Take your online shopping experience at your PrestaShop store to new heights by simplifying your checkout process and by providing order details in a seamless manner. You might think them as some trivial matters but they have the potential to decide the success or failure of your eCommerce store among your business rivals. If you are not experiencing the required growth in your conversion rates and product sales, it may be certain that your checkout process may be letting your business down. In such a scenario, here are some of the amazing PrestaShop plugins by Knowband that can change the entire course of your PrestaShop store.

PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout- If you are feeling irrelevant and time consuming checkout formalities are killing the conversions and product sales for your online store, it is time to install this wonderful PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout module that can make things much simplified and faster for your online shoppers. Take a look at some of the brilliant features and functionalities of this module that are explained below:

- Facility to show/hide any checkout fields depending on the nature of your eCommerce business.

- It gives freedom to admin to make any desired checkout fields as mandatory or optional for their eCommerce store.

- Consists of a language translation feature that allow the module text to be translated into any desired language.

- Provides customization facility to make various changes like dragging and dropping of blocks, sorting of address fields, addition of custom CSS effects, disabling of payment methods and other such functions for improving the checkout functionality.

- Presence of a fully responsive design for supporting various mobile devices.

- In- built social login facility through Facebook/Google+ for faster sign ups.

- Compatibility with popular browsers, SEO URL structure and other such features.

PrestaShop Return Manager- Now, customers be it registered or guest would not face any problem in returning the products to your eCommerce store as the entire process has simplified to a great extent due to the presence of this PrestaShop Return Manager plugin. Some of the amazing features of this PrestaShop module are as follows:

- Supports multi lingual, multiple stores along with third party plugins for seamless performance and working.

- Provides notification or informs store admin whenever a refund request is made by the customer.

- Consists of a user friendly and easy to use web design.

- Comes with return slip feature, SEO friendly URLs, absence of CRON jobs, SSL compatibility and other such functionalities.

- Sends notification or update to customer whenever any changes are made by the store admin from the back end.

PrestaShop Mobile Order Lookup- Now, customers can effortlessly get information about their orders status and order details in a seamless manner by making use of email address and order reference number without any need for logging into the website. Here are some of its wonderful features that has made it much popular among numerous PrestaShop store owners around the world.

- Presence of easy to use, feature packed and user friendly admin panel.

- Simple, hassle free installation.

- Arrives with fully mobile responsive design for seamless performance and user experience on various screen sizes.

- Compatibility with multiple themes, languages, third party modules and eCommerce stores.

- Consists of an easy but powerful reporting system regarding customer orders.

PrestaShop One click checkout (Buy Now)- If you want to make a quick purchase of a single product without making any changes in your existing shopping cart, it is definitely your “go to” eCommerce module. Let us take a look at some of its mind blowing features.

- Fully customizable design for seamless implementation of changes.

- Works with all available themes, third party modules and provides translation facility for 17 different languages.

- Consists of a fully mobile responsive design for adaptability on numerous screen sizes.

- Provides facility to customers for making instant product purchase.

PrestaShop checkout page analytics- Track your visitor behavior on checkout page for providing store admin crucial information about when and where your targeted customer has abandoned your shopping cart and left your website in the middle. Some of the wonderful features of this PrestaShop module are as follows:

- Provides effective tracking facility for analyzing customer behavior on your eCommerce store.

- Helps in recording email id and cart details for effective customer re-targeting and for encouraging customers to complete their pending orders.

- Allow seamless recovery of abandoned carts by store admin for better conversion rates and sales.

- Provides access to customer details for facilitating faster cart recovery by store admin.

- Allows store admin to view complete cart details along with customer email id for easy recovery of abandoned carts.

- Provides admin facility to check weekly, monthly or yearly statistics and gives freedom to set dates for viewing the abandoned cart reports.

PrestaShop Supercheckout payment fee addon- Show the additional payment fee on your “One page checkout with social login and Mailchimp” page. With the help of this PrestaShop module, store admin can inform customers about the additional fee that is being charged by their payment method. Understand how it is beneficial for the customer community by paying attention to below mentioned points.

- Provides functionality to select payment methods that charge additional fee.

- Showcase percentage based or fixed price additional fee.

- Helps in enabling/disabling currency conversion.

- Supports all types of payment methods that charge additional fees.

PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout Free version- If you want to improve the checkout experience of your PrestaShop store for free, you need to install this wonderful plugin PrestaShop One Page Supercheckout Free version from Knowband. Now, your customers don't have to spend unnecessary time in making the online product purchase due to simplified and easy checkout experience provided by this PrestaShop module. Take a look at some of its other features that has made it quite popular among various store owners.

- Supports products that require multiple shipping options.

- Helps in reducing shopping cart abandonments and improves product sales.

- Allow store admin freedom to set the default shipping and payment methods for their targeted customers.

- Compatibility with SEO URL structure and SSL security mechanisms.

- Provides complete shopping cart summary with product image feature.

- Comes with a fully responsive design that is compatible with multiple devices and browsers.

For all those PrestaShop store owners, these brilliant 7 eCommerce modules from Knowband store can help in making tremendous improvements in the field of checkout process and order details availability. It is high time that you need to start paying attention towards these PrestaShop plugins for making a complete business turnaround.

Prestashop Checkout Addons | Prestashop Order Modules by Knowband

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One Page Supercheckout - Prestashop Addons
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This plugin implements a feature rich, responsive and fully customizab...
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Return Manager - Prestashop Addons
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It is a complete return manager solution with all possible customizabl...
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Reward Points - Prestashop Addons -30%
This module gives rewards points to customers when they purchase produ...
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Checkout payment fee addon - Prestashop Addons -35%
This module allows admin to display additional fee of payment met...
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Better Thank you page - Prestashop Addons -30%
This module convert you order success page into a powerful marketing t...
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Gift the product - Prestashop Addons -30%
This module offers gifts to your customers depending of their cart pri...
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Tax Manager - Prestashop Addons -20%
This module allows admin to remove tax from products for some selected...
$120.99 $96.79
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Paypal Direct Payment - Prestashop Addons -35%
This module allows customers to make payment with their debit/credit c...
$79.99 $51.99
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One click checkout (Buy Now) - Prestashop Addons -30%
This module allows your customer to do quick checkout for single produ...
$39.99 $27.99
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Mobile Order Lookup - Prestashop Addons -20%
This plugin allows customers to check their order status without even ...
$29.99 $23.99
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Loyalty Points - Prestashop Addons -30%
This module gives loyalty points to customers when they purchase produ...
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Checkout page analytics - Prestashop Addons -20%
This analytic addon allows admin to know after which step customer lef...
$69.99 $55.99
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Advanced One Page Checkout - PrestaShop Addons -20%
This plugin implements a feature rich, responsive and fully customizab...
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