Why Trust Badges are Important for your eCommerce Website?

Why Trust Badges are Important for your eCommerce Website?

“Among the elements that build trust in an eCommerce website, trust badges probably top the list.”

The eCommerce market has vastly expanded over a decade or so. But with more and more people shifting towards online shopping, security concerns have also been raised.

Anything that is put online cannot be trusted easily as the Internet is full of the hoax. And especially if you are a new brand which only a very few people have heard of, people are bound to have trust issues.

It is obvious for customers to be worried about sharing their card details online. And this is why placing trust badges on your website is important to address the security concerns.

In this write-up, we will be discussing the role of trust badges on your website; why they are important and how to use them. We will further discuss the types of trust badges that you can consider using on your eCommerce website.

What are Trust Badges?

Trust badges also referred to as trust seals, are logos that confirm your website’s authenticity. They ensure that visitors feel safe to share their information and can comfortably put their trust on your website and need not worry about their personal details getting stolen.

17% of the Abandoned Carts take place due to payment-related concerns.

A study by the Baymard Institute suggests that around 17% of the abandoned carts occur because people did not trust the site with their credit card information.

This certainly cannot be overlooked if you want to reduce cart abandonment and increase the conversion rate on your website, and trust seals can prove to be beneficial in this matter.

Impact of Trust Badges

Do trust badges help in improving conversions or increasing your sales? Well yes, they do. Buyers are more likely to purchase from a website on which they can place their trust.

Econsultancy/Toluna conducted a survey asking people about the factors that make them trust a website and 48% of the people said that trust badges are the primary factor to decide whether a website is trustworthy or not, followed by the website look and the brand popularity.

This makes it clear that websites that display trust logos are far more trustworthy than the ones without it.

Different Types of Trust Badges

Trust seals come in different forms. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of trust badges you can implement on your website, primarily on the checkout page, to build customer trust.

1. Website Security

When we talk about website security, we mean adding an SSL certificate to your website. Visitors find it tough to trust a website that is not SSL enabled. If you land on such websites, on the left of the URL, you will see something written as “Not secure” clicking on which you will see a message that says “Your connection to this site is not secure”.

This concerns visitors and they doubt the website’s reliability, however, if you add a security layer, they would be more comfortable in browsing your website.

So by getting an SSL certificate and having the related trust badge, you assure customers that their information is secured and any transmission of data remains totally private.

2. Payment Security Trust Badges

When buyers are on the checkout page and on the verge of making a payment, they hesitate to enter their card details. By displaying them the trust logos related to the payment options that you are providing, you can eliminate that insecurity and make them confident to go for the purchase.

In this case, trust badges like Visa MasterCard, PayPal verified work very well.

3. Anti-Virus Trust Badges

Trust seals like Norton Secured, McAfee Secure are highly popular. The former is something that you will witness on a majority of eCommerce websites.

This ensures that your website prevents malicious activities and removes malware.

There are multiple trust badges available, however, only a few have a major impact on customers when it comes to website security. So you need to choose the ones which your customers are most familiar with.

Trust badges that would work the best for you are-

Norton Secured (Powered by VeriSign)

McAfee Secure

PayPal Verified, Visa and MasterCard


Final Thoughts

If you are not displaying a trust seal on your website, you are missing out on the opportunity to scale-up your conversions. Your prospects or potential customers might drop the purchase idea if they do not see trust badges on your website.

Where to place trust badges? Well, mostly trust badges are placed on the checkout page as that is the most important page to convert a visitor into a customer. You do not want to distract your customers due to security thoughts right? And that is why the checkout page is the ideal page to display trust seals.

Do whatever it takes to win customers’ trust. Once you have won their trust, they will never hesitate about anything.

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