How to open “Terms & Conditions” link in a new tab on checkout page (OpenCart)?

Objectives of the blog After reading this blog we will be able to add the html attribute in “Terms and Condition” link to open it in new tab. Current Scenario Presently, The “Terms & Conditions” link shows entire page in a popup window on checkout page of Opencart. But for “Terms & Conditions” having custom texts and html we want to open the same link […]

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How to Reset Opencart admin password?

How to reset opencart admin password?

Have you lost your OpenCart password? You might be surprised to learn that this is a problem with admin panels quite frequently. You can update the password in the database if you’ve forgotten your OpenCart admin password. Your account’s password must be changed using phpMyAdmin in cPanel. Most of the times, it happens when you […]

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How to Hide Input Fields for Disabled Languages in OpenCart while Adding New Category?


OpenCart is hailed as an amazing eCommerce platform due to its multiple functionalities and features that have made it a popular choice among site owners. One of the wonderful features that have earned it followers across geographical boundaries is its multi-language support due to the presence of OpenCart extensions. Due to this feature, numerous eCommerce […]

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