Add Gamification to give Holiday Season Flair to your Ecommerce Website Design


The coronavirus pandemic is forcing eCommerce businesses to rethink the store’s UI, design, and make some sparking development for the upcoming events and activities in the holiday haul. In short, make room for the shoppers who strictly maintain distance and avoid public places for the holiday celebration.

Adapting to restricted travel, increased online shopping, and families not getting together as normal means mapping tactics and navigating campaigns where they are: at home. It means spending more on digital platforms. Your eCommerce store needs a makeover before the Black Friday sale and you being a holidaymaker can plan its design well in advance.

Holiday prep includes website decoration, applying attractive colorful themes, banners with greetings, and promotional coupons that can drive them crazy. To convert window shoppers, fun elements like a gamified fortune wheel popup will work. You can even sell custom products on your store with unique designs, personalized gift ideas, or offer gift cards to indecisive buyers who want to give something to their loved ones.

In this article I will be focusing on two modules: The Spin and Win Fortune Wheel and The Store Decoration Module that can give your boring eCommerce website pages a striking look and impactful design.

1.     Add Fun Element!

To compete, eCommerce businesses do everything to stand out from the crowd.  There are options to design the store without taking the developer’s help. So, you can make impactful adjustments and changes in the pages even if you are a code freezer. Add some pocket-friendly playful modules to your online store and give a customer-centric design to it.

A Gamification popup during holidays will not only increase customer engagement but also delivers an amazing shopping experience.


Games are always attractive and proven to be the best for customer engagement. An entry popup with a gamified interface like Spin and Win can straight away gives a better customer experience to the visitors.

The Spin and Win module can be used as an entry pop-up, exit pop-up, and email subscription module. The user can also add custom text or a greeting to it during the holiday sale.

Read this to know more about Spin and win.

Click here to read client reviews on how it is changing the customer shopping experience.

The module is available for popular eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento.

If you have developed a mobile app with KnowBand’s mobile app builder plugin, then adding Spin and Win to your website is a win-win. The two modules are highly compatible!

2.     Style your store with colors and themesstyle-your-store-with-colors-and-themes-to-website-design

Colors add life to boring stuff!

An attractive website design with a colorful event-inspired entry popup can attract more customers to your store.

The fortune wheel (Spin and Win) has several themes for different occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, New year, and many more.

The themes have several alluring features that change the look and feel colors, and design. Also, it can be scheduled for the occasion in advance.

You can always play with colors in your store. Add colorful banners, change the button colors and use different modules and addons to make it look more attractive.

3.     Add decoration effects on store

The holiday season has feelings and emotions attached to it and people connect to brands with ‘heart & soul’ elements behind the façade. Adding holiday vibes to your website can give them a feeling of attachment.

You can add Christmas decoration effects, snow effects on the landing page or any of the other pages of the website with the Decoration Effect Module developed for the holiday season.

Decorate the eCommerce store by dropping colorful text, symbols from the admin settings, such as snowflakes, flowers, stars, etc.

Never miss a chance during the holiday season as this quarter brings a lot of opportunities in eCommerce.

4.     Ideas to set up header and footer for holidays

Be it any festival or occasion, you can set images, GIFs on the header, and footer of your website pages. Like for Christmas, you can either add a x-mas tree, decoration elements with bows and bells to the header, and something more attractive to the footer.

The Website Decoration effect module has several templates or you can upload customized images to it. Also, random elements can be displayed on your website that will add more festivity to their appearance and design.

The holiday season gives you many opportunities, so why not take advantage and grab as many customers as you can?

5. Run Exciting Deals on PrestaShop Store

Super Deals

In the coming holiday season, combining an impactful landing page full of deals and discounts with tagging and content sharing can prove to be a very useful strategy. Sales, discounts, and deals are game-changers when it comes to online shopping. You can always show a promotional coupon bar on the footer of the landing page or other pages using the versatile Website Decoration effects module without hampering the website design.

And, the Spin and Win Module allows users to grab exciting deals when they through their luck on it. The fortune wheel displays discount coupons, codes, or text messages on the slices. It is completely configurable in an easy manner and is one of our best sellers. You even get more email subscribers by offering deals and discounts through the lucky wheel. This provides a delightful customer experience and improved the website design with its attractive look and feel.

Mix it up!

Both these modules have exceptional features and functionality that surely can add a lot to your website’s design and decoration section during the holiday season. You can add either one of these or both the modules on your store for running deals, adding effects and animations to your eCommerce store.

With-passing day, the holiday season is closing in rapidly. People are not going to settle for an unintuitive, obnoxious online store design with the zillion choices they have out there. This season, optimize your site for your customers and see the results coming in!

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