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Looking for custom solutions to enhance your eCommerce store? We create feature-rich eCommerce websites on PrestaShop. A feature-rich website design is what every store owner looks for and it isn’t that easy to develop one. Your website is the first element about your business that visitors notice. The designs, templates, graphics, and content tell a lot about your company and the brand.

To create a website you need to decide the platform on which you would like to develop your eCommerce store. Several platforms are offering free or paid themes for creating a website. For eCommerce, we provide website development services for PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, and Shopify platforms. This article will focus on the PrestaShop eCommerce platform and how our services can help you develop a functional website on it.

#1. Embracing social media

Social media is now playing an enormous and vital part of the lives of everyone. People turn rapidly through their smartphone to take every single action. E-commerce and social media can also be seen joining one another. Facebook and Instagram are the main social media site that can affect them.

A brand ignoring social media platforms poorly impacts the business and reputation. So, add social media logos on your PrestaShop store, and link your account with various social platforms.

#2. Customized shopping cart development

A shopping cart is a must-add for your website. ‘Add to cart’ button is the most important element of an eCommerce store and this requires creativity if you want your visitors to convert. An attractive shopping cart needs all necessary information and colorful pictures represented neatly to increase customer engagement.

We can design a handy shopping cart for your store to encourage impulse buying. Many required and interesting features can be added to your custom-designed shopping cart. A cart should work as a salesperson in your store: for instance, if a customer clicks on the ‘add to cart’ button, a layer should appear immediately showing product details like recommended accessories, warranty, protection plan, etc.

We will modify the shopping cart with features of your choice and add small elements to make the design convincing and easy for customers to complete their purchase.

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#3. Micro-interactions for security

With increasing sales, it has become challenging to tackle eCommerce privacy and security issues and this is driving the designers and developers nuts. Micro-interactions for security may steal your customer’s attention. It is of prime importance that your site is secured and user friendly.

For an eCommerce website on the PrestaShop store, you have to ensure your customers that their data will be secured and not embezzled. It will be guarded with our secured authentication process. Adding inline validation saves users from extra work. Microinteractions inform users if all requirements are fulfilled about their username and password.

PrestaShop One Page Checkout is the most secured, GDPR compliant plugin for the final process of a purchase. We can add custom elements to your website to meet the security requirements.

#4. Online Payment Services on PrestaShop store

Payment is one spot where customers abandoned their carts. Two ways payment affects the conversion: Limited payment gateways and Security.


1. Offer multiple payment methods:

Having several payment options opens the doors for more companies to do business with and may lead to more long-term clients. It’s critical for merchants to provide a variety of payments while considering the customer experience.

Offering multiple payment methods makes it more reliable for the customers as they often feel intimidated while sharing credit card or debit card details. We make sure that the PrestaShop eCommerce website should have enough payment options for your customers and the store owner can add more with ease whenever required.

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2. Safe and secured payment gateways

As the Internet is full of hoaxes, something that is put online cannot be easily trusted. And particularly if you are a new brand that has only been heard by very few people, customers are bound to have trust issues.

When we plan a checkout page, safe and secure payment is always our priority because it is the prime element for an eCommerce website. We give customers to experience equal importance as to the design and development part. Planning the checkout page can be crucial and it might require a significant amount of time and effort because most of the cart abandonments are observed due to poor checkout page experience.

Hence, designing a convertible checkout page is of foremost importance. With our expert technical team, we assure you to provide the best checkout experience to users. The three important trust badges will be incorporated on the website: Website security, Payment Security badge, and Anti-virus trust badge.

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#5. Create custom PWA for PrestaShop

Progressive Web Applications (PWA), simply work much better than your typical mobile website. You can easily convert your eCommerce website into PrestaShop PWA Mobile App & allow mobile users to add PWA and give them a hassle-free shopping experience.

It completely ends your Google Play Store or Apple App store dependency. It allows the store manager to connect with customers via Zendesk and WhatsApp chat. Isn’t it amazing that you can convert your eCommerce store into a mobile-friendly application with just in few clicks?

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This is not it.

We have more custom solutions to offer for your PrestaShop store.

Have a look!

Our eCommerce Website development services for PrestaShop Platform

E-commerce is and has been for a long time, a major industry. Although many internet users once viewed e-commerce sites with skepticism, it has now become as popular as email checking. An imperative question appears here, why to develop an eCommerce website when you can sell your products from a physical store? And is it necessary to hire an eCommerce service provider?

Looking back on the rise of online sales and looking ahead to the future of this industry is fascinating. The overall percentage of e-commerce retail sales has definitely risen in the last few months, accounting for 16% of US sales in the second quarter of 2020, as these charts from Statista reveal.eCommerce-growth-2010-to-2020-in last decade

Brining your physical store on the internet into a digitally-driven world will obviously be a win-win scenario.

You can avail of efficient web development and customization services for the e-commerce store to create solutions that meet the requirements of the customer for PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, and Shopify platforms.

1. Dynamic UI/UX

The user interface and user experience are pivotal elements of an eCommerce website. The experts and developers spend enough time to come up with the best ideas to stand out from the competition.

We assure you that your PrestaShop store’s architecture and user interface have a far-reaching impact on its ability to convert and maintain customers. We aim to produce a store that has convincing UI and UX with our domain knowledge and expertise.

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2. Web App Development

For an eCommerce website, nothing matters more than meeting the widest target audience. A web application makes your store gadget-friendly with enhanced UI. We build feature-rich web applications to expand your audience base and ensure that the mobility advantage is not lost.

3. eCommerce Website Customization

Look creates the first impression! You might need an eCommerce website with several features that are not included in free themes. A customized website on the PrestaShop platform created by expert developers can boost your sales and adding features to engage customers can add more value to your business.

We help you choose your theme and modules that match your store’s vibe and customer’s choice and customize them according to your business requirements.

4. Plugin and Module Development

Powerful plugins for your eCommerce store can always be advantageous to your store. You must have the right module for the move, whether it is a payment, delivery, or some other e-commerce feature that you need to incorporate in your online store.

We specialize in the contextual production of the modules for the PrestaShop platform for a decade. Some of our plugins are best sellers and adding them to your store can improve user experience, customer satisfaction, boost sales and conversions, and also helps in customer retention.

Plugins available for better customer journey are discussed in the following articles:

5. Shopping Cart Development

A shopping cart is the must-have element of an eCommerce and it needs to be designed with a fresh and competitive idea. We look forward to developing outstanding shopping cart solutions for the eCommerce store created on PrestaShop. We aim to provide a simple yet engaging checkout experience so the customer does not bounce at the checkout page and complete the purchase with satisfaction.

Not just on the checkout page but for a perfect shopping cart, the design plays a pivotal role. The shopping cart should be clean, simple yet engaging and for that high-quality images, product videos and other custom features can be added to it.

6. eCommerce Platform Migration

Are you not satisfied with your current eCommerce website platform? Not all platforms match your expectations and you might want to switch your store to another platform.

The migration of a platform impacts the business on a great scale and we have witnessed this change when we shifted our client’s website to another platform. The results are outstanding! The conversion rate has been increased tremendously.

For your current e-commerce shop, we provide stable and simple migration from any eCommerce platform or upgrade to the new version. The platform migration is a tedious process but we will do it for you without any data loss in a glitch-free manner.

7. Inventory Management Solutions for PrestaShop store

Finding difficulty in managing your stocks and inventory? It gets frustrating when you cannot manage the stock, orders, and deliverables. To handle the inventory, well-designed software is necessary.

We provide inventory management solutions for the PrestaShop platform. The management teams will receive stock notifications via a mobile networking system to save their time and effort.

The inventory management system of an eCommerce website can have several features matching the client’s requirements and we will give you what you need.

8. PWA- Progressive Web App

A Progressive Web Application for the eCommerce website on PrestaShop offers a potent web application to mobile shoppers. The web app converts the store into a mobile-friendly interface when a shopper opens the website on a web server. This is cool! You don’t need to depend on Google or Apple play stores.

PWA will have several features for your PrestaShop store to engage your visitors on mobile devices. What are you waiting for? Do add this amazing custom solution to your store and steal the attention of your potential customer.

9. Mobile App Development for PrestaShop website

We have robust mobile app development solutions that provide dynamic UI and UX. The mobile app can be customized according to your requirements. We have served many eCommerce companies and designed a custom mobile app.

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10. Integrate your PrestaShop store to a marketplace

Multi-channeling is one of the best ways for a broad range of online shoppers to reach out. One such platform that can help online sellers expand their reach is the online marketplace. With evolving technology and changing customer behavior, selling products through these popular channels is essential for all sellers.

There are various rules for product listing and inventory management in different marketplaces. KnowBand offers a range of marketplace integration for the Prestashop platforms to assist sellers in the easy listing and inventory management process. The marketplace integration module provides sellers with the following benefits:

  • Effortless product listing and bulk uploading
  • Mapping the attributes and categories of the store with the respective attributes and categories of the marketplace.
  • Effective inventory management
  • Effective order management

The best integration plugins are available for eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Jet, and Newegg marketplaces.

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11. Create Your Marketplace on PrestaShop platform

It is always good to keep up with the trend. Isn’t it? So, now you have an online business succeeding through a website with all the custom solutions added to it. What else you can do? These days marketplaces are one step ahead of the eCommerce businesses. An online eCommerce website is always a better option if you have never sold online but marketplaces have a ton of benefits over it.

Either you can sell on a marketplace or you can convert your PrestaShop eCommerce website into a fully functional platform for the sellers out there.

We provide complete web marketplace development solutions for the PrestaShop platform with custom functionalities. A multi-seller marketplace will have a proficient admin panel with front end seller dashboard. The store manager can sell their own products and take a commission from the sellers on every successful order.

You can even start a hyperlocal marketplace that has two additional features: geolocation and time. Deliver a product or service in a nearby location that too in a given time. This is how a hyperlocal marketplace works.  Want to know more about it? We have a list of blogs that you can refer to and think about it!

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12. Support and Maintenance


Our skilled team is always available to extend effective ongoing maintenance and round-the-clock support services for your eCommerce shop. We make sure that it is indeed operational, with prompt resolution of bugs and performance problems, so that it always provides the best customer experience.

Discuss your project with our experts: Talk to us!

Why Choose Knowband?

To understand your company requirements, a highly trained & skilled techno-sales and business analyst team will assist you. We go for a prompt & pro-active strategy with flexible model development. Our squad who handles PrestaShop website development are highly talented and assure you to deliver quality method checked and proven solutions on time. We guarantee you solid after-sales assistance with returns on your investment.

Visit the KnowBand store to explore more or you can drop a comment below if you find this article helpful.

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