Top PWA apps for PrestaShop developed by KnowBand in 2020


Nowadays almost every online business is transitioning its mobile website to a Progressive Web App for all the good reasons. For online shopping, the usage of mobile devices has already surpassed desktops & laptops. Globally, on an average 52% of netizens used their smartphones to shop for something online, based on a report by Statista. To cater to such audiences, Progressive Web Apps are a great medium.

Building & launching Progressive Web Apps is comparatively more convenient than doing the same with Native Mobile Apps. This is also because PWAs are compatible with every kind of mobile device. KnowBand offers a readymade tool to transform your regular eCommerce store into featured PWA shopping apps with:

–> PrestaShop PWA Mobile App

Available for other platforms as well:

–> OpenCart PWA Mobile App

–> Magento 2 PWA Mobile App

–> WooCommerce PWA Mobile App

KnowBand, a leading eCommerce solution provider, has developed & launched a bunch of eCommerce PWA Mobile Apps for its clients & in this writeup, we are briefing on some of the top PrestaShop PWAs that have been developed by KnowBand in 2020. Here are those web apps:

1. Bony Liquors:


Bony Liquor is an online store based in Spain selling beverages, drinks, cigarettes & complimentary snacks to its customers. With the help of experts at KnowBand, they launched their PrestaShop Progressive Web App on their mobile website. Their PWA has many of the latest UI elements that keep the user experience at par. It also has social login options via Facebook & Google accounts. App users can easily shop for the products they need & pay via various payment modes.

The best thing about PWA is that mobile website visitors can install their web app from their mobile website itself. The installed PWA then looks & appears to work just like every other app on users’ mobile devices.

Check out PWA from below link: (Copy and paste URL in the mobile browser and “Add To Home Screen”)

2. LibrairieZbookstore:


LibreairieZbookstore is an online PrestaShop store where customers can buy books & comics from a wide range of collections available at their store. KnowBand’s PWA module helped them launch their PrestaShop PWA that their store admin can customize anytime as per their needs. The PWAs built using KnowBand’s modules are white-label apps that allow the store owners to modify their apps by themselves without the need for coding.

Check out PWA from below link: (Copy and paste URL in the mobile browser and “Add To Home Screen”)

3. Orient Fashion:



This eCommerce store is a multi-lingual & multi-currency store that sells fabrics & its cutouts to its customers. Their Progressive Web App built by KnowBand also supports all of the languages & currencies of their website. All of their coupons & vouchers on their website are also supported on their PrestaShop PWA.

Check out PWA from below link: (Copy and paste URL in the mobile browser and “Add To Home Screen”)

4. WowFresh:


WowFresh is an online store built on PrestaShop that sells groceries, snacks & beverages. The store is mainly in the language Spanish. Its mobile site visitors can download its PWA from the ‘Add To Homescreen’ popup /tab on the mobile website.

Check out PWA from below link: (Copy and paste URL in the mobile browser and “Add To Home Screen”)

5. Kittags:

Kittags is a UK based eCommerce website that sells regular & customizable tags that can be attached to backpacks, strolley bags, luggage, etc. Its website is built on PrestaShop & the store admins at Kittags used the PrestaShop PWA Builder module, developed by KnowBand, on the backend of their website to automatically build & launch their Progressive Web App.

Check out PWA from below link: (Copy and paste URL in the mobile browser and “Add To Home Screen”)

PrestaShop PWA Builder Module By KnowBand:



The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Maker module is an automated plugin that can be used on a PrestaShop website just like any other regular module. Upon installing the PrestaShop PWA module, the store admins get a full-fledged PWA on their mobile website (frontend) & its configuration dashboard on the website backend. They can hence customize their web app using the DIY tools provided on the backend dashboard.

Once the PWA mobile app is made live on the website, mobile website visitors can simply install the Progressive Web App on their mobile device by clicking on the ‘Add To HomeScreen’ button displayed on that mobile website.

The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App module is laced with a number of frontend & backend features. Some of those features include-

#1. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency App:

The web apps built using this PrestaShop PWA Maker module by default support multiple international currencies & languages including the RTL scripts like Arabic.

#2. Offline Mode Accessibility:

App users can seamlessly use your PWA even when they are unable to connect to the internet. This allows offline browsing of the pages & even the category pages that users had already visited before.

#3. Unlimited Push Notifications:

The PrestaShop PWA module by KnowBand keeps no limitations on the Push Notifications. Store admins can send an unlimited number of notifications to their app users. These notifications can be created from the backend of this module (installed on the website).

#4.  DIY Home-Page Layout Editor:

This DIY tool gives immense control to the store owners & admins when it comes to changing the home-page layout. Multiple components like sliders, banners & grids for product display & banner images are provided. Even the countdown-timer banner tool & recently accessed products slider is included in the list of components. Just drag & drop them to rearrange & configure each of the components without a hassle.

#5. Live-Synchronization:

This module keeps your PWA as well as your PrestaShop website in real-time synchronization with each other. It exempts you from having to manage your PWA manually.

#6. Social Login & Sharing:

App users can login into the app using their Facebook or Google accounts. Also, on every product page, quick sharing links are provided for multiple social media platforms.

#7. All Payment & Shipment Methods Support:

All of the Payment & Shipment methods active on your PrestaShop website will by default be active on your eCommerce PrestaShop PWA.

#8. One-Page Checkout:

To make the checkout experience convenient for the app users, a single page checkout screen is provided on which the app users can even select a pre-saved address. They can easily update the quantity of the product & add or remove coupon codes etc without having to navigate to any other page.

#9. Order Tracking:

This PrestaShop PWA Creator module even offers an order tracking feature to the app users. They can track their active orders from within the web app.

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