Why you should sell on Etsy Marketplace? : mCommerce presence of Etsy


Etsy is a unique marketplace that mainly deals in the online trading of handmade crafts and vintage items which includes jewelry, toys, sports items, etc. It is a platform where sellers can make money out of their art and creativity and can earn a huge chunk of profits. Selling on Etsy Marketplace is still a dream for many sellers so to know the process of selling on Etsy, you can have a look at how to sell on Etsy Marketplace.

mCommerce popularity of Etsy:

The usage of mobile apps is continuously increasing day by day. Etsy has a great mobile app that works efficiently and is been used by many customers worldwide. In 2018, 55% of the company’s gross merchandise sales were generated through mobile devices. Therefore, it’s the mobile app is offering good sales and profits.


However, the increased usage of mobile apps does not assure you of massive sales and profits. For that, it’s important to rank your products high on the Etsy search results. Sellers need to be patient and should implement the best practices to achieve their goals. However, if you’re concerned more about the product ranking on search results, you can have a look on “How to increase the sales of the Etsy Shop, It contains strategies to skyrocket your product ranking on Etsy and acquire more customer attention which will compel them to go for instant purchase.

Benefits of selling on Etsy Marketplace:

Earlier, there was no way for small vendors to sell their hand made products among huge no. of audience. These craftsmen used to sell their products in fairs, open markets, or under consignment. However, the introduction of Etsy Marketplace helped these small merchants to sell their products online as it is a quick, moderate, and easy way to access millions of customers worldwide resulting in good profits. It enabled sellers to set up their brand shop with all the facilities provided without any advanced investments. Being an eCommerce store owner for any CMS platforms like PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, and OpenCart, they can sell on Etsy and leverage the following benefits.

Benefits are listed as follows:

1. Personalize your store:


The chance to personalize your storefront is given by fewer Marketplaces only like Etsy. Etsy gives sellers a golden opportunity which enables merchants to list their products accordingly, put the brand logo, and create personalized taglines and product-related policies. This will help sellers to enhance their brand image and become popular among customers which in result will provide immense sales.

2. Attract to a huge audience:


As we already got to know above that Etsy has 39.5 million active buyers. Undoubtedly, sellers have high chances to make good sales and profits as customers testimonials are showing their love towards Etsy. Also, it automatically provides sellers the accessibility to millions of customers all over the world. This enables them to increase their cross border sales too.

3. Customer Engagement:


It is another flexibility offered by Etsy to its third-party sellers. Etsy allows their sellers to:

  • Leave their social media handles,
  • Offer discounts and coupons on their products,
  • Collect emails to send reminder notifications.

These strategies help in engaging the targeted audience and also put sellers in charge of their product listings. On the other hand, it increases customer engagement on Etsy Marketplace which can compel customers to go for instant purchase.

4. Low cost of Startup:


As Etsy Marketplace has all things set up in one place, the retailer has to hardly make any investments other than some few expenses. Thus, the minimal cost is involved in selling on a Marketplace as a comparison to selling on your eCommerce website. Etsy will only charge:

Monthly Subscription Fee for selling on their platform and, listing fee or commission which is a standard amount for every product they listed on the Marketplace’s catalog.

5. Increased Brand visibility of your store:


If you are a newcomer in the eCommerce industry and trying your best to mark your presence on customers, Etsy Marketplace will help you to enhance your brand visibility and gain customer’s trust which will directly compel customers to go for instant purchase and this will result in increased sales and revenues.

6. Marketplace’s Powerful and supportive community:

Etsy makes you feel like family which indirectly brings you immense sales. Etsy has its forums and teams which always remain connected to the sellers and help in every possible way. This helps in building up the confidence of sellers which in total makes the whole Etsy Marketplace strong.


Selling on Etsy is the least complex way to ensure good sales and revenues. Selling on Etsy Marketplace is not an easy goal to achieve so luckily if sellers get a chance to sell on Etsy, then the above-mentioned benefits will help them to ensure good profits. Regardless of the marketplace, you choose to sell on, it’s important to be aware of the latest trend going on in the eCommerce industry and implement it for a profitable business in the future.

Selling on Etsy Marketplace was not that easy before. KnowBand offers Etsy Integrators for various CMS platforms like PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, and OpenCart, which allows sellers to integrate their eCommerce store with Etsy Marketplace via API integrator. With its seamless technology, sellers can easily present their products among the larger audiences and encourage brand awareness as well.

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