Why is shopping cart a must-add for your website?

Why is shopping cart a must-add for your website | KnowBand

The shopping cart has been one such feature that is making a buzz in the eCommerce arena. The feature has become a driving force for pulling conversions. Many eCommerce websites have already adopted it and those who have not are considering it. Having a shopping cart feature has become an unequivocal necessity, especially in the wake of cut-throat competition. In a scenario where cart abandonment is already acting as a huge revenue killer, loss of revenue due to some petty avoidance can be really drastic. Here, we will talk about the need for having a shopping cart feature on your website.

Advantages of a shopping cart

Now, we will take a look at those advantages which a shopping cart feature brings in.

  1. One-stop-shop: It acts as a one-stop-shop for data management. The customer can easily manage all those products and services that he/she wants to avail through a particular website. Apart from this, a shopping cart also contains data like customer name, card details, processing details, etc., thus making the transaction smoother.
  2. Stats and analysis: A shopping cart feature helps in maintaining the data and stats related to successful ( as well as dropped) transactions. This will help you to manage multiple requests from a single customer, which otherwise would be difficult to maintain.
  3. Discounts and coupons: An effective shopping cart feature allows you the freedom to integrate coupons and discounts into the transaction process. Other features like inventory tracking, customer review, etc., may also be channelized by the shopping cart feature. It acts as a profit-generating medium between payment processors and website.
  4. Customer and SEO friendly: By providing the customer with ease of transaction and instant access to product details as well as comparison, a shopping cart feature proves it worth in creating a customer-friendly environment. Apart from that, a good shopping cart ensures maximum traffic flow to your website by generating keyword rich URL for products and services, thus acting as an SEO booster.

Tools for shopping cart

To have a shopping cart feature on your website, all you need to do is to install an add-on compatible with the platform of your website. Prestashop Ajax cart module is one such tool for Prestashop-based eCommerce websites. You can choose from the variety of add-ons available in the market.

Last thoughts

Keeping in mind the target of conversion optimization, the addition of a shopping cart feature on your website will surely be a game-changer. To latch on to the revenue ladder you must ponder about the same.

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