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This article is a toast to the success story of the Prestashop Mobile App for Scubamaster store developed using the Mobile App Builder plugin. Consider using KnowBand’s Mobile App Builder Module to develop Android & iOS Mobile app for the PrestaShop store. The Mobile App Builder offers the following advantages to the store admin:

  • No coding skills required
  • One Time Payment
  • Real-time synchronization between PrestaShop store and Mobile App
  • Supports all major payment methods
  • Supports all major shipping methods
  • Customizable Home Screen
  • Push Notifications
  • For the complete list of the feature please click here
  • Our technical team will assist you to submit the app at Google and Apple Play Store

Aside from growing your product sales and company exposure, a mobile app enhances customer retention. Each time users view it, an application guarantees the same presentation of goods and services. Customers, no matter which page they visit, will go through the same user experience. A mobile app allows you to get in touch with your customers quickly.

ScubaMaster Store created their mobile app with various functionalities that are required. With the aid of Mobile App Builder, they have customized the theme and added all the needful categories and menus in the App. Along with that, Prestashop Mobile App for Scubamaster store has an order return feature that is incorporated additionally using Return Manager PrestaShop Module. They have options like Gift Card for every occasion and an Affiliate and Referal Program to incentivize the users.

Let’s dive deep into the Prestashop Mobile App for Scubamaster store’s success story!

About PrestaShop Scubamaster store

The ScubaMaster Store is Bahrain’s and Saudi’s one-stop-shop for diving’ for the east coast. In the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ScubaMaster is proud to be the number one diving center. They have the widest collection of scuba equipment under one roof from top brands that cater to specialist and advanced equipment for scuba divers’ basic needs.

You will find top-quality products, the best customer service, and a broad selection of PADI courses from beginners to expert levels. From beginners to advanced levels, they have male and female instructors who teach a wide variety of PADI courses, which makes the ScubaMaster the only PADI 5 Star Dive Center in Bahrain. To keep the game going and to deliver a superior user experience, they have asked KnowBand to develop a full-fledged mobile app.

-> Click on the link to visit the ScubaMaster Website

-> Download the ScubaMaster Mobile App  from Playstore

ScubaMaster is quite popular in Bahrain. It has 10K Instagram followers! Whoa!

-> Follow on Instagram @scubamasterco

Prestashop Mobile App for Scubamaster store-Top features

The Prestashop Mobile App for Scubamaster store is a versatile app with all the necessary features. Some of the top-notch functionalities are discussed in this section.

1.     Home Screen, Product Page, and Categories

By using the eCommerce Web App Builder plugin, store owners get a personalized app. Scubamaster store has designed the home page of their app easily using different home page editor tools provided on the backend of the Prestashop Mobile App for the Scubamaster store. Several categories can be added to the store’s navigation.

The home page design can be customized and the admin can add the banners, products, or other blocks to the home screen to offer a better customer experience. The Android Mobile App Creator for PrestaShop has an easy-to-manage admin interface that helps the admin to create attractive home screens.


2.     Multiple languages and Currency Support

Developing a different mobile app for different languages is not possible for the store administrator. The user can select and check any desired language on the app in their preferred language. Take a look at the multi-lingual and multiple currency support features of the ScubaMaster Store Mobile App. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder supports multi-lingual functionality and also supports RTL language.


3.     New Product, Bestsellers, Hot Products, Wishlist features

Clear navigation for new products, best sellers, and hot products keeps the customer engaged. The admin can select the products like New Arrivals, Best Sellers, Special Products, Products from a category, or Custom Products to showcase on the home screen that will help the customers to make their purchase decision.

Another interesting feature that you should have in your mobile app for eCommerce is the wishlist. The Mobile App Creator’s built-in wishlist feature enables customers to add the product to the wishlist and access it for later purchase.


4.     Easy Sign-up and Login

Prestashop Mobile App for Scubamaster store provides multiple login options. Now users can login with Google, and Facebook, email & Phone Number. Users of the mobile app will simply log in to the app and conveniently access the items and categories. Users can easily share products on social media.


5.     Supports Various Payment and Shipping Methods

The ScubaMaster is offering various payments and shipping options that enhance the urge to buy more. On the website and mobile apps, the front-end mobile shopper will find the same kind of checkout experience.


ScubaMaster Store Mobile App has more PrestaShop modules for store management and to boost sales

6.     Affiliate and Referral Program

The ScubaMaster Store has incorporated the Affiliate and Referral Program. Affiliates promote the link on their website, blog, or YouTube channel of your store products, etc. The affiliates get a small commission on every sale through their affiliate link.

A visitor or customer shares your products with their people in the Referral marketing program. When people make purchases from your store, you provide them with some kind of referral reward. A customer can choose to share the link or voucher code for the product.

Affiliate and Referral PrestaShop Module

7.     Return Manager

Return Manager Module by KnowBand is another successful tool used by ScubaMaster to manage the order returns on their store. they can track the return from the backend.

They have also customized this module to work well with the mobile app. KnowBand added this custom feature at the client’s request. Customers can place return, order cancellation requests, or refund requests from ScubaMaster Store Mobile App.

8.     Gift Card Manager-Gift Card for your loved ones

Digital Gift Cards, also referred to as electronic gift cards or e-gift cards, contain a branded gift code and are sent via email. All over the world, e-gift cards can be sent to anyone. The same has been added to the ScubaMaster Store Mobile App.


The module adds a gift card section and provides pre-existing customizable gift card templates. Use these templates for various occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, etc. For any desired occasion, you can add new gift card templates so that you do not miss out on any important event.

Why build a mobile app for your business?

Nowadays, for almost every purpose you can think of, like selling products and rendering utilities, mobile app development services have been used to create iOS and Android mobile apps.

The mobile device consumer population currently stands at over 1 billion worldwide. The reasons why every business owner wants a mobile app for his or her company are below.

Mobile Applications improves customer experience; it increases customer engagement on your store and adds value to your customers. Along with that, mobile apps play a crucial role in building a brand’s identity.

The purpose of mobile apps is to reinforce and inform the client about your brand. The more he likes you, the more he listens to you and your sales pitches and ultimately commits himself to your brand.

PrestaShop Android & Ios Mobile App Builder Module

Without any coding, you can create an eCommerce mobile app for your PrestaShop store. The Mobile App Builder Module helps the shop administrator to launch the shopping app under its website/business name and value. To make the shopping app look attractive and enticing for front-end shoppers, there are intuitive color and font options.

The iOS and Android mobile app let you send infinite push notifications. You can customize the entire home screen and look and feel of the PrestaShop mobile app front-end. It is most useful for the store admin to design the home screen layout of the mobile app. Only select the required banners, sliders, categories, products, etc., and to change them, use drag & drop. It is possible to modify and customize locations, headings, names, etc. from the admin panel at any time. These adjustments on the app will be mirrored in real-time on the apps.

Please visit the link below for details:

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

For any further details, feel free to contact us. Please drop an email to

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