How to calculate Free Shipping based on final Total Price in Prestashop ?

Objectives of the blog After reading this blog we will be able to calculate Free Shipping based on final Total Price of Cart. Problem Statement Presently, when we add products into the cart and move to the checkout section to avail discount and shipping then we see that discount applies after shipping. Let’s say, Cart total amount is […]

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Test-your-PrestaShop Store

Test your eCommerce store on PrestaShop Demo App in 3 simple steps?

In this competitive and revolutionary eCommerce industry, having your own eCommerce mobile app could easily enhance the visibility and engagement of your store. Earlier, you either need to struggle with learning programming or hire a professional and spend a huge amount of money for the same. But, now creating a mobile app is simpler than […]

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Steps to use Google Authenticator App for 2 Factor Authentication for GoDaddy

1. Install Google Authenticator App:   2. Click on the + icon at the right bottom of the app screen. This would give you an option to scan a QR Code.   3. Log into Godaddy account of MorroCapital and goto:   4. On the right bottom part you will see an option to ADD BACKUP. Click […]

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How to Launch a Marketplace like Etsy and Ebay?

With increase in customer’s demand and advancement in technology, Marketplaces like Etsy, eBay etc have already started gaining popularity. Creating an Online Marketplace like these Marketplaces requires lots of efforts and strategies.Marketplace is one of the most profits generating business. Online merchant can earn huge profit from the commissions paid by the sellers. The store […]

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