Magento Marketplace Extensions

The Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension provides the best possible way to convert an existing Magento store into a Marketplace site with just installing the extension where Admin can:

In this stiff eCommerce business environment, it is important to explore new mediums of customer engagement and product sales for the growth and expansion of your business. This is exactly where this Magento marketplace extension comes into the big picture. Now, your business would not feel the heat of this competitive business environment and would not feel being left behind in front of those bigger eCommerce giants when your site itself can become a big marketplace. This Magento marketplace extension has created the common platform for both the buyers and sellers community for giving a boost to your online business activity. Here is how this Magento marketplace extension can be the game changer for your business.

Benefits for Sellers/Vendors

With Magento marketplace extensions, sellers have got a new lease of life and have got more opportunities to increase the sale of their products. Let us take a look about how it has changed the scenario for the seller community.

Benefits for buyers community

By installing these Magento marketplace extensions, buyers community has got a rejuvenating online shopping experience that has helped in changing the business scenario for numerous online stores. Some of the features that are provided by this marketplace extension are as follows:


Magento Marketplace Addons-

Marketplace is a huge area of research and development. We have incorporated every essential feature that a marketplace site should have in our Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension. However, to keep this extension updated with the latest trends and requirements, we keep on developing exciting Marketplace Addons that can be installed to extend the functionality of the Marketplace extension. Till now we have developed the below listed Addons for our Marketplace extension that you can purchase in addition to our Magento Marketplace extension:

Not just that, we intend to develop a lot more of Marketplace addons to keep your marketplace site always update with the latest trends and demands.So, don't let your business chances slip away from your hand but take the right steps now by installing this Magento marketplace extension on your store. This amazing module from Knowband can rejuvenate the sales of your online store to a great extent and can provide an effective environment for the buyers and sellers community alike.

Magento Marketplace Blogs:

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Marketplace Integrations:
Marketplace Integrations:

Magento ® Marketplace extensions

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Multi vendor Marketplace - Magento ® Extensions -30%
This plugin converts a simple magento store to feature rich multi vend...
$219.00 $153.30
Based on 56 reviews.
(56 Reviews)
Marketplace Return Manager addon - Magento ® Extensions -30%
This module is helpful for customers and allows them to raise refund r...
$79.00 $55.30
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Walmart Magento Integration Extension -25%
The module integrates your Magento store with the popular marketplace ...
$199.99 $149.99
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Etsy Marketplace Integration - Magento ® Extensions -30%
Integrate your Magento store with the popular Etsy marketplace...
$199.99 $139.99
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Marketplace Sellers Shipping Charge and Invoice Addon - Magento ® Extensions -30%
This module allows sellers to generate invoice and to charge shipping ...
$59.99 $41.99
Based on 3 reviews.
(3 Reviews)
Marketplace Contact Admin addon - Magento ® Extensions -30%
This module allows sellers to contact admin quickly for their concerns...
$79.00 $55.30
Based on 2 reviews.
(2 Reviews)
Jet - Magento Integration -15%
Integrates your eCommerce Magento store with
$199.99 $169.99
Google Shopping - Magento ® Extensions -15%
Allows you to feed all the product assortment and data in one-go direc...
$79.99 $67.99
This plugin converts a convert magento store to feature multi vendor m...
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(11 Reviews)
Ebay - Magento Integration -30%
Synchronize your Magento store with eBay marketplace without any hassl...
$199.99 $139.99
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