Best eCommerce Payment Gateways For UAE (United Arab Emirates)


For any eCommerce business, it’s a prior thing to make the entire online purchasing procedure to be glitch-free. Online payment gateways play a vital role in this. It won’t be wrong to say that reliable payment gateways open the door to improved shopping experience and revenue growth. Converting a website visitor into a successful buyer requires a lot of key factors and efforts from store admin, offering active payment methods in the specific targeted location would make the job more facile. UAE is a huge market with tons of opportunities for eCommerce Businesses. If you are looking for guidance on the top eCommerce Payment Gateways for UAE, then the below-listed ones will be of aid for you.

Whether it’s an online shop or an eCommerce mobile app, an efficient payment method will help you in gaining a user’s trust. Modern shoppers tend to choose the one offering shopping ease in every possible way including payments. It has been forecasted that eCommerce sales in UAE will reach around $27B. This growth can be estimated to increase by 23% every year. This data is enough to prove the potential of online business in the UAE.

Nowadays, online shoppers are way more alert & conscious even about data security while making online payments. So, e-retail businesses must choose the right ones to avoid any sort of further hindrance in online payments and transactions. Let’s discuss each one in detail:

1. TELR:


Telr (formerly known as Innovative Payments) is one of the prominent payment gateways in the UAE. With its expansion to around 120 countries worldwide, it got enough favoring the audience to prove its credibility. The eCommerce store merchants get to choose either of 3 account levels:

Entry Level: AED 349 pa
Small Level: AED 99 pa + Transaction Charges
Medium Level: AED 49 pa + Transaction Charges

The payment gateway even offers a monthly subscription package to start with. Get to know more from here.



Another big name is widely used payment gateways in the UAE region. With origin in India, it has covered a long journey in simplifying online transactions for the eCommerce industry.

The good thing is that the setup fee involved with this is 0. Although, the monthly charges are $54.45 + an additional 3% on every transaction. This might seem to be quite expensive but it becomes worth it along with FREE offerings like prevention from fraud & 24/7 instant support. Get to know more from here.

3. Amazon Payment Services:


With no required setup fee in starter packages, Amazon Payment Services has become one of the most widely preferred payment gateways in the United Arab Emirates.

For mid-tier accounts, eCommerce merchants just need to pay a monthly charge of AED 200. Along with that, commission rates are 2.8%, which are comparatively low. It also provides custom packages based on monthly transaction volume.

Recently, the gateway has launched an installment option that allows customers to buy more. It also allows businesses to check business growth in real-time empowering data-driven decision making. Get to know more from here.


This payment gateway has recently reached the UAE online retail industry in the year 2014, 4 years after origination. With its PCI compliance, 15 languages & 87 currencies, it becomes a globally used payment gateway.

E-merchants need to pay a one-time setup fee of $500. Additional Transaction charges also apply based on the card types:

European Cards: 0.95% + 2 cents per transaction
Non-European Cards: 2.9% + 20 cents per transaction

Get to know more from here.


2CheckOut further expands the international reach of e-merchants being currently available in 211 nations across the globe. It provides a complete PCI Compliance & merchant account. Likewise, checkout, it also supports 15 languages & 87 currencies.

It provides ultimate fraud detection with address verification & 300+ rules & CVV checks. The rates for transaction charges are 3.9% + 45 cents on each transaction. Get to know from here.

These were a few top payment gateways active in UAE eCommerce. Combining them would cover almost entire online transactions in the Arab Emirates.

Want to Integrate Custom Payment Method in eCommerce App?


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The right payment gateway can boost e-Commerce business growth to a huge extent. A secure, speedy & user-friendly payment gateway ensures no errors during checkouts. It also reduces the cart abandonment rate (arisen due to payment issues).

Both eCommerce websites and applications can make the best out of it if used wisely. Considering the productivity of mobile app users in online product purchases, make sure to choose a functional & responsive payment gateway on mobile devices too.

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