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Walmart Magento Integration Extension
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Walmart Magento Integration Extension

Walmart Magento Integration addon helps Magento Store admin to synchronize their Magento Store with the Walmart marketplace. Key features of Walmart Magento connector:

  • Bulk uploading of the products
  • Profile-based product upload
  • Inventory and Order management from Magento store admin panel
  • Cron job to automate the process
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Retire products with ease
  • Walmart feeds to keep the track of the operations performed
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Compatibility: Magento v1.9.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.5 (9-Aug-2019)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 25+
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Magento Walmart Integration Extension

Magento Walmart Integration Extension by Knowband gives you a handy mechanism to list your products on Walmart marketplace and sell them to a larger audience base. Our Walmart Marketplace Integrator lends a hand to the Magento eCommerce store to sell on and manage the inventory as well as orders with great ease.

Walmart Marketplace

Walmart marketplace is a professional seller community with a reach of over 80 Million unique visitors in a month. Sellers who offer quality products along with competitive pricing and fast fulfillment can register on Walmart Marketplace to grow their business. Listing the products on the popular marketplace helps the sellers to spread their brand awareness. Catering a larger audience base is an opportunity to increase their profit by reaching a huge customer base.

In order to stay ahead in the competition, it is essential for the e-seller to delve into the online marketplaces like Walmart. Magento Walmart Integration Plugin  is smart solutions that help them surpass the complexities of selling on The Walmart Magento Integration extension saves the time of the sellers as well as also reduce the manual efforts involved. Walmart Magento API Integration helps in managing the Magento store products catalog on Walmart. It provides an interface using Walmart API between Magento store and Walmart. By using this interface seller can transfer products, inventory, product description and he can also manage the orders from his Magento store while selling the products on Walmart. 

Features offered by Magento Walmart Marketplace Integration Extension:

Real-time Synchronization: Magento Walmart Integration module helps the sellers in setting up the synchronization between the Magento store with with great ease. The Magento Walmart Integration extension offers real-time integration. No manual synchronization is required.

Easy product listing: With Magento Walmart Integration module, the sellers can create N number of profile. The profile-based listing allows the admin to list the product in bulk. Even the changes required to be done in the product details can be performed by updating the profiles from the back-end of the Walmart Integration Walmart plugin.

Error Tracking: The Magento Walmart Integration plugin even allows the admin to track the error occurred while product listing. Hence, the merchants can rectify the errors can list the product again.

Attribute and Category Mapping: With Magento Walmart Integration module, the admin can easily map the products in the relevant category of the marketplace. Not just this, Walmart Magento API integration makes attribute mapping a cinch for the store owners.

Simple Inventory Management: Manage product listed on Walmart store from the admin panel Walmart Magento Connector. Any change in the product description, pricing or other related details can done in the marketplace, simply by executing cron in the back-end of the Magento Walmart Integration plugin. The admin can synchronize the product details, inventory, price in one go.

Order Processing: Admin can synchronize the Walmart store order details to the Magento store and process them from a single interface with the help of Walmart Magento API Integration extension. The orders can synced with the help of cron job from the admin interface of Walmart Magento Integration module.

Order Status Update: Walmart Magento Integration extension allows the admin to update the order status back on the marketplace with great ease. This can be done by executing cron a button click from the back-end of Magento Walmart Integration plugin.

Shipping Management: The admin can manage the shipment for the Walmart store orders from the Magento Walmart Integration extension. The Magento Walmart Connector even allows the admin to add and edit N number of shipping methods as per their requirement. The admin can define shipping methods as per the availability of shipping methods with Walmart Magento synchronization extension.

Synchronization: The Magento Walmart Integration module offers a number of synchronization Options. The real-time integration can be setup by running cron in the back-end of the Magento Walmart API Integration extension.

Feed Status Tracking: The status of the feed can be tracked easily from the back-end of the Magento Walmart Integration plugin.

Audit Log: The audit log section of the Magento Walmart Integration module allows the sellers to a keep a track of the various jobs running.

Additional Features of Magento Walmart Integrator:

Custom Pricing: With Magento Walmart integration extension, the admin gets an option to list the products at custom prices. The e-sellers can list the products at increased or decreased prices at the marketplace. The price of the products of a particular profile can be changed by a fixed or percentage amount.

Promotions: The store admin can create promotional deals for the Walmart customers from the back-end of the Walmart Magento integrator. The e-sellers get an easy-to-use interface to fix the discount amount as well as their expiry duration.

Shipping Lag Time Management: The lag time refers to the number of days taken for product shipment after which the order was placed. The store owners can fix the lag time of the products and the sync the same with the marketplace with the help of the cron options offered by Magento Walmart integrator.

Tax Code: The tax code of the products can be fixed and synced with the marketplace in one go by executing cron in the back-end of the Walmart Magento integrator.

BuyBox Report: If the same product is shared by multiple sellers, then, presents the item listing together on a single page. The products are displayed to the customers at competing prices. Only one seller wins the buy box depending on the listing. The admin can sync the buy box report with the help of the cron options offered by Magento Walmart API integrator. The buy box report allows the admin to see who won the buy box. Additionally, the Walmart Magento API integrator even allows the admin to reprice the products depending upon the competitor’s price.

Seller Benefits of Magento Walmart Integration Module:

  • The sellers can now list their products on the popular marketplace with least hassle.
  • This one of the easiest ways to boost the visibility of your products.
  • With greater visibility and reach, the chances of conversions are higher.
  • Magento Walmart Integration extension offers easy steps to start selling on Walmart.
  • The user-friendly interface of the Walmart Magento Integration module is easy-to-understand and use.
  • Profile-based listing of the Magento Walmart Integrator allows the merchants to upload the products in bulk.
  • Easy update of product details and inventory from the Magento Walmart Integration plugin’s admin panel reduces the manual work involved.
  • Effortless product and inventory management makes online trading easier.
  • The sellers can manage shipping for the Walmart store orders from Walmart Magento connector’s admin panel.
  • The marketplace orders can be synced with the Magento store by executing cron in the back-end of the Magento Walmart Integration module.
  • The sellers can process the orders of both the stores from a single interface and update the order status at by executing cron in the Magento Walmart Integration module.
  • Magento Walmart extension supports multiple languages. Thus, the sellers can cater their products in the desired language of the customers.
  • Sellers can check the reason for error if any product does not get listed due to some error.
  • Update the order status easily from the Magento admin panel for the Walmart store orders.
  • Additionally, the sellers gets an option to list the products at different prices with the help of Magento Walmart integrator without changing their base price at the eCommerce site.
  • The promotion tab of Walmart Magento integrator allows the e-sellers to create promotional deals.
  • The admin gets an option to fix the shipping lag time with the help of Magento Walmart integrator.
  • The buy box report can be imported from with cron jobs offered by Magento Walmart connector. The report allows the admin to view who won the buy box. The sellers can even reprice the products in order to win the buy box.
  • The Walmart connector even allows the admin to sync the tax code with the marketplace in bulk.

Customer Benefits

  • The customers get an option to shop from a larger assortment of product.
  • With easy shipment, the customers get the desired online shopping experience.

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