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When you have an eCommerce business, it is all about the customers around whom the store owners create the products, content, and everything that a website has. After all, it is the customers who will be the ones to generate revenues and increase the sales of a store. Every eCommerce store owner endeavors to make their shopping experience worth the while and seamless so that they come again and again to shop at the store. Knowband curates Magento extensions for your Magento store that boasts about being customer-friendly. While some build up customer engagement on your store, there are those which make your products visible to a wider audience, there are those also which help the customers have a smooth experience on the store. Likewise, the list of Magento customer extensions at Knowband is quite lengthy.

Mentioned below are the best-selling customer extensions for the Magento store owners that are a must-have and beneficial as well.

Magento Walmart Integration

Walmart is one of the top marketplaces where every store owner wants to sell his/her products. The Magento Walmart Integration module allows you to seamlessly integrate your store with the marketplace without trying too hard. The module allows you to upload the products in bulk, manage the orders, track them and choose from the multiple shipping methods as well as numerous payment modes. This module is a great way to build your brand loyalty among the customers as well as bring in newer customers to the website.

Magento Return Manager

Returns, refunds or even replacements have been an integral part of eCommerce business for a very long time. How you react to the return/refund/replacement query from a customer is what either builds your loyalty or breaks it down. The Magento Return Manager extension makes the whole return procedure easier for the admin to handle. From the guest customers to the repeated ones, all the return requests can be handled from the back-end. The easily customizable email templates can be used for notifying the customers about the return status. This is the best module that to give the customer another opportunity to come back and shop at the store.

Magento Social Loginizer

The Magento Social Loginizer works towards smoothening the visitors or customers to register or login to the website. With 15 social login options including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, you can avoid the lengthy registration forms that irritate the new visitors. Moreover, all a customer has to do is log in from the social media account and the admin will have the access to the email id that helps you kick-start the email marketing strategies.

Magento Spin and Win

Every eCommerce store has visitors who leave the website halfway without converting. The reasons can be many but in the end, they quit. The Magento Spin and Win module by Knowband is designed to reinforce them to stay and in that due course, they get to spin the wheel and win attractive discounts. As the visitor intends to leave, the exit popup or the Gamified spin wheel is displayed on the front-end that compels the visitor to click the wheel with the cursor and win a discount coupon. Once the wheel stops, the visitor has to render their email id and get the code in their inbox.

Knowband has a lot more customer extensions for the Magento stores that satisfy the customers. Go and have a look.

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