Why Magento Marketplace Extension is a Boom for Buyers?

Why this Magento Marketplace Module is a Boom for Buyers? | Knowband

Online business is thronged with various activities of online selling and purchase that it is difficult to maintain momentum with so much competition around. With so much players involved in a particular business segment, it seems to be a daunting task to grab the immediate attention of your targeted customers. Buyers in an online business environment are confused about how to select the best vendors for a product or service among so many available options.

The process of finding the right vendor often becomes much critical if you have to hunt down the various vendors in an online business. Thank God, this scenario has been made simpler with the presence of this Magento Marketplace module that has brought various buyers and sellers at one place for ensuring a simplified online shopping experience. Let us now discuss how this Magento marketplace extension has helped buyers in their shopping activities.

It helps in selecting the right seller by providing the required seller information

Buyers often do not have an idea about how to select the right seller for making an online purchase. However, this is one such critical area where this Magento marketplace module can be a big advantage for Magento site owners. The Magento marketplace module can provide the list of all sellers along with their rating on this multi seller marketplace module for simplified online purchase. With the help of this critical information, buyers can make the right choice of sellers in a smooth manner. The Magento marketplace module enables buyers to search for any seller on the marketplace in a quick manner for making the right purchasing decision.

Helps in providing email customization facility

If the buyer has any concern about the product of a seller or any other general information, he/she can send the desired email asking for the required information. Apart from this, buyers can also send customized emails to sellers through the help of back end functionality. Due to the presence of this feature, the Magento marketplace module has become one of the most popular Magento Extensions in the eCommerce business segment.

Provides an informative product page to buyers

This Magento marketplace extension has grabbed the instant attention of global buyers due to the presence of its informative product pages. Buyers can view the important information like seller name, seller rating and other seller details on the product page itself for facilitating quick purchasing decision. Besides this, buyers can get critical information about various related products from the same seller on the product page for making the quick product purchase.

Offers quick option for buyers to register as sellers

It would be simply amazing if there could be a Magento marketplace extension that can offer simple seller registration facility to buyers and this is exactly what this Knowband extension can do for you. It provides “Register as Seller” option to buyers on the front end of the marketplace store for helping buyers to become sellers in a simple way. Now, you can both purchase products as well as offer products to other people as sellers on this Magento marketplace module. There is no need for back end registration for sellers and everything can be managed from the front end itself.

Provides Inventory Management System

Inventory management is the most difficult aspect in an eCommerce store which requires constant attention and management. It is the USP of this Magento Marketplace extension that can eliminate inventory management related issues. Store admin can effortlessly create their exclusive marketplace store for boosting the growth chances of multiple small and medium eCommerce vendors with the help of this Magento marketplace module. The whole process of online selling and purchase has become much simplified due to the absence of an inventory management system.

Supports an amazing email notification system for timely updates

It is important in an online business environment to provide timely alert and updates about various events that are happening on a marketplace store. The Magento marketplace module has an effective email notification system that can ensure alerts to all involved participants of an online store like sellers, buyers and store admin regarding various activities. You can constantly track the eCommerce activities on your Marketplace store with the help of this Magento marketplace extension.

This Magento marketplace module is definitely a remarkable module for buyers community and can boost their online shopping experience to a great extent. This feature loaded Magento Marketplace extension can be a great help to the buyers and can help in simplifying the online shopping experience to a great extent. Visit our Knowband store and avail this Magento Marketplace Extension at a special price due to an ongoing offer which is valid till 31st July. Grab this Magento marketplace module and boost your business presence to a great extent.

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