Did Apple really hand over the Qualcomm’s tech secrets to Intel?

Qualcomm and Apple’s long-running lawsuit took a new turn yesterday. The chipmaker biggie came up with a new accusation on the iPhone maker of misusing their powers by supplying its tech secrets to the Intel, one of the biggest rival. Qualcomm’s allegations over Apple On Tuesday, 24th September 2018, Qualcomm came with a legal filing […]

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EU Antitrust charges to be imposed on Qualcomm over iPhone Modem lawsuits in Germany

Qualcomm, the leading chip-maker organization is going to face penalties from the European Commission over Antitrust charges in upcoming days. The company is being alleged for paying Apple to eschew the rival companies in the industry. Why will Qualcomm be under EU scrutiny? Apple brought this antitrust actions of Qualcomm in light by filing a […]

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Apple is bringing transparency in its app market by linking all apps with Privacy Policies

Apple, the tech giant never fails to justify its motto – Think Different and why not to have an extraordinary approach? Look where this approach has brought them, a trillion dollar worth company. This time they came up with the new announcement regarding privacy policies. The iPhone maker is asking all the developers to link […]

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Antitrust allegations

Donald Trump warns that tech biggies Google, Facebook and Amazon might be in an Antitrust situation

On Thursday, 30 August 2018 Donald Trump in an interview lashed out at current technology companies of being in a very Antitrust situation. While talking to Bloomberg, the American President pointed out that these organizations are misusing their power and influence, but didn’t comment on whether they should be broken up or not. Donald Trump’s […]

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