Success Story of ‘Elettronic Market Shop’ an Italian Marketplace

Marketplace success story

The marketplace has become the most visited eCommerce store in the last few years. You get products at competent prices with hundreds of choices from multiple sellers. Out of two ways of creating a marketplace, some chose to make it from scratch while others use marketplace extensions.

In this article, we are celebrating the success of the Elettronic Market, an Italian marketplace that trusted KnowBand’s PrestaShop Multi-vendor Marketplace Module and created a full-fledged multi-vendor store where anyone can register as a seller and expand their business.

About Elettronic Market Shop:

ELETTRONIC MARKET is a young and vibrant e-Commerce business that specializes in selling millions of goods. It sells lighting goods, DIY hardware, perfumery, clothes, beauty items, games for the little ones, personal care items, and much more thanks to a refined and unmistakable theme.

<em>"Our products are made with top quality materials and one goal: to offer design solutions with the best possible quality/price ratio."</em>

<em>-Elettronic Market</em>

Combined with attention to quality and design, the range of goods has helped their shop to become an industry leader with thousands of regular shipments throughout Italy.

The Elettronic marketplace has a functional website with a user-friendly interface. Along with that, they strive to provide an exclusive customer experience in every aspect of the shopping process. Elettronic Marketplace is actively working with big worldwide search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to guarantee all customers an exclusive and constantly changing shopping experience.

Services offered by Elettronic Market Shop:

Elettronic Market also pays close attention to all things related to logistics. Excellent logistics must enable the selling of even large goods. To always intercept the quickest route to get the goods to their destination as quickly as possible, we have agreed to focus on the best professionals in the logistics sector located in plants and warehouses in different Italian locations.

All the essentials and quality products are available at Elettronic Market Shop. It offers its customers products that are already chosen by a team of experts, bypassing the sifting of soulless products across endless websites. They examine the right products for you and this benefits the store; the customer satisfaction is more important and they watch it every day with the success of their products on the whole Italian market.


They have a 24/7 customer assistance service facility for customer communication which improves the customer experience.


Also, Elettronic Market provides the best shipping and payment options to the customers. Every transaction is secured with PayPal Gateway. The inventories are updated regularly and all the products are analyzed by the expert’s team before making them available online for the shoppers.

-> Click here to visit the Elettronic Market Shop Marketplace Website.

The Elettronic Market Shop at a glance:

The marketplace has a sleek and clear UI with a streamlined design. The Promo code bar runs at the top of the page with a discount code that can be availed by visitors. All the sidebars are separate and give a great soothing look to the front end of the website.

Features that make it to the top

The Elettronic Market Shop is created using PrestaShop Marketplace Module developed by KnowBand. The marketplace features are very well utilized and can be observed throughout the website.


Seller Registration is easy

You can become a seller by simply registering yourself but it requires the admin’s approval to start selling on PrestaShop Elettronic Marketplace.


Seller registration

Email Templates for every event

After the successful seller registration, you will receive an email with log-in credentials. Several email templates are available on the marketplace module for various events.

PrestaShop Marketplace email template 1

PrestaShop Marketplace email template 2

Seller Dashboard for every seller

The seller dashboard is another appealing feature of the PrestaShop Elettronic Marketplace. The seller gets a lot of options for managing orders, product upload, and inventory.

Seller Dashboard on Marketplace prestashop

Seller Dashboard on Marketplace

Product Approval

All the products uploaded by sellers can be reviewed from the backend and requires admin’s approval, a feature offered by KnowBand’s Marketplace Module!

Elettronic Market pays special attention to all aspects of logistics

Excellent logistics must enable the selling of even large goods. Since the Elettronic Market is a well-established name in the market, their operational structure ensures the delivery of even large quantities of the products. Sellers on the Elettronic Marketplace can add custom shipping choices.

Shipping can be added by seller

Super-Fast Delivery

With the automated efficient shipping and logistic system, In order to always intercept the quickest route to get the goods to their destination in the shortest possible period, they rely on the best professionals in the logistics sector located in plants and warehouses in different Italian locations.


In reality, thanks to this functional organization, we are always in a position to deliver our products to Italy within 24-48 working hours.

Hassle-free Inventory Management

With technical systems and software developed specifically for Elettronic Market, the entire management of the products available in the warehouse takes place. They have always paid attention to the forefront of optimizing order management and processing times. Bulk upload of products from the seller’s dashboard is possible.


Ensure Packaging before Shipment

To guarantee customers impeccable service, the quality control department inspects all pre-shipment packaging and products to ensure the integrity of the goods and packages shipped. With absolute control, they handle the entire company operation.

Efficient Customer Assistance Service

They provide an effective ‘Customer Assistance’ service that assists customers of all nationalities in their mother tongue with highly skilled resources, where they are present at all levels, from the moment of selection to the delivery of the products.

Secured by PayPal Transactions

Elettronic Marketplace is certified and verified PayPal website and all online credit card transactions are carried out in maximum security environments, being attentive to online fraud and the safety of personal data.

Request Invoice Feature

Customers can send a request for the invoice and an email will be sent to the email address which is already linked to the order number.

Vacation Mode

A seller can go on vacation mode when he/she is not available.

Vacation mode for seller

The Elettronic Market Shop makes life simpler

With a catalog the Elettronic Marketplace aims to enhance and extend on a daily basis, the list of offers includes a wide range of thousands of products.

Marketplace feature that helps in quality assurance

The greater strength of the Elettronic Marketplace has always been the richness of the bid. A team of experts continuously reviews the latest products to be included on the website and chooses only the best ones to provide customers with a superior product concerning quality, manufacturing methods, and aesthetics.

About PrestaShop Marketplace Module:

The PrestaShop Marketplace Module developed by KnowBand transforms your existing website into a multi-vendor marketplace. It is feature-rich and supports all the PrestaShop themes.

KnowBand has created several PrestaShop Modules for eCommerce websites that enhance the shopping experience and helps you bring more business to your store.

The marketplace needs a revenue model and PrestaShop Marketplace Modules supports two of the most accepted revenue models: The commission model and Membership Plans. It has a proficient admin panel with a functional seller dashboard. Customers can drop reviews for the products as well as the seller.

Every product-related activity by seller and placed orders can be monitored by the store manager from the backend. It supports multiple shipping and payment methods. The PrestaShop Marketplace module is also compatible with the mobile app builder. It supports multiple languages and currency.

Customization, email templates, seller management, inventory management, and many such features are incorporated in the Marketplace Module.

Click here to explore the Multi-Vendor Marketplace features

Click here to explore the Gold Plan of Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module


For those who need a quote, specialized support is also available. In the appropriate section of the site, simply send an email at and our Customer Service team will respond within a few hours.

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