7 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

7 Ways to Increase your Website Traffic

Website traffic is an integral part of any eCommerce business. Without it, the business holds little to no value. Is there any point of having a website if it is not receiving any traffic?

No web traffic means no customers, and hence no sales.

What is Web Traffic?

Web Traffic or Website Traffic is the number of web users who visit your website. Any time a visitor lands on your website, it counts as a visit or a session.

Website owners or marketers try various strategies to increase the traffic on their website, and today in this article, we will be talking about those tactics. I will be covering 7 simple yet effective ways to increase website traffic.

How to Boost Website Traffic?

Take a quick look at the 7 important tips that I will be sharing with you.

  1. On-Page SEO

  2. Social Media

  3. Paid Advertisement

  4. Start a Blog

  5. Write Quora Answers

  6. Guest Blogging

  7. Email Marketing

1. On-Page SEO


This might seem an obvious one but cannot be overlooked. If there’s one thing that matters the most when it comes to increasing the website traffic, it is the On-Page SEO. I mean SEO is all about driving traffic to your website.

If your website is SEO-optimized, you can expect quality organic traffic. So, make sure that all your web pages are optimized for search engines which will make it easier for the search engine bots to crawl your website, understand your niche and put your website in front of those web users whose queries match your business offerings.

2. Social Media

Promoting content is as important as creating it. How would people know that your brand even exists if you are not promoting it much or not leveraging the platforms which could help you in driving traffic to your website?

Social media is arguably the best platform to boost your website traffic. Facebook and Instagram can prove ideal if you are into B2C business whereas Twitter and LinkedIn are more beneficial for B2B businesses.

If you haven’t marked your presence yet on social media, now is the time. Your competitors there are already driving a handsome amount of traffic on their website through social media.

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3. Paid Advertisement


Paid advertisement is also one of the ways to promote your website in front of a large audience and driving them to your website. It becomes crucial if you have just started out your online business because you need to spend some bucks to get your brand noticed.

Google Adwords is one of the best tools that will help you with search engine marketing. You will have to bid for the keywords that you want your website to rank for, on the top in the search engine.

Besides you can also take help of social media ads such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. Make sure to target the right audience, which means the right age group and the right regions where you want to display your ads.

4. Start a Blog

A majority of websites have a blog section, and you should have it too. Start a blog as soon as possible.

When you focus on topics around your niche and start writing about them, you have a very good chance of ranking your blog posts on the search engine and driving traffic through it, considering that the content is of high quality and contains the required keywords.

Later, you can promote your posts on various platforms and bring the audience to your blog.

5. Write Quora Answers


Quora is one of the popular Q&A platforms where people ask different types of questions and seek answers for them. It is very likely that your niche’s audience is already there and looking for some answers which you could provide.

Create a Quora profile, search questions related to your niche and start answering them. One thing to keep in mind that Quora is a platform to discuss, not to promote, So, keep your answer as genuine as you can. Write detailed answers, add a link to your website without sounding promotional.

If Quora identifies that you are there just to promote your business, they will block you from their platform.

6. Guest Blogging

There are many websites over the Internet that allows Guest Blogging. It provides a great opportunity for you to attract the audience of those platforms to your website. Besides, it enhances your brand image as well.

Reach out to a guest blogging website. Tell them that you want to create content on their platform. Just follow their guidelines and you won’t find any problems.

7. Email Marketing

Every small business follows email marketing. If you have a good number of email subscribers, you can drive a decent amount of traffic on your website.

Focus on building your email list. Acquire email address of your visitors and then send them newsletters, marketing emails, offers and promotions or other important information and bring them on your website.

Final Thoughts

There is no fixed limit to the number of ways to increase your website traffic. As I earlier said, businesses try and implement multiple strategies to boost the traffic on their website.

Keep looking for different ideas and do whatever you feel can be helpful in bringing users to your website.

Manish Barthwal

Manish Barthwal

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  1. Great article! I’d add that to increase organic traffic it’s extremely important to keep in mind the search intent that each kind of content posted on the website will address. This way you’re making sure not only that you increase traffic but also that its quality is well and there is a chance that users will convert in the future 🙂

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