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One Page Checkout - Prestashop Addons
Compatibility:Prestashop v1.5.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Latest Version:v4.0.2
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 1000+
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Prestashop One Page Checkout 

Click here if you are are looking for free version of this checkout module.

Mobile responsive One Page Checkout with Facebook/Google+, MAILCHIMP and Ship2Pay. It can be used with any theme & any payment method. If you face any issue with your theme or payment method(s) we are always here for help.

It is also compatible with Mondial Relay like shipping methods which shows iframe or popup on selection.


Merchant benefits

Show/Hide any Fields:  Decide which fields you want to display on checkout page. Module is having the functionality to disable optional fields like Company, Fax, etc. Module is also having the functionality to reorder the address fields. Example: Phone number can be placed just before First name etc.



Customize buttons: Change our page buttons color to match them with your theme template by using color picker tool of our module admin panel. No coding knowledge is required.



Mailchimp: Send Customer email id directly to Mailchimp either when customer come out from email field or when he place order after selecting checkbox for newsletter subscription. If some customer logins via Google or Facebook button, even then his email will be sent to Mailchimp.


Make any field optional: There is an option using which admin can make any field optional or mandatory.

Sort address fields: Admin can also manage sorting of all address fields using drag and drop feature.




Drag and Drop: Change position of all blocks using drag and drop features.


Language Translation: Module is having the functionality to translate the module text in any language from admin panel.



Custom CSS: There is an option in admin panel to add custom CSS style. Admin can use this feature to make desired changes without editing module code.


Ship2pay: Using this feature admin can disable payment methods based upon customer shipping method selection.


Custom HTML: Module is having option to add custom HTML block at multiple places. Admin can promote any product, display any promotion OR provide any message to our customers.


Testing mode: Module has a testing mode using which admins can test our module on their live site without affecting their ongoing business. If testing mode is enabled, all customers will go to default checkout of Prestashop and admin can test our module page using a URL which will be shown in our module's admin side.



FAQ tab: We understand value of your time and therefore we have added all basic queries related to our module in our admin panel so that you don't need to contact us for small issues/queries. 




Google and Facebook Login: Allow your customers to signup or login using their social account.


Inline Validation with error messages: Our one page checkout page also has inline validation and shows proper error message along with tick and cross sign so that customers can quickly identify their mistakes while filling the form.


Ajax Based update: Our module uses ajax based updates so no more irritating page reloads.

Free and Virtual Products: Module is compatible with free and virtual products.

Customizable products: Module is also compatible with customizable products.

Multiple Shipping methods: Our module works fine even If there are products in cart which requires multiple shipping methods.

Any Payment method: Our Checkout can be used with any payment method like PayPal, Advanced Paypal Authorizeaim, Boleto, Payu, Strip, Sage Pay, Firstdata, Paysera, etc. If your Payment Method works with default checkout and not with Super Checkout, we will fix the same for FREE.

Default shipping and payment method: Set which shipping and payment method should be selected by default for customers.

Reduce abandoned cart: Study shows that more than 60% abandoned cart are becuase of complex or slow checkout page, since our module makes checkout process easy and fast, hence reduces abandoned cart rate.

Increase Sales: Our fast and One Page Checkout module help admins to increase conversion rate on their store.

Multiple Layouts: Choose how many columns you want to show to your customers and also define the column size. Define which section appears where. Choose from 1 Column, 2 Column and 3 Column layout options.

SEO and SSL: Our module is compatible with SEO url structure and can also be used if SSL is enabled on the website.

Newsletter and voucher field: Option to show newsletter and voucher field on checkout page.

Complete Cart summary: Full cart summary, show product image directly or when customer "move cursor over product name".

Fully Responsive: Compatible with all devices and browsers. 

Customer benefits-

  • Fast and Secure One page Checkout
  • In-built Facebook/Google+ Login
  • Product image preview in cart section
  • Option to add coupon code from checkout page
  • Option to change product quantity in the cart
  • Option to remove any product from the cart
  • Mobile/Tabs Responsive
  • Compatible with all browsers

In short, if you want “visitors” coming to your store should convert into a long time “customer”, then buying this module will definitely transform your inner dreams into reality. So, try it now and keep growing your business forever and ever!!



  • Wow this developers are the best!!!! The module is great and works perfect!rnI ask for tech support and they help me like in minutes and did more that I ask, I’m very happy with the module and the tech support service. I fully recommend this module since is great and in case you run in to issues, they will fully help you and make you happy. Thank you again for all your help!!!
    - Alma C. (
  • An absolutely great module. I personally had a few glitches setting it up myself but the guys that made the module are on the ball. Great customer service and even fixed the problem that was actually caused by me. Great comunication throughout. Highly recommend to any store owner.
    - Spasoje M. (
  • Wonderfull module and fast support.
    - Ibrahim A. (
  • The module has an excellent development, an updated backoffice appearance, and it's plenty of useful functionalities. The customer support is awesome. I asked for a new functionality and the development team update the module in a few days. Very good purchase.Congrats!
    - Carlos R. (
  • Simple and easy to use, have used this module on other platforms, works great and lots of features. What's a most important, customer support is great. Had other custom modules installed, had all issues fixed in a heart beat. Highly Recommended.
    - Vytautas S. (


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Question 1:
Need to change small icons next to "login options, delivery address, delivery method, payment method, confirm your order heading" in front end?
Answer 1:
To change those icons, replace those imaes in following directory on your server.

Question 2:
Radio buttons for both Mr and Mrs. is always checked?
Answer 2:
If both Mr and Mrs. radio buttons are always checked, then add below code in custom css field of our module customizer tab to fix the issue.

#customer_person_information_table input { opacity: 99999; position: relative !important; margin: 0px !important; }
Question 3:
Third column is not correctly aligned or full width issue in Desktop?
Answer 3:
Most probably your theme template CSS is conflicting with our module. Fix for this issue is very simple. Kindly add following code in Custom CSS field in Customizer tab of our module admin setting.

#columnleft-3{ width:28% !important; }


#center_column{ width:100% !important; }

In case your issue is not solved, try changing this percentage to suit your theme otherwise contact us with admin and FTP login details.
Question 4:
Want to add an extra field in address form?
Answer 4:
By default it is not possible to add custom field in our module, if you wish we can make this custom change for you for additional cost. Kindly contact us with your complete requirements.
Question 5:
Some third party module is not working?
Answer 5:
Third party modules are only made for default checkout of Prestashop. They may or may not work with our module. In case they are not working with our module, some custom changes need to be made to make them compatible with our module.
Question 6:
Want us to implement some specific feature for additional cost?
Answer 6:
Yes, you can contact us with complete requirements. If changes are feasible, we can implement them for additional cost.
Question 7:
Facing any of these issues ?
Answer 7:
TECHNICAL ERROR: Request Failed Details:Error thrown: [object Object]Text status: error

500 Internal Server error

Progress Bar stuck on 80% after click on Place order

Reason for these errors are not specific. If you are facing any of these issues, kindly contact us with your admin and FTP details.
Question 8:
Payment method is not displaying additinal cost?
Answer 8:
It is very rare issue and in case you face it ,kindly contact us with your admin and FTP login details so that we can fix this issue for you.
Question 9:
Translated text is not reflecting in front-side?
Answer 9:
Kindly try again after clearing your Prestashop cache using Advance Parameter->Performance->Clear cache button. If your issue persists even after that, make sure that your theme directory don't contain our module translation file. To check this, go to your theme directory /your_theme_name/modules/ . Inside this modules directory, there should no Supercheckout directory, in case it exist just rename it to anything else.

When you translate text from our module admin panel, our module save translated text in /modules/supercheckout/translations/ directory. But when there is some translation exist in your theme directory, our module picks text from there and your translated text don't reflect in front side.

Now question arise, in which case theme directory can have our module translated text file. When you use default translation feature of Prestashop, then it save translated text in theme directory and our module use text from this themes directory rather than using text from module directory.
Question 10:
Payment method image is not coming?
Answer 10:
Our module shows payment methods images from their root directory ("/modules/payment_method_name"). If some payment method don't have any image in their root directory then no image will be shown.

To display that payment method image, kindly upload image to the payment module directory. Image name should be same as payment method directory name. You can use any image format eg. jpg, png etc.

For example: To display Iupay payment module image, you need to add its image in "/modules/iupay/" directory and image name must be iupay. Image extension can be anything and recommended image resolution is 95x20.

Don't hesistate to contact us if you need any assistance from our side.
Question 11:
VAT and DNI fields are not coming in front-end?
Answer 11:
VAT field To show this field, "European VAT number v1.7.2 - by PrestaShop" module must be installed on your store. It is a free module and by default is available with prestashop installation. You can configure it to show VAT field for any specific country.

DNI field To show this field, go to Localization->Countries->Edit your country and enable "Identification Number" field from there.
Question 12:
In front end when you click login or place order button nothing happens?
Answer 12:
To fix this issue, Under Advance parameters->performance->Turn ON "Move Javascript to the end". Don't forget to clear Prestashop cache using Advance Parameter->Performance->Clear cache button.

In case your issue persists, contact us with your admin and FTP details.
Question 1:
What are the differences between free and paid version of this module?
Answer 1: