Why is content marketing is effective for your marketplace website | KnowBand

Why is content marketing effective for your marketplace website?

Marketing strategy plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of your business enterprise. A marketing strategy has the potential to either make or break the situation for your enterprise. Content marketing is one aspect of your marketing strategy that can do wonders to your business if properly utilized. Content marketing generally refers to the […]

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How to grow your business with multi-vendor marketplace model | KnowBand

How to grow your business with multi-vendor marketplace model?

Marketplace model has created a sensation since it arrived in the e-commerce arena. The growth and expansion opportunity that it brings along are seen as the driving factors behind its success. The adoption of the model has bought some effective results for those who have adopted it thus, substantiating its success. Initially, the developed countries […]

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Prestashop Mailigen and MailChimp Integrator Addon- User Manual

Prestashop Mailigen & MailChimp Integrator Addon 1.0 Introduction Prestashop Mailigen & MailChimp Integrator Addon by Knowband is a Prestashop module that allows the system to automatically sync customers email addresses of your store on Mailigen Account or MailChimp Account or both accounts. Mailigen and Mailchimp both are email service providers through which you can send newsletters […]

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Prestashop Google reCaptcha module – User Manual

1.0 What is Google ReCaptcha? Prestashop Google ReCaptcha Addon is an effective security solution that protects your website from spam entries while letting real people pass through with ease. The Prestashop addon can be used for login, registration, password recovery, popular contact forms, and other. Google ReCaptcha addon displays images to identify humans as part […]

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Magento Product Update Extension by Knowband – User Manual

Introduction of Magento Product Update Extension The Magento product update notification extension by Knwoband adds an attractive functionality to your Magento website, which is beneficial for both the store owner and the customers. This Magento extension helps the customers to subscribe for product updates i.e. if product price or stock availability changes customer will be […]

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What are the benefits of Magento’s ajax based cart extension for your eCommerce website | KnowBand

What are the benefits of Magento’s ajax based cart extension for your eCommerce website?

Magento has proven itself as an effective platform in the eCommerce arena. It has been the driving force behind various eCommerce websites that are standing firm and delivering. Keeping up with the various technological advancement in the market, it keeps on updating its platform by introducing various conversion effective extensions timely. The latest in this […]

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