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PrestaShop 1.7 is a new version introduced in the eCommerce industry in 2016. With the motto "Sell Faster, Code Better, Create Easier", the new version of the Prestashop 1.7 plug-ins is a big step for developers and owners some shops. Developers would be able to renew the theme system while; merchants will be able to focus on the relaxation of the first sale. It is important to include the features of Prestashop Addons in your store to improve the functionality and performance of your e-commerce store. Due to strong competition in the online business world, it becomes difficult to grasp the sales and conversions required among so many competitors. Knowband has the experience in developing Prestashop applications and if you're keen to make your mark with your PrestaShop store in a particular business segment, you need to check out these popular PrestaShop 1.7 compatible plug-ins that can simplify various critical tasks. These Prestashop add-ons are dedicated to improving customer access, conversion rates, sales, customer coverage and other similar activities. We try to explore these PrestaShop plugins one by one.

Knowband has the experience in developing Prestashop applications and if you're keen to make your mark with your PrestaShop store in a particular segment of activity, you need to check out these popular PrestaShop 1.7 compatible plug-ins that can simplify various critical tasks. These Prestashop add-ons are dedicated to improving customer access, conversion rates, sales, customer coverage and other similar activities. We try to explore these PrestaShop plugins one by one.

Social Loginizer - PrestaShop Addon

If you encounter difficulties in getting the customer to access your site through the existing registration process, it is certainly necessary to support this Social Login of PrestaShop. The Prestashop module eliminates registration barriers by offering its customers easy access through numerous social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and other similar platforms. It is not necessary to fill out long registration details and the customer can access them quickly with just one click.

Prestashop One page Checkout

The complicated and long checkout process is one of the main conversion killer and translates into more instances of abandonment of the cart. With this Addon for the verification of a PrestaShop page, it is possible to transform the verification formalities of several pages into a single procedure for a quick online purchase. This PrestaShop add-on can help you remove unneeded checkout fields and steps due to its ease of customization to simplify the checkout process on a PrestaShop site.

PrestaShop Abandoned cart Addon

In case there is a greater abandonment of the shopping cart on your PrestaShop site, this is definitely the addon that can help you. It can send repeated reminders by email to abandoned customers to convince them to complete pending purchase orders. This Prestashop module also offers a simple one-click shopping cart recovery option, a complete shopping cart summary and can even include promotional discounts or promotional vouchers in reminder emails to get the most out of sales.

PrestaShop marketplace module

Are you looking to expand your business with a significant increase in conversion rates and sales? If so, it's time to turn your PrestaShop store into an online store with the help of this PrestaShop Multi-vendor MarketPlace Addon. This Prestashop extension can help bring together multiple buyers and sellers in one place to increase conversions, sales and customer site engagement.

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

This Addon PrestaShop can help you create interactive Android and iOS mobile apps for your PrestaShop store. The mobile store offers an effective way to address customers based on mobile devices. With the help of this PrestaShop mobile app creator for Android and iOS, you can upgrade your eCommerce site to the mobile platform. Captivating mobile apps can increase your chances of getting higher conversion rates, sales, and engagement. All your requirements and expectations can be bolted into the mobile apps for your PrestaShop store with the experience of our mobile app developers.

Prestashop Spin and Win

Customers generally get tired of the tedious exit pop-ups provided by the Web sites. They might once or twice listen to the pop-up but will definitely leave the site knowing that pop-ups will arrive every time. You can provide your Prestashop customers with something more interactive and real to be forced to click. Enter Prestashop Spin and Win - Addon, entry, e-mail. The gamified interface allows customers to spin the wheel and convert. From the colors of the wheel sections to the amount of discount you want to provide, everything is in the hands of the administrator. To turn the wheel, customers / visitors must enter their e-mail address in order to turn the wheel.

Prestashop's Return Manager Addon

One of the main reasons for creating or breaking the loyalty of a brand or website is return policy. The return process is equally painful for the trader and for the customers. To simplify the process from the administrator's side, the Prestashop Return Manager addon from Knowband is the most advantageous option. With the freedom to create return policies from the back end, the administrator can customize many more features such as return reasons, return policies, email template and much more. The Prestashop module has multiple features including multi-store and multi-language compatibility, smooth operation and much more.

PrestaShop product video

Adding videos to products on your product pages puts you in a win-win situation. Adds a feature to your Prestashop store and provides additional information to customers who help them in their purchase decision. Product videos can be added to the product page from YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion without any technical knowledge. It's a great way to provide detailed product information and provides a better understanding of customers. For example, images from any electronic device will not be able to provide better information to the customer as the video would do. Thus, Knowband's video product module is a definite advantage for you.

PrestaShop maintenance page customizer Addon

Every website needs maintenance. During this maintenance period, customers often get bored of the notification that is displayed on the website while changes are being made to the site. The Knowash Prestashop maintenance page personalization addon allows the administrator to customize the website maintenance page from the backend. With Cron's help, the administrator can automatically set the maintenance mode time.

Prestashop Jet Integration

If you are an aspiring website that wants to reach further afield, the Jet market is one of the best options for you. By installing the Prestashop Jet integration module in your store, open your products to a wider audience, increasing revenues and sales. From the product list to order management and monitoring of the entire process, this Prestashop add-on lets you do a lot.

Prestashop FB Store

If you can not wait to take your Prestashop store to a whole new level, marketing with the right tricks and in the right places is an absolute necessity. What would be the best place to place your products / brands compared to viewing on the largest social media platform Facebook? With the help of the Prestashop FB Store add-on, you can have your FB store on Facebook. The PrestaShop 1.7 plug-in helps you to integrate your store into the FB store and increase traffic on your website. This is an indispensable module if you really want to double the visibility of your brand and also the possibilities of sales and revenues. The administrator can view the products and product categories in the FB shop with this Prestashop add-on.

As part of bringing your online business to greater heights, the store owner must take the brand and the products and integrate the same with the market. Because integration in the market should be a good idea is because every store owner tries to generate more revenue than last year and increase sales every month. What would be better than the integration of your Prestashop store with marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, Walmart and is that the benefits are many. Some of them include:

The development of Prestashop add-ons has always been Knowband's expertise and with a team of experienced developers, we have a large number of satisfied customers. We have edited PrestaShop add-ons that specifically help store owners to seamlessly integrate their store with the market and take a step towards luck. Go ahead and discover the different marketplace integration module available on Knowband for your Prestashop store.

Prestashop Walmart Marketplace Integration

Growing to be one of the most popular online markets, Walmart arrives in the best 5 spots where every owner of an eCommerce store wants to sell their products. Walmart has made its place as the most popular options for both sellers and customers due to the huge inventory (which is constantly growing), the level of customer satisfaction, competitive prices and good quality products. The Prestashop Walmart market integration module helps the administrator to integrate the store with the market without making much effort. From the mapping of the product to the management of shipping costs and orders, everything is made more fluid with this Prestashop 1.7 plug-in from Knowband. Key features include the list of bulk products, inventory management, shipping cost management, product prices, sales report; and more.

Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration

The next in the list is the integration module of the Etsy Prestashop Marketplace. Knowband provides store owners with an easy way to sell them on Etsy. The Prestashop Etsy Integration addon allows the administrator to synchronize all products with the marketplace. The addon includes the Etsy API to easily integrate your online store with the Etsy marketplace. With the help of the Etsy API key, Etsy API Secret and Etsy API Host, the administrator can successfully complete the integration process. Once finished, the products can be synchronized, inventory can be managed and everything else can be configured from the back-end. The main features include ease of installation and configuration, management of shipping options, product evaluation can be done easily and much more.

Google Shopping Prestashop

Do you want your products to appear in Google Shopping when customers search for a specific category? You can actually do it with the help of Prestashop Google Shopping from Knowband. The store administrator can map store products on Google Merchant Center with this XSUMX Prestashop plug-in. This module aims to increase not only sales but also potential traffic leading to conversions. Offers the feed synchronization option produced in real time to the store administrator. Some key features include automatic product synchronization, real-time synchronization can be disabled for manual uploads, inventory upgrades from the back-end, and much more.

Prestashop eBay Market integration

The Prestashop eBay Marketplace integration module is a good choice for store owners who want to bring their brand and products to eBay, one of the largest online markets for Worldwide. eBay is quite popular for products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, t-shirts, shoes, candles, furniture, jewelry, computers, microwave ovens, baby products, toys and much more. The administrator can easily integrate the online store with eBay using the XSUMX Prestashop plug-in. Some of the key features include product management, inventory management, profile management, settings that can be managed from the back-end, product list, shipping management and much more.

Then, visit our Knowband store and choose from a wide range of PrestaShop Addons to get a strong brand name with your PrestaShop store. Our add-ons with special features help you get conversion and sales rates without problems.

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