6 Summer Holiday eCommerce shipping mistakes to avoid

Customers expect fast delivery. Being an online seller, providing customers with their products is no more than a mission. And when the product is to be delivered under the scorching sun, the mission becomes more complex and hard to achieve. The Holiday sales season is the main culprit to increasing complexities in “Mission Delivery”. However, […]

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How to sell on Walmart Canada?

It is undeniable that the huge involvement of modern technology in today’s generation has dramatically changed the lives of individuals and businesses throughout the world. As a result, the trend of online shopping became popular in every corner of the globe. Everyone likes to surf on the digital waves for online shopping today. Being a […]

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OpenCart Preferred Delivery Time Extension

1.0 Introduction These days online customers demand product delivery as per their preferences. Now the online store admin can offer functionality to select the preferred delivery date and time. Knowband offers OpenCart preferred delivery time extension which is highly customizable and allows the admin to offer delivery date and time selection option on the website. […]

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OpenCart AutoSwitch Language and Currency Converter-User Manual

1.0 Introduction For enhancing your business at the global level and to provide a user-friendly interface to customers, Knowband is offering OpenCart auto switch language and currency module. Whenever a user will visit the store, OpenCart auto switch language and currency converter will automatically convert the content of your OpenCart store into user familiar language […]

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