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Spin and Win - Prestashop Addons
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Compatibility:Prestashop 1.6.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0
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Prestashop Spin and Win Module

In the competitive eCommerce ecosystem, customer engagement is the key to boost the conversion. The classic pop-ups and subscription messages are considered annoying, Knowband presents a playful way to increase the involvement of the customers on your online store. Prestashop Spin & Win Module can help you get rid of the classic, but annoying pop-ups.

The interactive and fun-filled Spin Wheel is an effortless way to compel the visitors to enter their email ids which can be later used for promotional purpose. The plugin is not just aimed at enhancing the traffic and order, but it also ensures happy customers. 

Merchant benefits:

  • The module is easy to customize and configure.
  • The fun-filled spin & wheel contest compels the visitors to enter their email ids.
  • It's an effortless way to increase the traffic to your store
  • Increase the trust store.
  • With an increase in customer engagement, it increases the sales of the store.
  • The wheel can be customized as per your need and the theme of your store. Thus, it adds beauty to your eCommerce store.
  • The coupon generated can be easily used on the checkout page, thus, making the shopping experience seamless for your customers. 
  • It can be customized as per your PrestaShop store themes.
  • The plugin does not conflict with any other PrestaShop module.


3 in 1 Popup: Can be used as Entry, Exit or Fixed interval pop up.

Increases customer engagement and sales: This plugin is specifically designed for the increasing customer engagement and ultimately sales on store.

Easy customization: The store admin gets a complete access to change the look and feel of the Spin Wheel. The customization of the display, right from the background color to the font can be done in just a few button clicks. The best thing is that the store owners do not need any technical assistance for enabling/disabling or customizing the spin wheel. The admin can even customize the module by entering his custom CSS and JS code.

Enhanced UI of the site: The playful wheel displayed at the store will effortlessly enhance the user interface and lure more visitors to browse your site. Not just this, simply for the visitors to enter their email ids be tedious. The engaging task of spinning the wheel may reduce the monotony of the site and compel the visitors to delve into your site and even place the order to claim their coupons. 

Email Recheck option: The module makes sure that there is no duplicity of the email ids. A visitor can spin the wheel just once with one email id. In case, the same id is entered again, a message will be flashed indicating the same.

Pull out facility: Spinning the wheel is not a compulsion for the visitors. They can remove the interface by clicking on 'I'm not feeling lucky' button. However, in the course of time, if they change their mind, they can even pull the wheel back on the screen. 

Email Templates:  5 ready made email templates to choose from.

Email notification for the customers: The customers are notified about the coupons and offer they win with by spinning the wheel via email. The email is sent on the same id entered by the customers. The module offers a number of email templates to choose from. However, these templates can even be customized as per the requirement of the store owner.

Automatic Coupon Code Generation: If a user won a prize, then, the coupon code is automatically generated. The customer can copy the code and apply the same on the checkout page.

Wheel and Slice setting: The store admin can change the look and feel of the wheel by changing the configuration in the ‘Wheel Setting’ option. The logo, background color and font of the buttons can be changed easily. At the same time, the slices of the wheel can be customized as well. 

Display interval: The store owner can set the interval and the frequency of the wheel display. 

Statistical Report: Along with all the functionalities, the store owners get an access to the statistical report in graphical as well as tabular format. The report includes ‘Total Generated Coupon’, ‘Total Used Coupon’ and ‘Total Unused Coupon’.

Customers benefit:

  • It’s a great and playful way to get various prizes that includes Free Shipping, Discounts and other such offers.
  • The Spin & Win Module can effortlessly add the fun factor to the shopping experience of the customers.
  • The customers get email notifications to keep them reminded about the offer they have won.
  • The coupon code can be easily entered in the checkout page to avail the benefit. 


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