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Marketplace Integrations:
Marketplace Integrations:

Abandoned Cart - Prestashop Addons

Abandoned Cart - Prestashop Addons
  • Prestashop Abandoned cart addon provides an easy-to-understand interface to the Prestashop store admin in order to track abandoned carts on their site.
  • The store admin can now keep an eye on the visitor behavior and convert them into the customer with regular email follow-ups.
  • With the Prestashop reduce cart abandoned module, the eCommerce store admin can easily analyze the cart of the store visitors and send them reminders via email.
  • The Prestashop abandoned cart email follow up addon makes it easier for the e-marketers to reduce cart abandonment and boost the overall conversion of the site.
  • GDPR Compliant Module. 
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Compatibility:Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Latest Version:v2.0.0 (27-May-2019)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 1000+
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Prestashop Email Follow Up Addon

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A research says on shopping sites, sometimes customers come to the website, add products to cart but do not complete the checkout. out of every 10 eCommerce customers, 7 of them abandon a cart for different reasons. The reason is like additional shipping charges, delay delivery, overall cart amount. It means those 70% percentage of lost sales were certain to get converted but for some reason(s) they could not. Worry no more! Knowband offers the Prestashop abandoned cart addon that allows the PrestaShop store vendor to track all abandoned carts on the website and convert them to sales by regular email follow up. It is a very difficult process for admin to search such customers and email them to remind about their carts. Prestashop cart abandoned addon helps the merchant to track all such abandoned carts with an ease.

With the help of Prestashop reduce abandoned cart addon, you will be able to experience drop down in shopping cart abandonment rate. By sending reminder emails, you will be able to follow up with those prospects who failed to complete the purchase and left their cart abandoned.

Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon is Compatible with GDPR: We have integrated the GDPR hooks on our Abandoned cart module. The main purpose of this feature is to export and deletes user data on PrestaShop GDPR module request.   

Abandoned Cart Email Follow up - How it works?

  1. A customer visits your PrestaShop store
  2. He/She browse your store and adds products to his/her shopping cart
  3. During Checkout(sometimes before) the customer is asked for the name and email address.
  4. But due to some reason, they left your store without completing the purchase
  5. After some time their shopping cart is assumed abandoned.These settings can be done by admin form the back end of the Prestashop abandoned cart module.
  6. After a defined time, you will send them follow up email reminding about their left items in their shopping carts.The store owner can send the Discounte email reminder or non discount email reminder from the backend of the Prestashop email follow up addon.
  7. Some buyers will visit your PrestaShop store again and convert, and some will ignore your follow up email.
  8. After few days of sending the first follow up email, you will send another email with the discount this time from the backend of the Prestashop Abandoned cart recovery email addon.
  9. The customer proceeds to checkout and completes the purchase.
  10. The Admin can boost the conversion rate or reduce the cart abandoned rarte of the website.

Features of Prestashop abandoned cart addon:

  • The Prestashop abandoned cart email follow up addon capture abandoned cart of both Guest and logged-in customers.
  • The PrestaShop abandoned cart email follow up module offers the eCommerce store admin readymade email templates to send follow up emails.
  • This Prestashop cart abandoned module has offered the eCommerce seller test mode to test the addon on a live store. 
  • The Prestashop email follows up addon by Knowband allows the admin to schedules the follows up emails based on minimum cart value.
  • Store admin can set the time after which the cart will be assumed abandoned from the back end of the Prestashop reduce cart abandoned extension.
  • Increase conversion by sending serial reminders (with or without discount coupon code). Captures and shows the details of the customers like their name, email id, IP Address, Time & Date.
  • The Prestashop abandoned cart email follow-up addon allows the store admin to send fixed or percentage based coupons (with or without Free shipping) to customers.
  • The Prestashop email follow up extension has an option to send follow up emails manually or automatically using crowns.
  • The eCommerce store owner creates N number of new email templates or just use our predefined email templates.
  • The Admin can use different email template for each reminder
  • The Prestashop cart recovery email allows the store merchant to translate email templates content easily into his/her desired language from the back end of the Prestashop abandoned cart addon.
  • The Prestashop email follows up module also tracks customers language and send personalized follow-up emails with their full name in their own language.

Merchant Benefits:

  • Prestashop store admin can view the abandoned products in the shopping cart of the customers from the back end of the Prestashop Abandoned cart email follow-up addon
  • Prestashop Admin can analyze the store conversion rates by analyzing the converted carts.
  • Prestashop Admin can analyze which products result in most shopping cart abandonment.
  • The Prestashop reduce cart abandoned addon various filter options in abandoned cart list
  • The Customer search any particular customer's abandoned cart easily.
  • One click to check customer's abandoned cart information.
  • Includes complete cart details and direct checkout link in follows up Email.
  • The Admin can compare abandoned cart vs converted cart with the help of the Prestashop cart abandonment addon.
  • Interactive pie charts to compare the Abandoned and Converted carts.
  • Interactive pie charts to compare the Abandoned and Converted amount.
  • Check converted cart list.
  • The Prestashop abandoned cart email follow-up addon allows the admin to check how many abandoned carts are actually converted after sending the follow up email
  • Display abandon cart's status in terms of graphs
  • This Prestashop Abandoned cart module is simple and easy to manage.
  • This Prestashop Abandoned cart recovery email addon is supported Multi-Lingual.
  • Prestashop email follows up addon is compatible with all themes.
  • Desktop, Mobile, and Desktop responsive design. 

Customers Benefits:

  • Mobile Responsive email with complete cart information in their own language
  • A reminder mail with coupon code will always make your visitors happy.
  • The Prestashop abandoned cart email follow up addon reminds customer to place order because sometimes they just forget about their cart
  • Direct links to each product page
  • They don't need to add all products again in the cart
  • Just one click to recover complete cart even if they are guest customers
  • If there is some coupon code, it will be added automatically to reduce their efforts.


  • Have to say I am very happy with this module However I did have a few small issues but nothing serious which was sorted within hours by Joe. ThankrnrnSo for anyone thinking of getting this module thank no longer and get it as you won't regret it, I didn't.
    - Roy (
  • I had some problems, support solved it very fast. I can just recommend this guys
    - Lukasz S. (
  • Great Product and Greater Support!
    - Octavio manuel S. (

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