How to list a product in eBay Marketplace?

When you have successfully created a sellers account, you need to add products in your shop. Adding the products in your cart is an easy process with the following steps:

Step 1: Sell option

Sell Tab

Click on the “Sell” option in the top right corner.

 Step 2: Start Selling

Start Selling

Click on the “Start Selling” option to start the process.

Step 3: Contact info

Contact info

Provide your contact info so that eBay can contact you in case of any issue with the products added.

Step 4: Get Started

Get started

Enter the product you want to sell and click “Get started”.

Step 5: Subtitle


Enter the subtitle of the product/listing.

 Step 6: Fill Up form

Fill Up form

Enter the necessary details which you want to display to the user.

 Step 7: Preview Listing

Preview Listing

Before saving the list, eBay provides you an option to preview the listing with all the details.

 Step 8: List the item

List the item

Click on “List the item” to make the item public.

 Step 9: Contact number


Contact Number

Enter the number for verifying purpose. Your item has been listed and is publicly available to the users.

Watch how to list a product in eBay Marketplace?


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  1. Nice article. Video explanation is very helpful and it helped me to list my products on eBay. Thank you, Joe, for this amazing article.

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