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With the rise in marketplace demand, the Hyperlocal Marketplace PrestaShop module is a solution for all the startups that are planning on a new venture. The module is developed to provide complete assistance to the admin, seller, and customers who are willing to take the advantage of nearby delivery models.

Hyperlocal concept work on geolocation and near-me delivery which is flourishing these days. PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace can convert the eCommerce website into a multi-vendor marketplace with no extra efforts.  Hyperlocal Marketplace PrestaShop module is developed by Knowband which has several functionalities and benefits.

To connect customers with local sellers and shops, the Hyperlocal Marketplace PrestaShop module can be used. Using this module, owners of the PrestaShop store can turn their eCommerce website into a fully functioning marketplace and allow other sellers to sell their products.

Since location is important, sellers can add locations where their products can be delivered and customers can enter their location to verify the availability of the sellers and products. It is time to explore new business opportunities with the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace module because it is incorporated with all the necessary features required.

Features of a hyperlocal marketplace PrestaShop module

Hyperlocal Functionality

Geolocation data is incorporated and the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace module is integrated by Google Maps. Shipping areas where their food, grocery, personal care products, etc. can be delivered can be introduced using the hyperlocal feature. Admin can add various localities for sellers to register and sellers can add places where they can deliver the products.

If the shipping distance is out of sight, then a default price for their shipping may also be applied by the seller. Sellers can conduct different operations using this feature, such as adding shipping prices, adding multiple shipping areas, adding bulk ship rates, etc.

Manage Sellers easily:

It is easy to approve or disapprove of the sellers from the admin panel of the Hyperlocal marketplace.

Product Approval List:

Any registered seller can sell whatever they want to but the admin can approve the list of products and categories from the seller lists. Inventory management for food delivery, grocery home delivery, and other local delivery products can be done effortlessly in a few steps.

Effortless Commission Management:

The admin can easily break the commission according to the type of the commodity. The admin may also create new categories accordingly.

By entering a default committee, the admin may set a new category. This allows managers to charge different commission rates for different types of items.

Easy Transactions

The module offers effortless transaction options for customers, sellers, and the admin.


Seller Transactions

The system does not automatically move the amount into the account of the seller, so the owner of the store must keep records for all the sellers and manually pass money to the seller and enter the transaction information later to keep a record of the same.

The PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace module allows the administrator to view two types of sellers’ transactions, namely Seller Balance History and Transaction History.

The PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace addon’s Seller Transactions page keeps track of the transactions of the seller and the remaining balance of sellers.

Payout Request

For their profits, the sellers may make a compensation offer. These payout requests can be viewed from the Hyperlocal Marketplace PrestaShop Module’s transaction payout request section.

Vendors may specify the sum and purpose for the payout and may choose any of the payment methods specified. With a single mouse click, the admin may approve or disagree with the payout requests.

Email Templates for Notification

For multiple events, such as vendor registration, seller account approval, product approval, review updates, payout request warning, and many more, the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace addon offers different ready-made email templates.

The PrestaShop sellers will be updated with these email updates about different activities at the PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace.

Membership plans

By adding filters, sellers can review their membership plan history. To verify the background of the membership plans, sellers have to fill in the plan name and the status of the membership plan under the philters.

Multiple payment and shipping methods:

Store admin can set multiple shipping and payment methods. Sellers can specify their methods of shipping or the default shipping methods specified by the administrator will be displayed in the Ship tab of the seller’s dashboard. To introduce his customized shipping methods, the seller has to add the required methods.

GDPR Compatibility:

The Hyperlocal PrestaShop Marketplace is GDPR compatible. I allow customers to opt-out from the customer list. Customers can see the seller details if the admin allows the settings and sellers can close their shop whenever they want to.

Admin Benefits of Hyperlocal Marketplace PrestaShop Module:

Easy commissions:

The marketplace is a source of passive income and supporting local businesses can be advantageous. The module allows the admin to set the commission for every seller. The commission can be different or the same depending upon the admin’s choice.

No need for stocking up an inventory:

Since it allows multiple sellers and let them sell at one platform, the Hyperlocal Marketplace PrestaShop Module has the functionality to manage the inventories. Both admin and seller can add or remove products and categories.

A profitable business model:

It is a scalable business model with the benefits of eCommerce marketplaces. In contrast to a standalone eCommerce shop, it entails less financial risks. A rising customer count comes with growing suppliers, ultimately resulting in an increasingly growing business.

Helps increase revenue

Sellers come to hyperlocal marketplaces to sell because it allows them access to a large client base. The risk of consumers stumbling on goods they did not originally want to buy is higher when searching through goods on marketplaces.

Hence, this increases the chances of better sales as a wide range of goods are presented for them to choose from various vendors.

Seller Benefits of the Hyperlocal Marketplace PrestaShop Module:


Large customer base:

The Marketplace has a major advantage as it brings more new customers to the seller. A seller gets regular orders because of a larger customer base.

Easy Management:

It has a front end seller dashboard which allows the vendors to view their profile, products, and orders. The module provides a separate seller’s page which makes it easier for the vendors to promote their business.

Shipping Benefits:

The shipping methods can help you reduce cart abandonment. As per the requirements, the vendor may add multiple ship areas. The seller will edit the areas of the ship. They can also delete areas for ships. For different areas, the seller can list multiple shipping rates. If the distance is beyond the range, the seller will set the default price for shipping.

Sell Multiple Products:

Any type of product can be introduced to the marketplace by vendors. The Hyperlocal Marketplace PrestaShop module supports all kinds of products categorized by the admin. It can be any product, virtual, or bundle products.

Various Membership Plans:

Sellers can take any membership plans as per the requirements. Hyperlocal Marketplace PrestaShop module allows the seller to choose the membership plans like a monthly plan, yearly plan, or other as needed.

Transaction Transparency:

The entire transaction is transparent as the commission charges are fixed and the seller can ask for payouts whenever needed or as per the marketplace policy.

Buyer Benefits of Hyperlocal Delivery Addon

Faster Delivery: By entering the location, buyers can check the availability of items and sellers easily. They can add Pincode and all the products which are available in their area will be displayed in the marketplace. Faster delivery can be done after buying from a nearby store.

Get a better deal: From a broader range of product choices, customers can now select the perfect items. Due to the competency factor, customers can get amazing deals on less expenditure.

Reviews can help: There is an opportunity for customers to give the seller reviews. By using Product Review Alert or Default Product Comment Addon, customers may also review the goods.

Buy from seller’s page: The hyperlocal marketplace for PrestaShop allows customers to visit the seller page and buy directly from there.

Become a seller: If you are a customer and planning to sell on a marketplace then it is super easy on a PrestaShop Multi-vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace in fewer steps.

Improved customer engagement and segmentation: Marketplace is the ultimate destination for not only consumer interaction, but also improved consumer targeting strategies and efficient study of customer segmentation. These markets provide space for a tailored consumer sales strategy and improved overall customer experiences as well.

Final words:

In the past, online hyperlocal marketplaces have shown rapid growth and capacity for the same in the future. With the tremendous opportunities it provides, marketplaces have progressively become a lucrative place for sellers from which their product scope can be extended far and wide. The path to offer excellent shopping experiences has just started for hyperlocal marketplaces.  In the industry, the journey ahead is exciting and full of potential for inventive innovations.

looking for business ideas, here is the list of top 10 hyper-local businesses that you can start with minimum investment.

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