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An eCommerce website development demands expertise, market research, and many other necessary factors that need to be taken care of. There can be two ways you can create an eCommerce website: Develop a website from scratch by coding or create an eCommerce website on existing platforms like OpenCart, PrestaShop, or Magento.

But, your efforts will go in vain if the plan, strategies, marketing scheme, and the website URL is not optimized. So, lookout for a website development company that provides you the best in the industry for your eCommerce business.

Introduction to eCommerce

The eCommerce business is flourishing and has established its roots during the last two decades. Trade started with human communication in prehistoric times and has been carved and molded as time changed. Selling and buying online is the latest business trend followed by millennials.

eCommerce has been a disruptive force in fashion retail, from raising global sales to turning the industry futuristic. There is a sea of opportunities in online businesses and this brings forth a profitable market for start-ups. Brick and mortars and physical stores are choosing to explore and reap the advantages of this booming industry.

eCommerce is a simple and easiest way of expanding business over digital media without owning a physical store. Yes, to start an online business, you don’t require a warehouse or a large space that you usually need for an offline business.

An eCommerce website is not just a means of shopping but it is a modern trend and establishing your identity requires a lot of features and functionalities to sustain and stand out in the market. Payments, shipping methods, product page customization, and return management are the basic requirements of an eCommerce.

This guide will be a complete manual for those who want to start an eCommerce business. But, before that, let us understand the eCommerce business types.

  • Single vendor: An eCommerce website that is designed for one seller and the product listing, inventory management, payment methods, shipping, and other functions will be handled by the owner himself.
  • Multi-vendor: A multi-vendor online website or a marketplace is a platform for several sellers where they can sell their products and services. The very first example that is coming to my mind is Amazon. A multi-vendor marketplace involves three entities: Admin, sellers, and customers. All three are interconnected and interdependent.

E-commerce business models:

Before the execution of your master plan, you must know the business models which are most accepted in the eCommerce industry.  Website development will be easier if you understand your target audience and your own position in the business.

There has been a lot of debate about four business models for B2C (Business To Consumer), B2B (Business To Business), C2C (Consumer To Consumer), and C2B (Consumer To Business) as the growth of globalization, consumerism, and trade has continued. All these models have gained remarkable success and are discussed here in brief:

  • B2B– the B2B refers to a model where one business makes a transaction with the other business. For an instance, a manufacturing company will sell the product to a whole seller rather than a consumer. These transactions typically happen in a supply chain.
  • B2C– when a business generates its revenue by selling its products to the consumer. The business-to-consumer eCommerce platforms are the most common ones. Single and multi-vendor, both can happen to be B2C platforms. The biggest online marketplace Amazon is B2C.
  • C2B– Consumer to business is exactly the opposite of B2C. If you are a consumer and you have an idea of developing functionality then you can suggest this to a business. Customer reviews and feedback also count in C2B.
  • C2C– Consumer-to-consumer is a business model that allows customers to make the transaction with another customer. Craiglist, Etsy, and eBay are famous C2C websites.

Now, you have a clear idea about the business models and how they work for an eCommerce. If you want to start a service providing business like personal care, hair and massage, a hotel booking website, or a marketplace then we have solutions to all your demands.

We develop a website that you dreamt about and offer custom website development services for those who already have a website and looking for some personalized solutions. Be it a clothing business or a hotel booking for pets, we will create what you want and provide expert assistance throughout the venture.

Here is a list of benefits an eCommerce has over a retail brick and mortar store. I am sure this will help you if you are still not sure about it.

Part 1: For a decade, KnowBand have been empowering eCommerce businesses

Website Development services- create eCommerce website

There is an eCommerce Production Company shore, packed with the competitiveness that is significantly growing. If you want to win this race, make sure you remain completely updated about all aspects of eCommerce. That is what we are here for.

KnowBand is serving eCommerce companies for a decade and we are best known as a plugin development company for eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, and Shopify. We have a specialized team for custom modules and website development services for online stores.

Hire us to convert your aspiration into reality. Share your project and let us think!

#1. Plan with experts

Website Development services- create eCommerce website

We give you a chance to discuss your project from the grassroots and plan it with industry experts. You can completely trust us for the best output as we have many happy customers all over the world. We will ensure the number of days it will take with all the expenses and other necessary terms and conditions well before.

Planning is the first step for a project and when it is a website, you need to be precise and peculiar with your needs. As I said, discuss your project and leave the rest to us.

#2. Design and Develop a store

Website Development services- create eCommerce website

Projects come with varying degrees of complexity within all types, but the design is one feature that all successful projects have in common. Project preparation, then, is about understanding, prioritizing, and allocating the tasks and it requires the resources to establish the foundation for a successful project.

We design your website as you want it. The design of a website is most important as it is responsible for conversions. We surely do not take things for granted when it comes to our customers’ satisfaction. We will develop a fully functional eCommerce website for your business with the best UI and UX, integrated with all possible features according to your requirements.

Read this article to know the 5 Key Elements for a Perfect eCommerce UI Design.

#3. Implement it right!

Our goal is to do right the first time all the time. Now you have discussed the plan and we have a curated solution ready for you. Next comes the execution; the process of putting a decision or plan into effect.  Strategic management is considered to be one of every organization’s most critical tasks since it covers the entire spectrum of strategic decision-making of the organization.

We will be there to implement your eCommerce business and help you with attracting the target audience, potential buyers, and provide you matrices to keep an eye on your daily transactions.

You can test your eCommerce store on PrestaShop Demo App in 3 simple steps.

#4. Post Deployment Assistance

We offer comprehensive system maintenance services, including post-implementation assistance, assured repair time, technical oversight, as well as personalized hosting and server management solutions, server virtualization, and cloud storage.

Website Development services- create eCommerce website

After the website launch, post-deployment support aims to provide continuous technical support. This involves constant work based on existing needs like minor changes, modifications to changing situations, 24/7 assistance from experts, and others.

If you purchase a plugin for your PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, or Shopify platform developed by Knowband, you will be benefitted from 3 months of free support and maintenance assistance. We believe that the customer is king! and our squad always looks forward to solving your issues without delay.

Do you want to build something great together? Click here to submit your requirements.

Resources to refer: KnowBand makes it to the list of top eCommerce tool market players 

Part 2: Advantages of Knowband’s Web Development services for eCommerce


It is quite possible to miss out on esteemed opportunities available with the advent of new technology. If one does not have the expertise to tap into these changes, this situation is even worse. Well, this is the scenario for companies that have limited website development and design knowledge.

Let’s face it, website service providers have tremendously changed how online businesses operate.  The web development service provider makes the navigation easy.  Help your website rank good in Google search i.e. they make it SEO optimized. Help you increase sales with good marketing strategies and make the website design engaging which can do more conversions.  Some of the major benefits of an eCommerce website development service provider are discussed in this part of the article.

Superior UI/UX


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, your eCommerce website needs the best UI and UX designs. There is perhaps nothing more important when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of a digital product than ensuring that users have an outstanding user experience. It’s UX and UI are the components of your digital product that make sure this happens.

A superior UI/UX for a PrestaShop website will bring consistency to your eCommerce store pages and the website application.  It is important to take care of fonts, color themes, styles, and icons throughout the website. UI and UX design help in building brand credibility. It is been said that customer satisfaction can bring more traffic and improve sales and investing in efficient UI and UX design ensures customer satisfaction.


Website Development services- create eCommerce website

Responsive web development services enhance the cross-over operation and user experience of a mobile web page over many gadgets and screens. The mobile web opening is also on the hike, as noted and anticipated, so set up your mobile-friendly website and gain an upper hand over the competition.

  • Improved experience with users.
  • A mobile-friendly layout makes a website more accessible.
  • A responsive architecture of websites is cost-effective.
  • A mobile responsive website increases sales.

We also offer web app development, mobile app development, and PWA (Progressive web app) development services to increase your reach as mobile shoppers are more than desktop buyers.

Scalable Solutions

Scalability is an aspect of a scheme, software, or solution, or rather a functional quality. A scalable solution for a system is the one that can accommodate expansion without hindering the existing workflow and guaranteeing an increase in the output or efficiency of the process.

We surely develop websites that can be expanded and customized whenever requires. We even provide scalability to expand your single seller store into an online multi-vendor marketplace.

GDPR Compliant

Is your website GDPR compliant? The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) essentially protects EU citizens against data breaches and misconduct concerning privacy. The new regulation requires organizations to provide information and transparency to EU citizens on how to store and collect their data.

Technology Driven

Technology-driven processes refer to processes that are driven by the potential of the technologies available. In the face of evolving technology, companies are more adaptable, wanting to give them more speed and adaptability.

A cultural identity that recognizes change and innovation is often more inventive, helping create new solutions that perform well in the market.

Our custom solutions are technology-driven that often benefits businesses more substantially from implemented technology, and they also give them marketplace benefits.

Part 3: Custom eCommerce Website Development

website development services- create your eCommerce website

  • Chatbots

Reports say that the website conversions get improved by 23% with the incorporation of chatbots. Chatbots are effective tools for real-time conversions and adding this to your eCommerce website will make a huge difference. The other benefit of giving instant customer support services is that it increases customer engagement.

We provide the best chatbot support system for the PrestaShop platform. We have a readymade solution that connects the eCommerce platform with WhatsApp chat or other social media messengers.

Click here to read the benefits of live chat for an eCommerce.

  • Powerful Search tool

A customer will be ungratified if you fail to deliver the result they were looking for. A powerful search engine helps your customer to find out the correct product or service when they got stuck in your navigation. We can provide a sturdy search tool for your PrestaShop store to improve the visibility and performance of search results.  Text search, voice search, and image search are required in your eCommerce store for giving your customers a better customer journey.

Read these two listed articles to know the importance of a robust search tool.

Pagination is the most boring element of a website when you are shopping online. Customers find it annoying clicking on the ‘next page’ button to see more products and this can become a reason for increased bounce rate. What can be the solution to this problem?

You can add a plugin to your PrestaShop store which will remove this next page hassle and allows the user to scroll infinitely. They will not have to switch the pages during the online purchase.

Why replace pagination with an infinite scroll? – Pagination vs Infinite Scrolling

  • Shipping methods customization

Is your website allowing you to add custom shipping methods to your eCommerce store? If not then you are in the position of losing some potential buyers due to limited shipping options.

Custom shipping methods let you add multiple (custom) shipping methods to your PrestaShop store.

Resources to refer for shipping:

To check on your sales funnel, you open up your store website, and you find out you have some things to work on.

You know that more customers should be persuaded by your product pages to add your (awesome) products to their carts, but they do not seem to be, and you are not sure why or how to fix it. A product page is the cardinal element of a website.

To design a product page, you need an expert’s hand and we are here to be one that too on a speed dial.

A curated product page for the PrestaShop store can level up your conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate. Our squad takes care of your product, brand, Copywrite issues, and design and user experience.

Refer to these resources for designing a product page and why it is important to have a crafted one.

  • Smooth and fast checkout solutions

A PrestaShop store conventionally has a multi-page checkout option which appears to be boring and time taking. While developing a website, it is necessary to design a smooth and user-friendly checkout page.

We have a custom plugin that removes your multiple page checkout page with a super handy, single-page checkout. The One Page Checkout allows guest login, social sign up, custom delivery methods, and adds multiple shipping choices. It has a lot of alluring features that enhance the checkout experience of the customer.

Refer to this article for smooth eCommerce checkout tips.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

Shoppers always look for new ways to shop and the eCommerce stores should have the right choices to use them. For new consumers, flexibility is also appealing, so providing various payment methods also translates into more purchases and greater turnover.

Allow COD, credit, and debit card payments or any other digital payment gateway like PayPal makes them more confident while they shop. To keep up the trust, you can add some trust badges on your website. We create a website that allows you to add several payment methods and these increase the conversion rate.

I have listed the top two articles to read for payment methods:

Why Should You Choose Us?

There are so many other options to choose from then why KnowBand? KnowBand provides out of the box solutions for eCommerce platform and website development services. We have 10 years of experience with eCommerce companies and our happy customers are all over the world.

There’s a good reason why we are the best because we give you hand-picked functionalities and integrate them into your eCommerce store. The deep integration with your store-building software will speed up your workflow, in addition to providing the right type of functionality, security, and efficiency.

You can share your project details with us and our proficient team member will contact you to discuss the rest. our email communication details are or you can drop a comment here if you find this article helpful.

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