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Spin and Win - Entry, Exit and Email subscription pop up - Prestashop Addons
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Spin and Win - Entry, Exit and Email subscription pop up - Prestashop Addons

  • Prestashop spin and win (exit pop-up) addon display a gamified interface in the front-end of the website. The customers can spin the wheel in order to get enticing offers.
  • The store admin can manage the gifts being offered to the customers from the back-end of Prestashop interactive exit-intent pop-up.
  • The Prestashop email subscription pop-up effortlessly boost the subscribers of your site. The email IDs are automatically synced with the MailChimp with the help of built-in MailChimp integrator.
  • The admin can change the look and feel of the spin wheel by just clicking a few buttons. The merchant can control the display position, frequency and gravity of the spin from the back-end of the Prestashop module.
  • Generate Fix Coupon Code for each Spin Wheel Slice.
  • Control compatibility of Spin Win coupon with other cart rules.
  • Offers elegant themes for various occasions like Easter, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year and others.
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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Latest Version: v2.0.3 (29-Mar-2020)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 250+
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Prestashop Spin and Win addon - Entry, Exit and Email Subscription pop up (GDPR Compliant)

In the competitive eCommerce ecosystem, customer engagement is the key to boost the conversion. The classic email subscription pop-ups and subscription messages are considered annoying, Knowband has developed a Responsive and Interactive addon similar to Shopify Wheelio named as Prestashop Spin and Win Email Subscription addon. The add-on offers a gamified way to increase the involvement of the customers in your online store. Simply offering a 10% discount in exchange for the email would not intrigue the visitor. This problem is countered by our Interactive spin and win pop up addon which engages the customers and let them win discounts.

Spin and Win Email Subscription popup addon is now compliant with the GDPR. GDPR settings are added in the module using which the Prestashop admin can comply with the rules of the GDPR. To know more about GDPR settings please see the content below.

The Responsive and interactive fun-filled Spin Wheel is an effortless way to compel the visitors to enter their email ids. The highly responsive newsletter popup addon also offers inbuilt integration with Mail Chimp, Klaviyo, and SendinBlue. The emails entered in the email subscription pop up will integrate with your Mail Chimp, Klaviyo and SendinBlue accounts which can be later used for promotional purposes or Mail campaigns.

New Feature: The spin and Win email subscription popup can be made attractive and appealing to the visitors using occasion based themes like black Friday, Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas and New Year etc. The module also offers a theme preview option to the store admins.

New Feature: Multiple New Year themes

New Feature: Compatibility with other Cart Rules

This feature of Prestashop Spin and Win popup allows admin to limit the usage of coupons on store purchases. If this setting is disabled then the coupon generated from Spin Win will not work with the other promotional coupons active on the website.

Does your store has higher bounce rates? Are you unable to engage visitors on your store?

As you already know that E-commerce is growing day by day and so is the competition among store owners, everyone is competing to get more visitors and sales, but do you know that only some of them actually reaches the top, big e-commerce businesses like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Why only some succeed and other suffer to make their way to reach the top? What practices these big e-commerce companies follows that separates them from others?

As you already know that bringing a customer to a website is easy, the real deal lies in engaging the visitors with the store and converting them into potential buyers and loyal customers. Customer engagement is the key to take your business to a whole new level. Amazon, one of the top e-commerce company offers excellent services which automatically attracts visitors, they had built trust among their customers which is one of the main reason for such high engagement of customers on Amazon. Therefore customer engagement is the most important and deciding factor whether your business will grow or fall.

Prestashop Spin and win pop-up addon has high capabilities of engaging customers with the store and increasing revenue of the store. Discounts and coupon codes highly influence the buying decision of the visitors, the store offering discounts have higher conversion rates than the one which does not. The interactive UI and a Spin and win game on the popup attracts the visitors which compels them to play the spin and win game and win discounts. Let us now look at all the features and the benefits this Prestashop addon offers.

Merchant benefits of Interactive Email subscription popup:

  • The interactive addon can be used as an Entry pop up, Exit pop up or Email Subscription pop up.
  • Interactive fun-filled gamified spin and wheel contest compels the visitors to enter their email ids.
  • It's an effortless way to increase the traffic to your store
  • Prestashop newsletter subscription popup helps Prestashop admin to increase the customer base by capturing email Ids of the visitors.
  • Increase the trust in your store.
  • Prestashop Entry popup addon increases customer engagement, which has a high impact on direct sales.
  • Prestashop Entry popup addon turns visitors into potential buyers and increases the chances of conversion by offering an interactive email subscription pop up.
  • The Prestashop Newsletter popup addon offers Detailed reporting using Interactive Graphs and tables.
  • The Spin wheel can be customized as per your need and the theme of your store. Thus, it adds beauty to your eCommerce store.
  • The coupon generated can be easily used on the checkout page, thus, making the shopping experience seamless for your customers. 
  • Extremely easy to use intuitive back-end interface.
  • The interactive email subscription popup can be customized as per your PrestaShop store themes.
  • The responsive newsletter popup addon does not conflict with any other PrestaShop Addons.
  • With fixed coupon code generation, admin can limit the compatibility of spin win coupon with other cart rules.

Detailed Features of Prestashop Spin and Win(Email Subscription) addon:

  • Prestashop Spin and Win is a 3 in 1 popup, it is an Entry popup, Exit popup (Exit Intent popup) or Email subscription pop up(newsletter popup).
  • Prestashop Email Subscription popup addon allows Prestashop store owner to customize the Spin and Win popup in endless ways by offering Look and Feel settings at the admin backend of this email subscription addon.
  • Prestashop store admin can set the background image and logo on the email subscription popup.
  • Prestashop Newsletter subscription popup offers text settings to customize the text on the newsletter subscription popup.
  • Prestashop Spin and Win addon offers Custom CSS and JS option at the backend to customize the popup and match it with the Prestashop theme without even touching the base code.
  • Wheel display interval option available to set the display time of the Spin and Win email subscription popup. If Prestashop admin enters '1' in this field then this Entry popup will appear after 1 day to the same customer after.
  • Prestashop Exit intent email subscription popup offers full control to the Prestashop admin to choose the pages where s/he wants to display the Newsletter popup i.e. Home page, Category page etc.
  • Prestashop Exit popup even allows store admin to select the user group whom s/he wants to display the newsletter popup. Prestashop admin can choose the user group to be the first visitor, returning visitor or both.
  • Prestashop Spin and Win newsletter subscription popup allows admin to decide the display of this newsletter popup in selected countries using GEO location option. Admin can choose the location where s/he wants to show/hide this Newsletter subscription popup.
  • Prestashop admin chooses the discounts and offers to be shown on the slices of Spin and win wheel.
  • The Interactive addon allows choosing the discount to be Percentage OFF or Fixed value discount.
  • Prestashop admin has full control over the outcome of the Spin and Win game by assigning the gravity(probability) to each slice. The higher the gravity, higher the chances of its occurrence.
  • The system generates unique Coupons automatically everytime. No need to generate and share the same coupon with multiple users.
  • Admin can generate fix coupon codes respective to each wheel slice. They can easily set the coupon code for each slice by editing the Slice Settings from the backend.
  • With Direct Coupon Generation feature of Prestashop Spin and Win module, admin can allow their customers to generate coupon code by clicking the Spin Win button. In that case, the customer doesn’t require to fill any name fields required to play the spin wheel game.
  • The coupons generated can be shared in three ways, one by displaying the Discount coupon on the Newsletter popup itself, second sending the discount coupon codes via email, and third using both the option i.e displaying it on the email subscription popup and sending via email to the customers.
  • Readymade Email templates: 5 inbuilt Email Templates to send out the email with the discount code. These Email templates can be customized further as per the requirement.
  • Prestashop email subscription pop-up lets you show Spin Win Popup to one or more customer group.The three options includeVisitor, Guest, and Customer.
  • Admin can set the minimum number of pages visit required to show the spin wheel to the users.
  • Email test field available to test the working of the emails.
  • View the performance of the Spin & Win Pop up by comparing the total coupons generated vs total coupons used.
  • Prestashop admin can filter and view the Statistics between defined dates.
  • Prestashop admin can view the statistics by Country, by Device (Mobile or Desktop).

Compliant with the GDPR(NEW)

  • Prestashop Exit Intent addon offer GDPR settings tab in the admin panel. Using this setting the admin can comply with the GDPR.
  • Prestashop Admin has the option to enable/disable the GDPR settings for this Exit popup email subscription popup module.
  • Option to Enable/Disable module GDPR settings compatibility with PrestaShop GDPR. If enabled then it will export and delete user data on PrestaShop GDPR module request.
  • Prestashop Exit popup addon offers an option to Enable/Disable "User data from Mailchimp/Klaviyo/SendinBlue on delete request" setting to delete user email from email marketings MailChimp/Klaviyo/SendinBlue on PrestaShop GDPR module delete request.
  • Prestashop admin can set the Privacy text and add page URL to link the text.
  • Advance features available if this feature is enabled then users email will only subscribe for email marketing if s/he accepts Allow Data for Sending Promotional Emails.

Benefits to Customers of Spin and win Newsletter popup addon:

  • The Responsive and Interactive Entry pop up provides the much-needed discounts to the Customers without annoying them.
  • Prestashop Entry popup offers a great and playful way to get various prizes that include Free Shipping, Discounts, and other such offers.
  • The Exit popup email subscription popup addon can effortlessly add the fun factor to the shopping experience of the customers.
  • The customers get email notifications to keep them reminded of the offer they have won.
  • The coupon code can be easily entered on the checkout page to avail the benefit. 
  • With direct coupongeneration functionality,Customers can easily generate coupon code without filling any field information.


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If there is a feature you want on your Prestashop store, chances are that a Prestashop plugin will allow you to do it, if you don't find any such plugin you can always contact us for your custom plugin development requirements.

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