Etsy Marketplace Integration - Prestashop Addons

Etsy Marketplace Integration - Prestashop Addons
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Compatibility:Prestashop v1.6.1.0 - v1.6.1.15
Latest Version:v1.0.3
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Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration


Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration module is the easiest way to connect your Prestashop store to the very popular Etsy Marketplace. Etsy marketplace is one of the most popular marketplaces that are ruling the eCommerce market. It is mainly a platform to sell Vintage and Craft items. However, with the evolution, the sellers can now also sell items related to Clothing, Accessories, Furniture, Supplies, Baby Products etc.

What this product does for you

Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration module is one of its kind as a Prestashop module. We understand your wish to become a part of very popular and well-established Marketplace. We also understand that you might not have a sound technical knowledge of the complexities of such tedious integration. That is why we have come up with a very user-friendly and hassle less Etsy Marketplace integration that do not ask you for any coding skill. Just a simple configuration on your Prestashop store and your Etsy profile is enough to start selling on the Etsy Marketplace. 

The flow of action:

After installing and enabling the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration module, after few initial configurations, the admin will be able to list his/her Prestashop store's products on the Etsy Marketplace. The Prestashop admin can List his/her Products, Map his Prestashop Categories to Etsy Marketplace Categories, See and Manage the orders from Etsy through the Prestashop Admin panel.  

Admin Benefits

  1. Admin can install this Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration module on his shop like any other Prestashop module
  2. Admin can enable or disable the module anytime he wish to
  3. Admin can list his/her Prestashop store's products on the Etsy Marketplace product listings
  4. Admin can map his/her Prestashop Store's  categories with Etsy Marketplace Categories
  5. Admin can manage orders received through Etsy from his/her Prestashop Panel itself
  6. Admin can add Shipping templates for his Etsy Marketplace profile
  7. Admin can add different shipping options for different destination countries
  8. Admin can add various information in Shipping templates regarding the shipping options and destinations etc
  9. Admin can add as many shipping templates he wants
  10. Admin can edit or delete any shipping template he wants
  11. Admin can map his Prestashop store's order statuses with Etsy Marketplace order statuses
  12. Admin can mark an order status from his shop to be used as delivered/shipped status on Etsy Marketplace
  13. Admin can map Prestashop attributes to the corresponding Marketplace attribute to get the attributes values during products listing on Marketplace
  14. Admin can specify if a product listed on Etsy Marketplace from his/her ship is customizable or not
  15. Admin can create profiles for product listing on Etsy Marketplace
  16. Admin can Edit or Delete a profile
  17. Admin can also just enable or disable a profile instead of deleting it
  18. Admin can  see list of all the products selected to list or listed on Etsy Marketplace with their status and values
  19. Admin can see list of orders placed on Etsy Marketplace for his store products listed on Etsy


Module Configuration:

No hardcore module configuration required, Just:

  1. Set up an Etsy Seller account (instructions included in documentation)
  2. Set up an App on Etsy (instructions included in documentation)
  3. Get Etsy API details (instructions included in documentation)
  4. Install the Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration module (instructions included in documentation)
  5. Configure the module (instructions included in documentation)
  6. Start selling on Etsy from your Prestashop store


  1. Separate menu tab for Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration module is added at back office after module installation
  2. The separate menu tab consist of 9 Sub-Menu tabs to manage Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration module
  3. Separate tab to manage  the module settings and configuration
  4. Admin has access to enable/disable the module
  5. Admin can update Etsy API details to be used by the module to Sync the store with Etsy
  6. There is no need to setup connection every time until/unless admin disconnects it or it gets expired
  7. The Prestashop-Etsy connection remains alive even if the admin logs out or closes the browser.

Shipping Management

  1. Admin can add as many Shipping templates
  2. Admin can edit or delete a shipping template anytime
  3. These shipping templates are used by the Prestashop admin to show shipping options on his/her products on Etsy
  4. Admin can manage the shipping options from his/her Prestashop Back office itself
  5. Admin can map the shipping options on his/her Products to be shown on Etsy
  6. Admin can update which shipping option will be used for which country
  7. Admin can add Shipping Process Duration to show minimum and maximum number of days to process a shipping

Order Management

  1. Admin can map the Prestashop store's order statuses with Etsy order statuses
  2. Admin can see the list of orders received through Etsy integration
  3. Admin can see the order details of his/her products listed on Etsy Marketplace
  4. Admin can change the order status of the orders received from Etsy
  5. Admin can mark an order status from his shop to be used to indicate as delivered/shipped status on Etsy Marketplace

Profile Management

  1. Admin has the access to create profiles for product listing on Etsy Marketplace
  2. Admin can edit and delete a Profile for product listing
  3. Admin can map Prestashop Attributes to the Etsy Marketplace attributes
  4. Admin can also choose to just Enable/Disable a profile rather to delete it

Product Listing

  1. Admin can see list of all the products listed already on Etsy
  2. Admin can see list of all the products that are in process to be listed on Etsy
  3. Admin can renew if updated product details and re-list if deleted after listing on Etsy.
  4. Admin can see the product details in the same list of products
  5. Admin can always Sync the changes made in any listing through Synchronization settings

What your Customers will like

  1. You will be able to showcase your Products on a already well established eCommerce site
  2. Customers can browse the products on Etsy from any Prestashop store who has this module
  3. You will expand your Store's reach to a wide range of audience
  4. You will get more customers for your products as compared to your own website
  5. Etsy already has an established base of customers, that all can be yours
  6. Customers can view all the mapped products and their details on Etsy
  7. Customers can see the mapped shipping options available with your products
  8. Customers can buy directly from Etsy and you can manage the orders from your Prestashop store itself


  1. Installation follows the same approach followed by any Prestashop module.
  2. Upload the zip file from admin panel and then click on install button just like the installation of other Standard Prestashop modules.
  3. Another method is installing through FTP. Upload the module folder to your FTP in Modules folder and provide the required permission. The module will come listed in modules listing. Click on install button to install the module.

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