage the orders; update order status
  • Admin can manage orders
  • Admin can change order status
  • All seller orders are listed in seller orders tab
  • Admin and sellers can send message to customers from order details page
  • Separate tab has been provided to admin for managing admin product's orders
  • Stock of products is automatically updated 
  • In case of orders from multiple sellers in single cart sellers receive details of only their share of order

SEO friendly features:

  • Sellers can add meta tags and meta description for their shop 
  • Sellers can add meta tags and meta descriptions for product pages
  • Seller can add SEO friendly URL for the product pages
  • SEO friendly URL is updated automatically while product upload

Mail Notification:

There are more than 20 scenarios when a mail is sent. Some of them are:

  • A mail is sent to admin when a new seller registers on the site
  • A mail is sent to Seller when a he/she registers on the site
  • A mail is sent to admin when a new customer registers on the site
  • A mail is sent to customer when a he/she registers on the site
  • A mail is sent to admin when a new order is placed
  • A mail is sent to seller when a new order is placed
  • A mail is sent to customer when a new order is placed
  • A mail is sent to customer when admin/seller updates the order status
  • A mail is sent to seller when a seller account gets approved/disapproved
  • A mail is sent to seller when admin deletes a seller product

Admin Benefits:

  • Admin can convert his PrestaShop Store into a Multi Vendor Marketplace in minutes.
  • Admin can accept seller registrations right after module installation
  • Admin can enable/disable seller registrations at any time
  • Admin need not take the burden of order fulfillment or shipping management for seller orders, sellers can manage these without any hassle
  • Even after disabling the further seller registrations, it will not disable the Marketplace features until the module is disabled
  • Admin can approve or disapprove a seller account request
  • Only approved sellers can sell their products on the store.
  • Admin can set a global or seller wise commission rate
  • Admin can set the number of times a seller can send approval request for seller account after a disapproval
  • Admin can limit the number of products a seller can upload before account approval
  • Products will be shown on the store only after admin approval.
  • Admin can set both global or seller-level setting for automatic/manual product approval
  • Admin can enable/disable seller review system on the site
  • Admin can set manual/automatic seller review approval both globally or seller-level
  • Admin can enable/disable the display of seller profile/store page on front
  • Admin can allow/restrict application of free shipping vouchers on seller products.
  • Admin can hide or show seller details on the product pages
  • Admin can create a seller agreement to show while seller registration
  • Admin can edit order email template for seller from module's setting interface
  • Admin can allow/restrict categories access both globally or seller-wise
  • Admin can sell his own products with other sellers on the site 
  • Admin can sell his own products with other sellers on the site 
  • Admin can see the list of sellers active or inactive on his site
  • Admin can choose if seller will be sent an email on order placement
  • Admin can enable/disable a seller anytime on the site
  • Admin has a separate space to see seller orders
  • Admin can manage seller orders; change order statuses
  • Admin can choose to show or hide product wise seller details on order success page
  • Admin has a separate space to see and manage admin product orders
  • Admin can manage seller reviews
  • Admin can accept or decline a category request from sellers
  • Admin can also mention reasons for a category request decline through comments
  • Admin can see the details of shipping methods used by the sellers
  • Admin can track the details of commission earned from sellers both order-wise or category-wise
  • Admin can maintain a record of transactions done with sellers
  • Admin can edit any email template being used on the Marketplace
  • If admin disables a seller, all his products and seller profile gets hidden from the site.
  • If admin re-enables a seller, all the products of the seller (that were already approved) get automatically re-enabled
  • Admin can edit the product details added by a seller
  • Admin can add product details in multiple languages
  • Admin is responsible for adding payment options to the site
  • Admin does not need any special payment module for Marketplace, all his already configured payment options will work

Customers Benefits:

  • Your customers will get a wide range of products to buy on your site
  • Customers can browse the products from all the active sellers on the site
  • Buyers can view list of all sellers along with their rating on the Marketplace. 
  • Buyers can view seller details on a separate seller page designed for each and every seller.
  • Email subject and body content are fully customizable from the back-end.
  • Buyer can view name and rating of the seller on each product page.
  • Every buyer has an option to become a seller on the Marketplace.

Feel free to contact us for customizations:

You can contact us for implementation of following additional and personalized features for additional cost:

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